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  1. Since you said the same thing time after time maybe your life is getting more muddled by the day.
  2. Can't wait for this response. 😂
  3. I have answered, just because you don't understand or agree doesn't mean it's no answer. Run along, you must have something else to whine about.
  4. VAST majority of people who have actually used them, not some pompous twat, seem to think they do a good job. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/aspray.com
  5. If you're insurance company are unwilling to pay out you'll need help to secure the claim. Why do you think people would use Aspray? You, initially, threw Digby Brown into the "parasite" headline, yet, YOU are completely ignoring their role in helping people in a wide range of issues. As I said, if there's an angle for you to whine you'll find it.
  6. In Digby Browns case, which I've already referenced, they carry all costs and only make money if the claim has been successful. Higher standards. Get the church to sponsor us.
  7. Have you seen how much they, Digby Brown, get for many clients who couldn't afford to make a claim? You, as usual, only see things the one way. Bazil is right, you're a moaning faced twat, if there's something to whine about you'll find it.
  8. Parasites? Oh dear, you must have some size of head for that massive fecking halo you have. Away and gies piece.
  9. Aye, sometimes the "cash out" function is a curse.
  10. Naw, just a few is manageable on a school night, we're too busy for time off just now, which is good.
  11. Going out for a meal with the family on Wednesday, might have a couple then.
  12. Tonight concludes a decent few days, that Dundee result would really have fired up the total in my account but shouldn't be greedy...............
  13. People who want to go to games will go, almost irrespective of other outside influences. The OF games are an anomaly, in years gone by we had a great home support, but that was across the board. I'm 100% in agreement that these recent disasters in communication etc have an effect, but not on trying to encourage new punters.
  14. I'm unconvinced TV has much effect on attendances, look at England, attendances booming/steady yet wall to wall coverage. Two entirely different issues, TV and drumming up attendances. Success ON the park is, IMO, the key to increasing interest, kids don't want to watch a team struggling to score a goal, never mind win a game. It's not the 1970's anymore, youngsters have more/different options and despite being dragged along by parents will make their own decisions eventually.
  15. So, last season we received £1,437,500, I'm sure that'll take care of the fans who decide not to travel from Aberdeen.
  16. I hope they do, entertaining to watch last season but there's a history of teams getting off to a bad start and never getting out of the bottom places. A win required soon, Newcastle and West Ham next up, at this point I wouldn't back them to win both, Newcastle HAS to be seen as an opportunity to get that elusive win.
  17. Wouldn't the Sky money outweigh the slightly less traveling support from Aberdeen?
  18. The bookies see this as a straightforward home win....................what do they know?
  19. Medvedev wins in 3, fantastic result and performance, only dipped in/out so can't say much more. A sign of a change in power?
  20. Called that wrong, Medvedev 2-0 up in sets and 5-1 up in the 3rd.
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