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  1. Ian Munro not only our most capped player of all time but played in far more games than Sutton and is also former manager
  2. It would also help to identify those that have elected by the members, those that have be co opted, and those who hold no position but help out from time to time.
  3. Travelling tabby has ave deaths in UK at 162 ,and this is dropping, as are cases
  4. You are aware the 379 is a backlog of stats, average is still around 150
  5. That has narrowed quite a bit and all the numbers show a drop in all age groups
  6. That's not up to date. It's already in care homes and in my mothers nearly everyone of the residents have tested positive. All are just showing signs of cold or minor flu ,none are bad enough to warrant going to hospital and fingers crossed visiting be be allowed by the end of this coming week. The boosters work
  7. Latest figures show no patients in hospital over the 28 day mark for covid. First time I have seen this.
  8. Case numbers down again today
  9. Its rife, everyone is going to get ,if you have the booster that the best protection you are going to get ,time to lift all restrictions ,treat it like flu ,if you are feeling rough stay off work till you get a negative test. Quite simple really
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