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  1. The board should be out there trying to selling more season tickets !
  2. And the extra strewarding and police costs need to be deducted from any extra income
  3. Alan Wardrop was on the committee put together by the old board for the Fans Council that approved Mr Rae as manager and on the St Mirren board that approved Alan Stubs
  4. At least they are out in time for the holidays!
  5. Jordy Mongoy ,Hastings United
  6. If Killie can do it so can we !believe
  7. You keep missing the point mate ,its new fans we need through the door!!!
  8. At least get the strips out before the holidays!
  9. As theclub try and sell season tickets ,we have signed no new players,no rumours of new players ,no sign of new strips ! Has the club no PR/Marketing ideas ?
  10. How can it be reassessed, he has made the statement just as we start selling season tickets,he's made his mind up regardless of how many season tickets we sell
  11. So the clubs business plans relies on the hope of NOT selling all the season tickets for the Main and West stand ,otherwise they cannot reseat the South stand season ticket holders. That's ridiculous right?
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