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  1. No I dont have privy to anything that is not already out there. The CiC offer is the only game in town so its the only one I can consider and its the only one that is allowing the fans to be involved. The selling consortium rejected the other offers so its not a point for any further discussion and was irrelevant to the supporters anyway in that they had no influence one way or another. If the consortium had accepted another deal then we would just have had to accept it as well. No discussion. No debate. No involvement. The objective of the CiC is very admirable - helping the local community as well as the club - and many who have got to know RA vouch for his enthusiasm and ideas and believe him to be honest. Any outstanding issues anyone may have can be addressed personally to the man in a one-to-one meeting. Not many take overs would offer that level of personal discussion. At the end of the day you either buy into a dream or you dont. For any dream to be realised an amount of faith is required. Div alluded to the need to keep momentum going. In any situation you have to make a decision then back it to the hilt until you find further challenges then you review and change accordingly. Doing nothing but fretting on the sidelines creates negative energy and nothing changes. I suggest that anyone who has unresolved questions either posts them on the Q&A thread or takes up RA's open offer to meet. Make a decision and if its a yes then go for it with enthusiasm.
  2. I sent mine off. I buy into the whole Community thing as much as helping SMFC. Yes there are risks and uncertainties but nothing in life is guaranteed. We have got to give it our best shot and resort to Plan B if Plan A doesn't work out. At the moment the CiC looks on paper to be the best deal for everyone concerned. Lets go for it!
  3. Tuffey has just been released by ICT as he didnt get a game last season due to Esson being first choice.
  4. As a supporter and season ticket holder for 40 years I have been looking at all this with interest but have not commented before now. Nothing in life provides future-proof guarantees. There are always uncertainties with anything whether thats a job, marriage or a CIC buyout. Ultimately you can only make decisions by studying the information you currently have, seek advice or opinion elsewhere but finally you have to trust your instinct and make a choice. The good thing about any choice is that if it isn't the correct choice you can make another choice at a later date. Always. After perusing the information and opinions placed before me, I like the whole idea of the CiC model. I like the fact that the ethos is more than just the football club but is also about people out there in the community. A community spirit is something which Western society has little of. Providing opportunities to those disadvantaged or those that require support or providing frameworks for new ventures is a great goal which should also bring many benefits to the club. My knowledge, to date, and instinct tell me to endorse it. There are those who obviously have reservations (no pun intended, Yul). However they are making a mockery of this important debate by not addressing their reservations in an open and honest way so that issues can be addressed and dealt with. This sniping away in whispers from the corner does no-one any good and nullifies any serious points the snipers may have. If the snipers have valid points then lets hear them in an open and constructive way because at the moment they are just turning people off. And if their points are ultimately justifiable then THEY should be blamed for their childish behaviour with no 'I told you so' chest beating as they are NOT telling us coherently what these reservations are. This situation reminds me of Ian Gray's performances against Alex Salmond every week where all he ever did was moan away in a quiet voice without ever offering valid points or suggesting solutions. It gets boring. If the dissenters have something to say then say it and give us alternatives to consider or else shut up. You are helping no-one at the moment especially your own credibility. If you have valid points please make them sensibly so they can be discussed and answered by 10000hours and provide more information to the knowledge base for decision making. At the moment you are doing a dis-service to your fellow supporters.
  5. Dont think Motherwell can pay much more than us these days. Hearts seemed the most likely choice so glad that has fallen through.
  6. I thought McGowans attitude improved at the season went on. His moaning at his team-mates decreased and he began to realise he had team-mates and didnt have to do it all himself. I think he would be a good acquisition but dont know about paying a fee for him. Carey is out our budget as C*ltic know they could get some money for him. Loan deal would be the best we could hope for.
  7. It wasn't a rumour. It was a wind-up. We were never interested in him.
  8. I believe Innes WAS offered a deal but refused as he wanted more money. Same when he went on trial at Killie. ICT offered him something better obviously but he hasn't been a regular all season. I would have taken him for this season but think we should now be looking at younger options. For what it is worth I think Mair is ok when not playing with JP and is as good as Innes and younger and less injury-prone.
  9. I am a bit concerned that there are a few people very much against the CIC however this forum is not the place for this debate as the posters on here are not representing 10000hours. Maybe 10000hours should hold another Q&A without any presentations but let it be a debate between those that are very against the proposal and 10000hrs and clear up up misgivings.
  10. Dont know if this has been asked before so I apologise in advance if it has. What are 10000hrs doing to inform the non-internet fans? I know many fans who do not use fans' forums nor the internet. Are letters being sent to Season Ticket holders or leaflets handed out before games?
  11. My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. If I take out a single membership is there a time commitment on that? What if my financial circumstances change - can I give up my membership? Or can I become a member next year once I get a better feel of how it is all panning out?
  12. As has been said its difficult to pledge when there are more questions than answers. Should maybe have arranged the Q & As before asking for pledges but hey ho.
  13. Not only do not all religions support that view but those that do are in a minority. Most people I know who have religious or spiritual beliefs go about their lives in a quiet manner and do not thrust their beliefs on anyone. I find that those that mouth off are those that have never studied the subject.
  14. I'll respect your views and in return maybe you would like to respect those that do follow a religion. You have a choice. So does everyone else.
  15. So where is my green dot then?
  16. Do not know about this one but not all Churches meet on a Sunday morning. And for those that mentioned religion and football don't mix there may be an element of truth in that. Most bigots I know do not go to Church so no problem! We should welcome all groups that want to use the stadium and respect people's beliefs.
  17. Not so. You come up with a idea first then start to flesh it out and produce a rough plan for implementing the idea as more people come on board and new ideas and viewpoints are introduced. Eventually you have a proposal when everyone concerned has had their say which is then modified, voted for or voted against. The SPL are not making it up as they go along. 7 people decided on a proposal then they tried to push that proposal to everyone else. Many , many stakeholders - other SPL clubs, SFL clubs, SFA, fans and media - had no say in the proposal and any new ideas and viewpoints are totally ignored. I run projects. I come up with ideas. I chat to trusted people to see obvious flaws or get new ideas (for and against). I then take these loose plans and bounce them off the people directly affected to get their viewpoint. I then modify the plan. I then take it to a wider audience to see what they think. Eventually when everyone has their say we put forward a proposal when everyone knows the background, options, fors and againsts, and alternatives. Then we vote when everyone has been consulted. If you don't take people with you when introducing change you are lost. Even if everyone doesn't get what they want they want to know what the possibilities are and have some input even if it is rejected for the final proposals or not voted for in the final proposals. Its called consultation. A word Neil Doncaster hasn't heard of. Hopefully at St Mirren the people with the new idea are fleshing it out via consultation and not just offering a yes/no proposal to others who could maybe have added greatly to the plan.
  18. I do not know much about the takeover but I would prefer it to be done properly unlike Neil Doncaster and his daft proposals. Explore some avenues and possibilities and continue to explore when more people come aboard until there is something kind of concrete to propose. Then seek further input and explore further possibilities until everyone involved knows what is being proposed, has had a say and that say has been heard and investigated. This all takes time. No rush. Better to get it right than push through something that is flawed with no support like League reconstruction.
  19. Sonny

    Fishel Forum

    Email Norrie at [email protected] and he'll sort it out for you .....
  20. Have a great time guys. Have a Guinness on me. I'll pay you back in Langs.
  21. And who might they be? Go on, its good to talk
  22. Not being signed.... appropriate thread ....here
  23. Evening Times ..... http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/displa...2487433.0.0.php According to that Harte phoned from Gretna this morning asking for more money then said he's need to think about it when the answer was no. So much for all the pish yesterday about money not being a issue. SMFC are not to blame on this. The agent tells the media the signing is happening. The guy agrees a deal over the phone. The agent then lets the press know. The press ask Gus - whats he to say? It used to be a man's word was his bond. This makes Harte and McKay look ridiculous - not Gus.
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