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  1. If it drives people away then they weren’t worth bothering about in the first place. When I grew up supporting the Buds, none of this shite mattered. I could only have dreamed about owning a replica top. Folk are so molly coddled now it’s unbelievable. Just support the team and stop your whining.
  2. So if your weans don’t get a top right now, they’ll cease to be future fans. 🤣
  3. From what i can see the only people that have been let down are the club.
  4. Who’s been let down? FFS we’re talking about the ability to buy a fitba tap or a season ticket you cannae use at the moment anyway. And anyway….keep yer neb oot, coz you’d be buying neither anyway 🤣
  5. Never ceases to amaze me (I assume) grown men knicker wetting over a fitba top or getting a season ticket that isn’t valid for another three weeks. As long as the product on the park is up to scratch, that’s all I really give a f**k about. I’m curious to know what folk expect to achieve by whinging like big weans on here?
  6. If there is one thing I’ve never ever got about the internet age, it’s the pitiable boner some sad individuals get from getting a rise out of gullible folk? These people must lead intolerably sad and unfulfilled lives.
  7. Yup, his pace was one of the main things that struck me. Huge plus for a centre back.
  8. Agreed. I thought there was a bit of promise in his last couple of performances last season. If ever a player needed a goal it’s him. Still believe there’s a player there. Hopefully he’ll get off the mark soon.
  9. Hard to be critical of last night’s performance. Maybe worth remembering we were playing a championship team, albeit probably one of the better ones. Lack of goals probably the only criticism bar a couple of wee hairy moments towards the end, but it’s rare to get through an entire game against any opposition without them having one of two sniffs. As DJChapsticks said though, rarely seen a more comfortable one nil. Back 3 looked solid enough and was particularly impressed with Dunne. Both wingbacks were really good. McGrath had a quiet game by his standards but I thought both Power and Kiltie were very good. Up front remained the problem for me. Brophy was very quiet and the goal aside, although he worked very hard and put himself about, I didn’t see a huge amount in Main to make me think he’ll trouble better defences. Obviously very early days though. Thought we lost a bit of cohesion when all the subs came on, but that is normal and I guess it was important to give as many players a run out as possible. All in all, more than satisfactory.
  10. Ha Ha. That is what you call a slow news day “story”. 🤣
  11. That’s all well and good Ronnie, but none of that featured in his rationale for chucking it. He was just moaning like a big wean about not being interested and hating watching us on the telly. I moved to Jersey 35 years ago and although I’ve loved my life here there is nothing I miss more about Paisley than the ability to go and watch my team every week. I’ve done my level best over the years to go to as many games as I could, but nothing replaces that week in week out feeling of going to games. If folk fall out of love with the game or their team, that is entirely their prerogative. What irks me is the need to come on here and bore the f**k out of those of us who are still interested with their attention seeking pish.
  12. Sorry mate, but sounds like an e-ticket is the least of your worries. Sounds like you’re just fed up with the fitba full stop and if that’s the case I’m not really sure why you’re even on here mumping and attention seeking about it. If you don’t want to go back, don’t. No biggie.
  13. Have to agree. I would never run Paisley down and I like a good night out in the town, but Glasgow is considerably better. There’s no shame in saying that.
  14. How would they know if there were any other Saints fans there though? Not having a pop at you mate, but I’ve heard this “only two fans” thing before and it’s simply not true. Sounds like there were a couple of guys there who for some reason wanted folk to think they were the only two there and the myth gets perpetuated by other fans. 🤷‍♂️
  15. There were more than two Saints fans went to Prague. I know of at least another 3. How would anyone know categorically how many Saints fans were at the game?
  16. Ah right. Ok, I’m only 55 so good chance I might not have known him. Would he have ran about with John “The Skull” Scullion?
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