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  1. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    Young players like McPherson should be played before these guys and the other youngsters should get more than bit parts, or is the Holy Grail the Premier League at all costs. Do we really want to be Hamilton ,hanging on every year. We are repeatingly selling our best assets instead of building a team .
  2. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    Did not say that,just another loan player passing through
  3. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    No better than Cammy McPherson, just another player getting very good wage and accommodation, but no better than what we have,be off again in the summer . We have boys from the academy who have put in 12 years at the club,don't get a proper chance in the first team then we drop them off the planet .BUT if they are really good early on they get punted out the door to balance the books and replaced by some has been or carpetbaggers. We have lost our way,this was a club that gave youth a genuine chance .
  4. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    3 goals,2 of which were penalties,his average is 3goals a season over the last 6. Not good enough at this level.
  5. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    All the tinkering in the world at the back and midfield will make no difference if we cannot get a regular scorer up front
  6. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    Carpetbaggers and hasbeens
  7. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    Carpetbaggers and hasbeens(and that includes Managers)
  8. waldorf34

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    But come on , how fit is he to play in the Premier league right now, 12 games in 18 months!!
  9. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    He has only played 12 games since June 2017?
  10. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    Another boardroom leak!
  11. waldorf34

    January Arrivals

    Ageism, no room for over 65s!!
  12. waldorf34

    Speculation Thread

    Harry from Hearts?
  13. waldorf34

    Plastic Saints?

    At takeover Smisa will own 86% of the shares, so could sell 35% to raise cash
  14. waldorf34

    Speculation Thread

    Is Div now the spokesman for the club?
  15. waldorf34


    More leaks from the board?