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  1. Denmark 3-0 Israel, I though that could have been closer, puts our result into perspective, especially after our tragic first half performance.
  2. Not so sure, certainly not for the next 25-30 mins, if it's still the same score they will crank it up and we'll need to use our subs to our advantage. Give us another goal, a wee bot of a cushion, then I can relax a wee bit.
  3. Palmer is honking, as for the other two, lay off the Czech lager.
  4. Are you suffering from memory loss and seeing what you want to see? he defends high up, covers a lot of ground but, as I've said, final ball, the headliner, lets him down. I'd have Patterson playing all day long but not as bad as you are trying to make him out.
  5. Wow, all we need is Cheesy and we have a full house of pish patter bingo.
  6. That incident was one of the main reasons VAR has, overall, been a welcome addition. I get some of the "offside by a millimetre" decisions, especially of it's a players hand but that's down to the officials interpretation, which should be changed. Only offside if it's part of your foot.
  7. Only playing because Patterson is injured. Overall, not as honking as you make it it's his final ball, needs work. He was outstanding against England remember. I'm not his biggest fan but just let's himself down at critical moments.
  8. Soft nothing, all over him and yes, another booking and off.
  9. Rightly a VAR penalty, 0-1 get it up ye. 30 mins. Who mentioned Dykes?
  10. Shocking decision, hardly a foul. Oh, O'Donnel, couldn't cross a road, absolutely honking final ball at least 3 times already.
  11. Aye, both teams, more so Austria, looking like they are after this game, rightly so. Still 0-0, 20 mins.
  12. See you and technology, Sky Sports Main Event?
  13. C'mon Scotland.....................give us the first goal, I don't want to be having to come back from a goal down.
  14. This is another of your tactics to diminish ANY point that any other supporter see's as important. Away and gies fecking piece, you'd give an aspirin a headache.
  15. Indeed, a waste of time and effort. My "three replies maximum" rule with him has proved a great decision. He's really not worth any more.
  16. The young British girl who had a good Wimbledon is continuing her great from in the US Open......................latest score, won the first set 6-2 after being 2-0 down.
  17. The Scotts starts tonight on BBC, I watched the pilot about a couple of years ago, and found it hilarious. Got it set to be recorded, after a "hard" weekend I'll be sleeping when it comes on, 10:30pm.
  18. More than decent goal scoring record for a full back.
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