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  1. The Tile bar will not be running coaches to the two away games in the league cup section due holidays. Our first trip will be on Sat 13th August, leaving @ 11am for Kirkcaldly stopping in Burntisland. All members from last season seats will be kept for this game only. Non member tickets will be on sale from the 6th August behind the bar.
  2. Tickets still on sale for our POTY night at Blacklandmill bowling club on Saturday 30th April. Always a great night. If anyone is interested, give Kenny a call on 07807 858574. Cheers!
  3. For anyone interested, The Tile Bar Supporters’ Club Player of the Year Dance will be held at Blacklandmill Bowling Club on Saturday 2nd May. The event will start at 7:30pm till 12:30am and tickets are priced at £6 each. The night will include raffles, a buffet and cheap bar prices. Tickets for the event can be booked through Kenny Hamilton at [email protected]
  4. The tile bar & chivas clubs are sharing a bus for the Aberdeen game We will leave from the Court Bar @ 4pm drive straight up and down no stops in stonehaven Tickets for non members on sale in the court bar from tues night afer the jags game
  5. Sorry guys wrong number up there...it's 07807858574. Cheers
  6. Would all members who are going to the morton game contact kenny on 07807858574 by next friday for their seat to be kept or they must buy a ticket from the bar. Bus will leave @2pm cost £5 per seat
  7. Still tickets left for our annual Player of the Year dance at Blacklandmill Bowling Club tomorrow night at 7.30pm. Send a PM if interested
  8. Looks like Ian has now declined the invite... Div I've (Kevin Hamilton) now been sent an invite, I'll just ignore it sonce you have 16. Hope I'll still be top of the reserve list next week! Ha.
  9. Just had a look on Teamer to see where I am on the reserve list, looks like 17 accepted for tomorrow..... Thought I'd mention incase you didn't know
  10. This story is a load of rubbish! Kenny's dad was angry at the abuse Kenny was getting from one of our fans, he left at half time to cool down. No more to the story than that. Typical from that lot.
  11. Tickets are on sale behind the bar, £12.
  12. No problem mate, hopefully there will be space on the day.
  13. 22 tickets were put behind the bar on Saturday mate, doubt they'll be sold out just yet
  14. No bias in this at all ......but I'd have to say the Tile, before heading down to the game.
  15. Was only offering an option if you were going to the game. More than welcome to buy a ticket for the first away game then take the membership from there. You weren't misinformed.
  16. We are selling 52% of the supporters' club if anyone is interested by the way...
  17. Buy a ticket for the morton game and we'll see you about membership if that's ok.
  18. We are planning to run a bus to the Morton cup game. We will be leaving at 2pm on 21st, tickets will be on sale from Saturday 7th July, price £5. Would all last season members who have not contacted Kenny or Rab please buy a ticket as we cannot keep seats. Sorry for any trouble.
  19. in the same position &just bought the BT not conecting till move house but was best deal i could find sky 1 &sky 2 for £11.99 per mth with free espn
  20. Our thoughts go out to Derek’s family, from all those from the Tile Bar Bus RIP Derek.
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