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  1. So Budge's idea of being 'fair' is Hearts, shittiest team in the League, bottom or the form table and bottom of the League avoid deserved relegation. Cove, League leaders with the same points difference over a rival as Celtic, are relegated instead of crowned Champions and promoted. Clyde, Peterhead, Forfar are all relegated although none are bottom of their League, unlike Hearts. All lose substantial income due to unfair relegation. Stranraer, one of the teams she quoted in her 'unfair' shouting, is now relegated as their situation no longer supports Hearts fantasies. f**k off Budge. Get doon cheating Herts.
  2. We knocked back a six figure fee twice for Vaclav one at least from a team in the Champions League. So it ain't just St Mirren that rate him. Personally I rate him as the best keeper I have seen with us. Money and Thomson were also great keepers but Vaclav is a far better footballer for kick-outs and playing as a sweeper.
  3. It isn't as simple as that. The League 2 Clubs came to a united agreement that they would only accept their own proposal for reconstruction which was not a proposal that everyone was going to agree with. And even at that several clubs in League 2 did not want any reconstruction but would go along with their League's proposal. And you could include Hearts as one of the clubs who put a kibosh on reconstruction by wanting it for 1 season only to save their arse. And they expected everyone else to vote for it?
  4. Long term decline??? Attendances have been rising over the last 5 seasons - where is the decline? More money than ever is being pumped into the SPFL - where is the decline? Rangers claimed evidence of malpractice them failed to produce any evidence. The Board had an investigation into their original complaints but Deloitte but found nothing untoward. All the Clubs will vote next week as to whether Rangers 'evidence' warrants another independent review taking up their time and money. We will then see if the Clubs concerned believe Rangers complaints were valid (without evidence). I am pretty certain the Clubs themselves will throw out Rangers claims.
  5. Reconstruction board terminated. No change . Hearts relegated.
  6. The majority vote was to keep things the same. As in any vote the option that gets the most votes is the winner Checkout the general election - more people voted against the Tories but they won - that is how voting works. There were 4 choices on the ballot and not 2. Those that did not vote for the winning option could not agree a consensus and was split into rival camps hence the winning vote gets the mandate. How would the voting look if one of the other options was now off the table? No-one knows until it is done. Anything else is conjecture. Anyway I do not intend to go round in circles on this. I merely asked you to provide backup to your claim and you cannot. I cited the only poll result I had seen (1009 voters). Case closed.
  7. I'm not having a go at you. I am very interested in what fans think so want to know any sources as too many just utter 'facts' with no evidence. And Div's poll had a clear winner.
  8. I've seen one fans' survey on twitter from our very own Div and that survey had the majority wanting no change. I saw another stupid survey that did not give an option for no change (don't know the outcome as the survey was flawed). I filled in a survey via an email from Supporters Direct but cannot find any reference to it on their site. And I havn't been aware of any other fans survey. So I am surprised that some conclusion has been reached as to what fans want.
  9. Yes that's what the players want but the post I asked about also stated it was the prefered fan option. Where is that claim coming from?
  10. Prefered fan option? Where is the source?
  11. Stenhousemuir's angle on reconstruction ... https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/international/chairmans-diary-reconstruction-talks-are-sham-and-all-about-self-gain-2545530
  12. Considering Les Gray said he wanted to start the process with a clean slate and open mind and for one of the two people to head up the task force stating she only wanted one outcome (she said if it was a long term reconstruction she would walk awy from the panel), seems a very stupid stand to make alienating many chairmen. Of course she'll have to accept the outcome whatever that is. Personally I think reconstruction will fail.
  13. I don't hate anyone LB. Is she brighter than me - maybes aye maybes naw. Flexible? Well saying on national radio she only wants reconstruction for one season to save her team indicates otherwise.
  14. Elgin chairman sees through Budge's self interest ... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ann-budge-acting-hearts-self-21897432
  15. When did she say that? At the weekend she only stated that she wanted a short-term fix (BBC radio and on-line article). Les Gray confirmed her position on Sunday. If her position has changed what is the source?
  16. Nicola said what she did as there was a lot of media coverage in Engerland that the lockdown restrictions would be lifting soon. Would be stupid to agree when there is little chance of it happening at the moment.
  17. Gray had a pop at Budge on Sunday's interview for stating her preference before the panel had even started. Her comments alone should torpedo the whole venture.
  18. Could be but Budge was adamant (Sportsound interview on Saturday) that she wasn't interested in that and would bail oull of the panel for a longer term proposal. I reckon a long term proposal would not get get through for the reasons given by Bud above.
  19. Probably officially no. However the Scottish Fans Forum (or whatever they are called) has a survey on the go. And yesterday the B&W Army twitter feed conucted a 24 hr poll in which keep things the same won with 34% and 14 team setup got around 25% vote.
  20. Budge is only interested in Hearts. Anyone who thinks her motivation is for the good of Scottish football is kidding themselves on. She wants reconstruction for one season to save their arses then keep the money rolling in when they stay up next season. Really hope Gordon votes a big fat NO.
  21. Totally agree. For the original proposal which was stalled by Dundee, then for PT and Stranraer and the promotion teams it was tough shit. Suck it up. The SPFL Board were not interested. Only when Hearts started shouting loudly did suddenly the concept of reconstruction come on to the table when the vote went against them. In vplace of 'fairness' (read Hearts self preservation). A temp reconstruction to say 14 will give Hearts a season with their huge budget to get their act together and possibly 3 teams getting auto relegation next season when Hearts are safe. Hearts are only concerned about Hearts.
  22. I take your point of view. However the fewer teams the greater the competition IMHO. If for example we introduced an 18 team Premiership right now it would include Arbroath who are 6th in the Championship. Now no offence to Arbroath or their supporters but what chances does a part-time team have in a League with 17 other full time clubs most of whom have far greater wealth? You could expect Arbroath to be bottom and stay there all season with around 12 teams all kind of mid table trying to avoid a playoff or another relegation spot. And two Saturdays ago we were due to play Away at Ross County. I had planned to go to the game as we were still in a relegation fight. However if we we were still 9th and they were 10th in an 18 team League I would not have bothered going up to Dingwall. But that's just me.
  23. A problem for me is with too many teams there is one or two who are really poor and are bottom after the opening game and stay there all season eg Gretna with many clubs marking time. I would prefer the challenge of staying in the League by having to fight every game and if we get relegated the excitement of new clubs and a chance to win a League. Don't see that happening with 18 teams in the League. Just my thoughts.
  24. I'll take that as a complement Over the last few seasons I have hardly missed a game home or away due to every game surviving then winning the Championship meant something. Then coming from rock bottom to win the playoffs last season. So for me there hasn't been any boring games in the last few seasons primarily because Leagues are so tight. But everyone has an opinion and I respect most Get Herts doon
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