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  1. It's very difficult to achieve the 50% mark in Scottish elections for Holyrood
  2. It's not meant to be controversial, surely this kind of thing is what Kibble is all about ,painting is a trade
  3. Why are the Kibble not helping out on this ,painting walls above them ?
  4. These guys are doing a great job painting the internal walls of the stands but is labour intensive using brushes and rollers. They urgently need more volunteers ,preferably if you have a spray gun , and you are more than welcome to help out this Saturday and Sunday morning at 10 am. Come on guys ,its your stadium!
  5. Could somebody ask about the dome ? Apart from anything else money is now leaving the club to go to other venues being used for community programmes and camps during school holidays.
  6. St Mirren to receive £100k from Fifa for him going to World cup
  7. Take out the £1.7m ,which has now reduced , and we are in the shit
  8. We are short of money ,but at that price we will be short of supporters!
  9. SG says he wants short term appointment to take on Kibble and reassert Smisa as driving force on the board. Worth a punt? Make it one year deal?
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