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  1. And nobody coming for any of our lot ,could not give them away ,worst squad in our history. we have sold all the crown jewels.
  2. At least not with their clothes off and the light on!
  3. 5 children under the age of 5 in hospital with covid . If the current trend of numbers continues ,ie hospital admissions doubling every week we will soon pass the highest number we had in March. Already hospital in Livingston at full capacity.
  4. The point is the numbers of people going into hospitals with covid are doubling every week ,cancer and flu patients are ALSO going in as normal thereby creating huge pressure on the NHS. This week over 45%of inpatients are under 65 and include children and 7 of the deaths this week are also under 65.
  5. Another 70 in hospital with covid ,8 more in ICU and 15 dead ,its getting very very serious for our hospitals and staff
  6. Testing does not really tell us much as a lot of people tested will have no symptoms and no illness. What should be alarming is the number of people being admitted to hospital. On 15th of October there were 478 in hospital ,and yesterday 754 , and this will increase today .
  7. Sadly ,once again ,a lot of these deaths are in care homes.
  8. Because people are dying, might be a clue
  9. I am sure 99%of the public are unaware about chlorine cleaning of salad leaves and other chemicals used on fruit in their supermarket
  10. Chlorinated salad leaves on sale every day of the week in every store
  11. Should be a statue of Jim Clunie at the stadium
  12. He should be director of football based at Ralston ,let's general manager run the stadium
  13. Been saying the same for 2 years ,the way forward for this club is to put faith in our youth and stop bringing in shit from down south or Ireland .
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