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  1. With Dykes out of this game would it be a good time to bring in a new forward player to the squad ,Stewart from Sunderland?
  2. With Dykes out of this game would it be a good time to bring in a new forward player to the squad ,Stewart from Sunderland?
  3. We will win 1-0 tonight ,draw with Moldova and have to beat Denmark to get 2nd spot.
  4. Watching Scotland for 60 years ,could quite easily see us drawing this game .
  5. The chairman used a figure of £12000 in connection with the family stand ,was that for one game?
  6. To balance the books we should sell McGrath and bring back Cammy and tell the old firm to f off.
  7. If the Kibble directors are voted off ,that's it ,no puting up anyone else,they may have a large shareholding but it does NOT guarantee a place on the board
  8. But who vets the Smisa committee who vets the member who wishes to join the board ,and what happens if Kibble reject the applicant. And if the majority of Smisa members instruct the Smisa committee to reject the Kibble directors re election at the AGM , can the Kibble veto that?
  9. You are confused as usual ,read my comments again ,I refer to the election of members to the Smisa board. My personal comments about a rep going on the St Mirren board ,despite what has been agreed currently ,are that only an elected member of the Smisa board should be considered ,not someone unelected by the members but approved by a committee !
  10. Some one putting themselves forward to be elected to the Smisa board will of course , as has been the case in the past , put together a short resume and his/her ideas and plans for the trust. The members can then use this information to gauge if the member deserves their support. It's the members that decide who is on the committee for the trust. As to who represents Smisa on the St Mirren board it should be ONLY an elected board member of the trust ,ie maintaining the members choice
  11. It's quite clear in the constitution that any member can put themselves forward for election to the committee and it's the members to decide if they are successful
  12. Alan Wadrob and GS were never elected by the members to sit on the Smisa board but somehow thanks to the committee became the Smisa reps on the St Mirren board ,wheres the democracy?
  13. I see the club has applied for planning permission to build an office/meeting room . Anyone else know of improvements that are or have taken place?
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