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  1. Throwing in young McPherson will not be a gamble but will provide more desire and enthusiasm ,and a willing pair of young legs
  2. I see they increased the size of the st mirren badge,somebody listening to my thoughts ,next stop ,naming the stands
  3. We have a stadium new name ,but what about individual stands ? I would like the Main stand to be called the Jim Clunie stand. Thete is no real cost involved ,just one sign .
  4. Any forward is only as good as the service he gets.
  5. The Scottish government has set aside £5million in a sport bond to assist supporters to buy their club.I am sure our Smisa boys are on this !
  6. The I newspaper thinks it's worth mentioning!
  7. When you look around the ground on matchday you cannot see any St Mirren signage or badge on display ,if you watch a video you would not know what clubs ground you are at ,can we not get something up ,like attched
  8. Did my eyes deceive me or did the ball girls we had were wearing a Rangets top under their orange bibs?
  9. Living ate off to a great start again ,will notbe that easy
  10. Interesting that UEFA are reducing Rangers crowds and we are increasing them!
  11. There goes that "we"again. This spend must be put to the membership
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