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  1. waldorf34

    Smisa Director on St Mirren board

    The Smisa Director on the St Mirren board has a legal duty to put the club's interest first and Smisa and supporters second. This is not what the members envisaged surley . This is a conflict of interest that he is duty bound to avoid.
  2. waldorf34

    SMISA Director,free tickets,free booze,free food

    Personal benefit ,what the FCA says the Director of a trust is NOT allowed .gifts and hospitality, including hospitality to connected persons ,ie spouse,business partner,siblings ,etc . enhancing the reputation of a person or organisation (including an individual who because of their work ,benefits from having their profile raised. It is therefore in the Trusts interest that a register is kept of all gifts and hospitality.
  3. waldorf34

    Smisa buyout

    We will own 82% but can can sell 31% to raise funds.
  4. waldorf34

    SMISA Director,free tickets,free booze,free food

    It's pretty straightforward and common practice ,especially in public bodies and Trusts to keep a register of gifts and hospitality given and received. Transparency is required.
  5. waldorf34

    Smisa buyout

    The tens years is not mentioned in the legal document,again if I am wrong Smisa can show us the page at the AGM.
  6. waldorf34

    Smisa buyout

    During David Nicola,s latest podcast he perpetuated the myth that the buyout will not occur until 2026, ie 10 years of Gordon's reign. There is no such agreement in place mentioning a time ,the agreement is simply based on when Smisa has the monies in place he WILL sell his shares to Smisa. On current projections,including the club paying back monies owed,that should be achieved in 2023 , a good 3 years earlier. If my calculations are incorrect Smisa can correct me at the AGM.
  7. waldorf34

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    It was fairly obvious that we were not going to score,we should have closed up shop and went for a point. It was the heart leading instead of the head that made Paul McGinn launch himself forward
  8. The Smisa designated Director is there to promote Smisa,and not to add to his company's or his own CV. It should be transparent then that the members of Smisa know who the Director invites as his guest to the Boardroom for freebies,and why were chosen. David Nicol (Now full Board member,and no longer Director of Smisa) and David Riley I am sure will absolutely be happy to put a list of those invited by them and the reasons for doing so. All actions by Directors of Smisa should be transparent and a benefit to it's members.
  9. waldorf34

    Sam Jamieson

    Another of our academy boys not given a proper chance,no way is Jackson any better
  10. waldorf34

    Ross Stewart

    Knocking them in for Ross County
  11. waldorf34

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    We have 2 SLO,s what the **** do they do ? Bin them if they are not up to scratch !
  12. waldorf34


    Anyone putting themselves up for election?
  13. waldorf34

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Deflects what's happening on the park?
  14. waldorf34

    Things we know

    Ok will leave end of February, Gus in till the summer ,come what may and Goodie then takes over.
  15. waldorf34

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    It's upsetting the growing prawn sandwich brigade in the main stand