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    CELTIC , VODKA, SEX WITH DIRTY WOMEN, SMOKING. { not necessessarily in that order } !!!

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  1. where' that anyi rangers spng?

  2. Yes it has been a good day. Pity about they Sky cunts. I had greif with them too a while back
  3. Did you two go to the same comedy school as the Krankies?
  4. Mibbe so but he's still right.
  5. The aftermath of his shits are measured by their half-life
  6. Is that not the arsehole of Scotland?
  7. Didny realise you were far flung.
  8. Sweet Child o Mine - Guns'N'Roses
  9. Hes no joking. Its his misses album of choice since her birthday last month. Paradise city by G&R
  10. Good Charlotte- Keep your hands off my girl
  11. My Chemical Romance - I'm not OK
  12. Diana Rigg should be worth a mention.
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