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  1. Oh my, what a fool you are, and a lying old fool into the bargain.
  2. OK, cheers. Ill keep everyone updated when i get word through about mines as I'm, age apart, not in any vulnerable category. 👍
  3. Irony when you were in the St Mirren club and traveled to/from the game in a car with other people. No shame, no surprise. Wonder what Betty from EK will say? 😄😄😄
  4. That seems to have been changed..............................from the Gov.Uk website...............I'm assuming Scotland will follow this? Everyone aged 50 and over will be among those offered a COVID-19 booster and a flu jab this autumn under plans to increase protection against respiratory viruses ahead of winter. On coronavirus (COVID-19) boosters, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has now published its final recommendations for this autumn’s programme. Under the advice, those eligible for a further dose will be: all adults aged 50 years and over
  5. Been watching "Million Pound Motorhomes" for a few weeks. I enjoy the design and engineering involved. Not quite sure I fancy the actual reality, although I am under some pressure from Mrs Faraway. I could easily live without trying this particular experience but who knows.
  6. Young McColgan gets another SILVER in the 5,000, classy race, exuding confidence. A brave run, the week girl that won had a much better last 200-300 m Just over 3 miles in under 15 mins.
  7. ANOTHER gold for Scotland, wee laura scooped the final.
  8. Wee Laura due on the track at 7:20pm. Hope she's recovered from her exertions of the 800m the other night.
  9. Best OUTSIDE a games held in Scotland. The 46 medals won so far are comprised of 11 gold, 10 silver, and 25 bronze. That takes Scotland past the 44 earned in Gold Coast four years ago, which was the highest return apart from Glasgow 2014, where the team took 53, including 19 golds.
  10. West Ham 0-2 Man City, yip, Haaland again, a stunning player, a massive unit and pace. 65 mins.
  11. As things stand.........................................
  12. West Ham 0-1 Man City, penalty, Haaland pops it away easily. 36 mins.
  13. 0-1 final score, reasonable game, both teams played some half decent stuff, United deserved a draw but that's the way it goes sometimes. Now, West Ham 0-0 Man City...........................
  14. 148 supporters have made the effort and travelled from Livingston. Cudjoe looks a threat for United, came on as a sub, for a wee fella he can hit the ball. Still 0-1, time running out for United. 77 mins.
  15. United pressing, Watt especially looking dangerous. Certainly looking like United could equalise, although Livvie are dangerous on the break, they move the ball quickly from back to front, and it's not just hoofball. Cracking day in Dundee, 68 mins.
  16. Just like you've perfected the art of saying nothing worthwhile despite typing lots of words, funny that? Anyhow, Livingston looking dangerous, big Nouble doing what he does best, holds up the ball and usually finds his own players. Watt almost equalised, great save from the Livvie goalie. Still 0-1, 60 mins.
  17. Try Shull's thread fior just posting scores, or post a link to Teletext.
  18. Dundee Utd 0-1 Livingston, great strike, put his foot straight through the ball. 49 mins.
  19. Picked the wrong game today, Leicester 2-2 Brentford, a 50/50 choice, wrang. While the United game's had 3 goals it's not been the best.
  20. Man U 1-2 Brighton, a bit of a stramash from a corner. Back in it, just. 67 mins.
  21. Brighton fans singing "We're going to win the league"
  22. Aye, that was my early conclusion, painful.
  23. Man U 0-2 Brighton, dear oh dear, Six Alex is watching, he must be in tears. 40 mins.
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