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  1. Why are we getting a number?
  2. Look what community spirit has done for Liverpool ,mind you the football is not too bad either!
  3. From the figures issued yesterday 27 new cases of the virus were identified and 22 of those were in care homes. So in the general public it is slowly fading out ,long may this continue.
  4. In Scotland ,intensive care numbers are down from a peak of 220 to 20 ,we are getting there!
  5. Seems quite desperate going by the piece in the Times should not be too difficult to get back
  6. According to the newspapers clubs need to invest £35k to buy the equipment needed to carry out tests on players and staff. These are unusual times but could Smisa use a full years 3 month spend on this kit ?
  7. Smoke and mirrors and they have not given the number of tests carried out in England.
  8. I cannot find how they arrive at 412 when they also claim only 183 died in England???
  9. Fresh air and exercise
  10. We should all move to Hongkong, only 4 deaths from the virus
  11. There will be NO football this year ,end of !
  12. There will be no football this year ,maybe we can move onto summer football ,ie same as Scandinavian countries ,might do better in European competitions!
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