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  1. Yes. But it seemed to affect Saints players more. Still. Glad we didn't get robbed.
  2. A good win. Well done Saints. Sent from my SM-P355 using Black & White Army mobile app
  3. Maybe contracted to wear red x times per season? Sent from my LDN-LX2 using Black & White Army mobile app
  4. My first look at Aberdeen for a long time today.Very disapointed by their physical display. Fouls count must have been pretty high. The Scott Brown effect? Thugg-erdeen?
  5. The challenge was retaliation, both feet, and studs showing. Should have been instant red on 3 counts,
  6. Sorry. I've seen enough. Good night.
  7. 0_1. When do the Saints players turn up?
  8. I pick Henderson. End of season, where will he be?
  9. 4 teams on 45 points. Best goal difference only merits 7th, not 5th.
  10. Fair summary, but not sure about the prediction. Can't see Saints score more than maybe 2.
  11. Me too, even when I am listening to the Perth commentators.
  12. What good news to waken up to. Well done Saints.
  13. Also a chance to move one place upward.
  14. Qarsaan


    Renfrew 4 Arthurlie 2.
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