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  1. I understand money talks , I just wish for once that we could keep building the momentum we have at present and see our the season. We can do something special this year and Jim is supposed to be St Mirren through and through. I know he’s a Celtic fan initially but his character and his status as cup winning captain and someone who’d run thro a brick wall makes me hope that he might stay and finish the job he has here. Can we offer him a better deal? is it wrong that whilst I know it doesn’t happen a lot that we might be able to compete at the right end and maybe get to Hampden ? Is it wrong to think saints could become a very stable middle table to top half side for a while?
  2. Ronan best player in the team ! Erahon a squad player at best .
  3. He was ref vRangers in league cup win last year when we won. He had a good game that night and I quite like him - compared to some he has been decent
  4. Great win and Greives winner a goal that we don’t often see a real penalty box poachers goal and a sublime ball in . More please !
  5. He actually leads and Motherwell seem to genuinely care about their supporters. I don’t think our board understands looking after the support. We hear snippets of what a wonderful support blah blah blah but we still don’t man the phone to let them contact us nor post a ticket to them anymore when they live miles away and can’t get to the ground between 10 and bloody 2 . Bring back whatever we had pre pandemic as it was a hundred times better than this crap
  6. Our board would not know fan engagement if it but them on the nose. They don’t get it sadly
  7. I’d rather pay an higher season ticket than allow them two stands. Sure I might be in the minority but it I was asked to pay 350 instead of 300 I’d go for that any day
  8. Absolutely. Isn’t it sad that after all the chat about sorting things we still let them take our family stand which houses the children we hope to develop into full adult supporters. It’s beyond me how we haven’t sorted this . Let’s be clear Motherwell have a fantastic model and a fantastic leader. We have neither and the community club we say we are doesn’t wash with me
  9. Brilliant from Motherwell who continue to lead the way with how to treat fans. How I wish we had an Alan burrows the guy is a class act . https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/8398367/motherwell-chief-celtic-fans-allowed-fir-park/
  10. The new ticket system is hopeless. If you don’t live locally then don’t bother as the ticket office don’t answer calls, the club doesn’t answer emails nor send invites to agm. It’s a pathetic set up that we were told would be sorted by the chairman in September. It’s still hopeless six months later.
  11. Erahon seems to be given special treatment as he’s one of our academy. He offers little bar winning a few fouls and occasionally breaking up an attack. Not a bad lad but not in the same league as some of our other graduates who we lost ( for v little) . Power can be a little to keen on keeping the e ball but in general he offers much more than Ethan. You only have to look at Jims starting 11 each week and I’d say he agrees with me on this one
  12. Yes we are doing well at present but I’d love to see us get a win at home - we have managed only 6 over past couple of seasons in total.St j will be a tough game and you worry about being undone at home - that said the boys are confident and playing well so no reason we can’t get the win
  13. Power is Better than Erahon for sure tho and will surely be offered a new deal - Flynn could be retained as a utility player perhaps on slightly lesser wage ? It would be wise to keep some experience and Flynn and Tait would be able to cover several positions but mainly as back up
  14. We have no options that will score the goals needed to be mid table never mind top six. Time to get real
  15. Actually let’s just stick with the prolific Erwin and Main
  16. Nothing seems as good as it used to be when ordering tickets or dealing with the club. Communication is absolutely pathetic and the Serling of tickets farcical when before you could buy home and away online . Sort it out please
  17. Folk are kidding themselves on if they believe this will be ok. We don’t score a lot of goals as it is and now we have our best striker out. No harm to Erwin or Main but we all know they probably won’t score enough to get us to where we want
  18. A huge blow as he is realistically our only strike option now. Really big blow
  19. Gogic makes no sense unless we’re letting Erahon or power go in summer? I am at a loss as to why we need this? We need fast movement and creativity not a sitting midfield player
  20. Allan back on radar according to Record sport
  21. Tactics are predictable and so boring and one paced
  22. Disgraceful. A shambles is what we have at present and the club I’m afraid is on a downward trend. This needs fixed and the fans need to speak up here. It’s our club. We pay the wages of the players and without our support this team is nothing. Im at the point we’re im just about to cancel my Smisa membership as they don’t seem to have any influence at all. Hat a shit show this is. How about SMISA step up here let’s pay our money and revert to the old plan that didn’t include the kibble.
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