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  1. Cant believe your still going on about this. I’m done with it and if you want to reply next time try keep it clean . Really let yourself down with the swearing .
  2. Poor performance overall so far. Really disappointed that we have struggled against a team without a game competitively since March
  3. I can’t believe what I’m watching . Thistle two leagues below and much sharper so far. Embarrassing
  4. Really poor should be well down. Five good openings from thistle . Who’s not played competitively since March?
  5. I don’t have any info my point is that the club should have handled it a wee bit better. I think it’s time to move on and let’s see if Jim can get a few results.
  6. Your a happy clapper who will clearly accept anything. When did I also run any player down in this ? Kyle was a very good player who I feel would have made a big difference in our attempt to avoid relegation. It annoys me as I am sure it must annoy you that we no longer have his services. Sure the club may well have offered him a new deal and he might have decided his future lay elsewhere but I still feel he will be a loss and you can bet any player incoming won’t have his pedigree. I also think we need to try and a avoid losing Players for transfer fees that will be below their value. My point was that the clubs statements were embarrassing and this I think is a view shared by the bulk of our support. No player was ever mentioned and I am certain that without our captain the job just became a little harder . Finally to suggest being critical of a situation means I don’t support the team is ridiculous . I often say that this website gives a platform for discussion and yes a good moan at the problems we face. It’s nothing more than this and on matchday the team home and away can rely on my unconditional support “Old boy”
  7. The club is an embarrassment. I’m so disappointed in some of the things that are happening at present. As a fan today I thought we might get a wee bit of ambition like United signing the lad mcnulty. Just something to soften the blow of our captain being sold for peanuts. It’s always the same tho and we are a poorly run club that has made a fool of itself twice in the past week with ridiculous statements. Anyhow if you look at the squad it’s not strong enough and the midfield is an area we don’t have enough depth. Sure Cammy and Ethan played well on Friday but will they have the physical and mental strength to go a whole season. I suspect not and McAllister has been nowhere near good enough whilst Foley and Durmus look a shadow of themselves. Throw in MCGrath who is tidy but has no end product. It’s a shame and also the lack of a goal threat now glaringly obvious. Yes I know it’s a moan and I know that people may well say I’m wrong but It looks like a squad that’s going down. Kenny McLean was sold and never replaced and this looks like the same. Same old saints desperate to get a hundred grand or so for a player who might have made a difference in the relegation fight. i want to be angry but I’m actually just really fed up with this and fed up in general at the minute. If the board Think they can shout about top six with this squad they’re off their head. This team has the stench of relegation all over it.
  8. Feel sorry for him tonight. Played well for the most part. For me the board need to be looking at themselves? Stubbs, Kearney ? Now this . They aren’t handling things at all well. I’d be keen to see some movement here before jim
  9. I’d take Gus’s team over this one . This team is playing a very dull brand of football.
  10. We should be looking for a point at least against the mighty accies? That says it all
  11. So perhaps it’s Kenny McLean all over again. Skint and need the cash. Embarrassing
  12. Not a chance Mallan or Allan would come to us
  13. We’ve rejected an offer for a player whooopee.
  14. Embarrassing that we’ve actually put his out on our website
  15. By investing I mean time and energy and all the cash . What’s the point if we sell out talent to Hibs for a couple of hundred grand.
  16. I’m done too. How can skint Hibs afford him? Ok not a great season last year but it’s clear he’s a potential match winner and is our leader. If saints sell I’m really going to consider my investment in them
  17. Dj chapsticks nailed it- it’s the boredom nowadays. I felt myself dosing off yesterday and that’s never been me. It’s utterly dreadful
  18. We appear to have signed a few players not good enough to cope with the high flying Killie and St Johnstone teams . worst thing is it’s so terrible to watch. We’re not even unlucky in games
  19. What’s the point if you don’t play football to have a go? Well we never have a go and the past five games have been miserable. I was expecting a bit of a game today with saints looking hungry for the win. What we got is zero shots on target and absolutely nothing to suggest this form is temporary. The players are not creating anything and unless he hires an attacking coach he will not see out October. Surely Aberdeen will beat this sorry lot on Friday to make it 6 in a row. After that will we beat Motherwell? And that’s the problem Jim is a hero but it doesn’t matter who you are if you lose games your done
  20. You know I can take losing if you have a go but this is so negative. Four defeats in a row and were sitting in against Kilmarnock at home. Something isn’t right here and am I the only one who’s incredibly bored with our football at present. Style is awful
  21. Gus’s teams were a better watch than this sorry lot. It really is horrible at present. Not an single bit of football being played. Highballs , long throws and hopeful football. I’ve come to expect a struggle but this is really poor to watch
  22. This team play no football at all. Long ball after long ball. Hit it and hope. No midfield and I mean no midfield - don’t build an attack anymore either and are a really terrible watch. I’m sure Tommy Craig’s team would have survived had Maclean not been sold for a pittance and he had been able to drive us on with Mallan and McGinn too. Not a bad couple of players in that team. This team would do well to beat Tommy’s side.
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