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  1. Racist, racist, sectarian & racist. Bernard Manning is dead but his smell lives on....
  2. Every-one I know rips the pish out of me for being a Bud - but I rip the pish right back cos' they're just glory hunting tw@ts who weren't there in the early 80's/90's (depending on the bigot team they support. I love it when they say "but who do you really support" - they really are that feckin thick tha they can't see past their own narrow minded bigotness (if that's a word, before TomMcTwat jumps in) (and if it isn't it should be).
  3. You're a scary man, Sid - I'm old and I only know 4 of them
  4. I remember reading the nuns in the bath joke in the "Ygorra" magazine thirty years ago - this one was in it too. Did you hear about the man who had his house made backwards? So he could watch television
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