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  1. And no constitutional point allows them to spend monies if the majority of the members do not approve?
  2. I am all for BTB ,I am asking what and where in the constitution does it allow the Committee to spend members contributions when less than 50% of the members vote for the spend,simple really !
  3. As you say nothing to do with the £2spend ,so what DOES the constitution say about spending members contributions?
  4. Makes no difference if the constitution says it has to be passed by a majority of the members ,and not a majority of the members who voted, it should not pass.
  5. So a majority of the members did not vote for it?(assuming 1200 members)
  6. Every player whose contract is up in the summer is available in that they can sign a contract now!
  7. He even cannot score in the games warm ups , usually one on target out of six shots every time and the one shot he gets on target is so weak it it is easily saved , check it out at next game. Having said that he will get 12 goals this season but only have 6 shots on goal!
  8. Who the f*** cares! A St mirren supporter is a St mirren supporter full stop.
  9. It's a lot more than that,the hospitality and 1877 area are not used 300 days and nights a year!
  10. I only mentioned concerts as an example,what I was driving at is the fact that the stadium is empty and unused for 320 days a year ,the hospitality and 1877 probably 300 days a year!
  11. We could do market research to find out why 98%of people in Paisley do not attend matches ,a lot of our support comes from outside the town
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