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  1. Yup. Remember them as posters, but don’t think i ever met them.
  2. Hod on. Your’re avatar isnae a clue is it? Nah! The guy who would’ve fitted that avatar wouldnae have posted half the shite that you post. 😉
  3. Oh aye. He was on back then too wasn’t he. Never met him.
  4. Credit where credit’s due. 🤣
  5. Self isolating - Check Working from home - Check Bored oot my f**king mind - Check It’s at times like this that one is in danger of starting threads that would make even the bold Rickster blush and I fear I am about to fall into such a trap. It struck me that back in the old Saints Online Guestbook days I knew loads of the contributors. Back in those days I was just plain old Jersey 2 before a combination of two forgotten passwords and me being a total IT dunce led to the addition of the TPAFKA. These days I think the only people I know (or know that I know) are:- Eric Arthur Blair - Who I only realized I knew not that long ago when he posted one of his tweets that carries his own name. Howard Hughes In Blue Suede Shoes - Who I haven’t seen post for donkeys Jimmy H - Who has been self isolating from the forum for about the last year after a drunken bout of agression directed towards Oaksoft. Wilbur - Who I met a couple of times back in the early 00s That’s it. Are there any other old guestbook posters still here but guising under a different name? How many folk do others know? Does anyone actually know Shull? Other than Ice Tears/Krankie the Rapist/Shetland/etc etc etc. of course.
  6. What age is FS? My brother in law might know him.
  7. Rangers 0 St. Mirren 1 (Miller o.g.) - 2010 League Cup Final
  8. I’d prefer to see a charity boxing match between Stuart Dickson and Tyson Fury.
  9. I wonder how quickly Shull will be able to log on as Ice Tears or Krankie The Rapist to like his own post.
  10. I’m not disagreeing with your what I’m saying is IF (and I accept it’s a big if) that number is accurate, where does it sit in context to a normal year. I’ve no idea. That said, I accept my first question is probably a very easy one to answer. The second one we won’t be able to answer until the virus has gone.
  11. Ok, so some of these numbers sound big and scary, but for me they need context. Let’s say the govt estimate is right, and over the duration of this epidemic, 1,000,000 people in the UK die. What I’d like to know (and I could probably just google it if I wasn’t such a lazy f**ker) is how many people die in the UK every year? Secondly, how many “extra” people will die as a result of CV (so I guess what I’m really saying is how many of the folk who will die from CV, would’ve died this year anyway?). Answers to those two questions would possibly make those big scary numbers a little bit less big and scary. As for the self isolating thing, I’ve been doing it for the last week having returned from France with mild symptoms (fairly persistent cough). Last night it got much worse and I spent an hour with my head down the bog as my coughing had become so bad it was making me sick. This morning I phoned the Jersey helpline and they have said that I need to self isolate for another 7 days and they will be calling me on Monday with a view to getting tested. The rationale for the testing is apparently the France angle rather than my symptoms. Now, other than the obvious boredom, the self isolating thing is not a big deal for me. I have full remote access to all my work systems and can work from home pretty much as if I was in the office. Without wanting to sound all holier than thou, my rationale for self isolating is not to protect myself. I’m fairly ambivalent to catching the virus. Without wanting to tempt fate or take anything for granted, I’m a fairly healthy 53 year old man and hopefully I’d cope with it just fine. What I don’t want to do is infect some poor f**ker who might not be so lucky.
  12. Correct. Wiggy thinking they could be the new Rangers. Sheep shagging khunt.
  13. It would definitely be a way to avoid the calamitous potential law suit scenarios of Hearts getting relegated or Dundee Utd not getting promoted. However, all it would take is for the two arse cheeks to vote against it (which they would) and it won’t happen. All because the other clubs didn’t have the bollocks to change the voting rules when Rangers weren’t around.
  14. Are clubs having to refund tickets sold for the postponed games or is it currently wait and see when they get played?
  15. Aye we're getting a full refund so it definitely could've been worse. Just very disappointing. Work has been a khunt recently too so was really looking forward to the break. As for the slap up meal, there's nae Gaucho in Jersey, so it might need to be Corn Dogie right enough.
  16. Spewin here (not literally). Me and the Mrs were supposed to be going on a 6 night trip to Buenos Aires next Thursday. Been looking forward to it for months. Argentina just announced today that on Monday they will be closing their borders to all flights from Europe. Gutted. Suppose just have to try to put it in perspective. Guess it'll still be there next year. Hopefully I will be too.
  17. They do. Oldest population in Europe apparently. Might even have been the world. Must be all that olive oil.
  18. Doesn't this make a complete mockery of Johnson's post Cobra speech yesterday? Didn't they make a big song and dance about the fact that in England they weren't planning to postpone sporting events yet? Confused. Not saying I necessarily disagree with the decision, but doesn't it fly in the face of all the shite he spouted yesterday?
  19. Is hum diddly um dum the one about whatsisface? Aye. Him that used to play for that other team.
  20. Didn’t someone say the other day that if the season was abandoned, the league positions at the point of abandonment would stand?
  21. Both those songs are shite. I’m more of a hum diddly um dum man masel. Don’t mind a wee rendition of do doooo doo dooo do doooo now and again tae.
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