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  1. Great patter double barrel bawbag..what a wank
  2. Deflection, do you think your Paul Daniels ya fecking tit? Shitebag
  3. You must have big note book shitebag!
  4. Well u keep coming out with gay statements, either u r gay or homophobic?
  5. Chelsea fecked it 1st game of day anyway....by feck Hamilton must be fecking shite!
  6. What is it i like rough seeing as i have never met u? R u gay and scared to come out or just homophobic? Find ur sexual patter very creepy on a forum that youngsters could read...
  7. Hamilton on the coupon..mon the Accies, all the fuds can go pay £22 to get in them moan about it🤣🤣🤣
  8. Im voting Tory cause they make the rich richer, right up my street..come on Boris!
  9. Only decent thing if u went with that boring dik u would miss whole game sleeping💤💤💤💤
  10. Can still get cup runs and Europe being part-time..makes no difference to who finishes 3rd,4th etc...
  11. Why u twisting it again...u r a shitebag for not standing up for what u believe in..twist it anyway u want, thats what shitebags do.
  12. Ok shitebag...u asked why u were a shitebag..i explained ONLY YOU stated u would not fight against it..nobody else stated this..stop bringing others into it...its only u who stated this. Twist it anyway u want but u r a SHITEBAG!
  13. Only two teams in next 1 million years will ever win the league so whats the point in rest of teams being full-time?
  14. Wouldn't pay to get into male game Shull so u would need to pay me to go to a woman's game..
  15. Ffs..worst ground, home support and pitch in league...£22 is criminal, fact that some wouldnt go for f**k all says it all...the away support means feck all to the players also as 8 away defeats in a row says it doesn't matter one bit if 2 people or 2000 go...why waste a Sat watching this utter pish and getting ripped off for it, i really don't get it...
  16. Whats this sexual patter about? But strange from somebody ive never met that u keep on about it..its shite patter, shite chat and no the least bit funny...if u have any mates which i would seriously doubt do u come out with this patter? U wouldnt last long in pub down my way...
  17. Never ever would a low life pond scum bit of shit on my shoe like u upset me with ur shite "darling" patter...u bore the absolute shite out of me.
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