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  1. Yes, 40,000+ you can get a max bonus of 20,000, 60,000+ you can get a bonus of 40,000.
  2. Up to 2nd now, get playing, we can't get beat by East Fife Click here to help saints win the league
  3. davidg

    Top 5 Footie Chants

    4-3 we're going to win 4-3 we're going to win 4-3
  4. Saints in the relegation zone Click here to save the saints
  5. Runners up to the sheep again. Premier league football next week.
  6. Every point counts, get playing buds
  7. New season started today saints are in second place pushing for a place in the premier league.
  8. Not a band, but Paul Weller is past it. The jam were great so was he but now he should chuck it.
  9. IMO U2 got that way during their Zoo crap.
  10. davidg

    Top Five Gigs

    Nobody mentioned Boyzone
  11. Not if it's her that's had the refreshmants
  12. The M*rt*n forum are planing on voting Paisley as the ugliest town in Scotland, we need to make sure this doesn't happen. VOTE GREENOCK
  13. davidg

    Top Five Gigs

    1-The Beatles 2-Queen 3-Stone Roses 4-Pink Floyd 5-Dire Straits
  14. Downloaded loads of Greenday songs yeserday. Right now listening to Good Riddance (time of our lives), quality song.
  15. Name your top 5 venues for a saints day oot. 1- Ayr 2- Queen Of The South 3- Partick 4- Inverness 5- Ross County
  16. 1- baws 2- left buttock 3- right buttock 4- back 5- neck
  17. davidg

    Tartan Army Fun

    Glad you enjoyed it Bill
  18. Just a bit of tartan army fun. we'll be coming my fav things
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