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  1. We are on a sticky wicket now ,the teams we have to play ,ie Kilmarnock ,Ross County and Hamilton are fighting for their livelihoods, we could ,if not up for the fight ,end up in a playoff place!
  2. Are the Kibble boys paid a living wage?
  3. It's going to be very difficult to motivate the team after missing out on the top 6 ,and we will be playing teams fighting for their livelihood. We could easily get dragged down
  4. Just missed out on goal difference ,injuries to Dennis and Brophy did not help but a great effort from the club and we now know a top 6 place is achievable if we can strengthen a few positions. Now to win the cup!
  5. For public safety(ie covid) this game should be called off if the crowd outside does not disperse
  6. If Erwin is useless why doesn't Jamieson get get a chance ?
  7. Is Poole a foreign holiday ? ,all booked up for July!
  8. Back to 6th ,doing ok ,especially with injury list and number of games in short space of time
  9. Here we go ,time to give one of the youngsters a run
  10. I am convinced with the injury list that our season is over as far as top 6 interest and we are going to have to fight hard not to drop into the bottom 3
  11. Carry on like that and we will be bottom 6 and in trouble
  12. Of course we phoned for advice ,they said it did sound not like covid itself ,so phone your doctor ,we have to phone at 8am ,told to come for appointment at 10.30am ,so through the snow me and my74 year old went ,had to wait outside because we were early ,then doctor said we should isolate!
  13. My wife and I got the Pfizer jab a week ago ,never been so I in our lives since ,can t sleep,cant eat ,terrible aches and pains a high temperature and cough. And we have to through this maybe twice more! And it might not work. Better off just locking ourselves up as were doing ! .
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