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  1. Just had second call from club to make I was sorted!
  2. Managed to get a call back from club,took 2 mins to pay for ticket,its not rocket science, if you have registered they have all the info. Just needs room open where you can pass details on to someone sitting with a laptop. Oh wait a minute ,why dont we open the ticket office !!!!!
  3. Rumour has it the 2 ladies that usually man the ticket office have gone?
  4. Ridiculous, no one answers the phone or email ,despite having all the registered details I still cannot pay my season ticket ,ticket office also closed and now you need an ipad to buy season tickets. What kind of business makes it so difficult to get money in!
  5. SLO passed on my concerns via email ,but as they are not responding to emails......
  6. But having registered on the 9th july they have all the details they need
  7. I am still waiting on someone getting back to me to allow me to pay my season ticket despite registering 2 weeks ago ,no contact from club at all. Been season ticket holder for 43 years ,its a disgrace. Where the SLO in this ?
  8. Cannot renew 2 separate seats with the same email number ,only allows one?
  9. You cannot renew your season ticket at the ticket office ,its not opening ! Always make it difficult for us old times who do not have a computer or mobile phone ,don t they want our money!
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