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  1. Forum will be superb now..not...all the back slapping, high fiving not disagreeing with each other mob can live in harmony...the forum has been truly ruined and till faraway is reinstated i will never post again..Shull i encourage u to do the same...over and out to all the wankers who do not have their own opinion and have ruined it all...
  2. Why has Faraway been banned?
  3. U can blow my trumpet🎺🎺🎺🎺
  4. I no longer watch any football on television. Stopped watching sportscene, match of day or any live games...totally lost any interest in the game due to it becoming a farce. No longer look for scores or know a lot of players.
  5. Talking about u ya dik!
  6. What utter shite..set out to win game with one upfront..Goodwin is a conning no one!
  7. Another stalker i have in the sin-bin...these baw-bags canny keep away..
  8. Well f**k off out the sin-bin ya keyboard gangster....hahaha another goalless game with no shots on target...entertainment value must have been immense🤣🤣🤣
  9. Clown doesn't seem to realise nobody can be arsed with him..
  10. Why is St Dicky now sucking right up ur arse Shull?
  11. Mate..I'm excactly same as u..will go to gym and pump some iron today..love a bit of bodybuilding i do...i actually just laugh now when i see score. Can't believe i feel like this now but game has totally died and fans being ripped off big-time. Standard is horrific...have knocked back free tickets twice this season and a free hospitality once...
  12. I have him on ignore..hes a prick
  13. I like Rambo knifes..may go see film tonight...
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