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  1. He sent that team out with one hand behind their back ,poor management all round
  2. We believed ,the manager did not, he will come out with "obviously we are disappointed:
  3. The message we gave to our players and theirs with the line up was that we were scared of them ,hasn't changed
  4. Should we claim back money for bad investment advice ,as advertised on radio clyde every 5 mins. Where did the £250k come from???
  5. Scottish government claiming they can do 400000 a week but are only ave 15000 a day!
  6. Why are you on the list ,my 96 year old mother in law and all her chums if the same age in sheltered housing have heard nothing!
  7. Bit of a lottery this ,I know of several over 90s in sheltered accommodation still waiting for a letter
  8. I am a bit confused by the government's figures ,they have vaccinated 113, 000 ,but only 15000 in care homes ? And still we have people dying in these places . I thought it was care homes first !
  9. I never said Doyle Hayes was a bad player ,I just dont agree with short term deals that mean constant change and putting our academy players even further down the pecking order . This guy may turn out to be ok ,but his stats are very poor for a striker ,and we have Erwin and Dennis in the same mould.
  10. No flu deaths this year may be the reason
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