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  1. Why ? I cannot find a mask anywhere , I am in my 70s and could do with one! Might as well be a St Mirren one.
  2. Is there not an enterprising saint fan out there would could make and sell St Mirren masks?
  3. That what the govt say, I have no idea how right/wrong there estimates are. But I know when an asshole like Trump goes from declaring the whole thing is a Hoax, to declaring a National Emergency... shits happening. Gov says 80% of us will get it ,with1_3% dying could amount to at least 1 million! Compare that to China which had complete lockdown in areas and you will see our so called plan is nonsense
  4. I think the club should ask for financial help from supporters, and Smisa can chip in a large amount as they do not have to pay for the shares bought by the Kibble
  5. We should all get a medal for turning up tonight ,snow expected about 9pm!
  6. You don t get a runny nose with this virus
  7. That's years of experience of being a St Mirren supporter of 60 years, a coaching badge and scout. Bottom by Wednesday ,then we will see what this team of hired help,excluding young Cammy are made of,but I dont think their heart is in it for a fight
  8. By the end of Wednesday night we could be bottom of the league with Rangers still to play , and the hardest run in!
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