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  1. All this pish about 6 pointer, massive game etc..is it feck, run of mill game, not massive whatsoever. At this point in season just a normal game..Saints 0-2 Ross County..
  2. Wondering how you work that out overall? Won't mean a thing as Scotland has own kid on parliament with no real power and will still be part of brexit and UK. All it means it Sturgeon will bleat on more about independence as SNP got majority in Scotland.
  3. I think double barrel bawbag fancies u Shull...seems obsessed with u!
  4. Need to remember North Bank full of silly wee school boys like Baz who are easily influenced...bunch of wee guys who get in for child prices...
  5. I cause supporting team is making a big difference to the team..not...7 away defeats in a row so what difference does it make to team going to games..not a thing...
  6. Why £15? Still totally overpriced for the garbage on offer...
  7. More fool u buying a season ticket
  8. Are you really saying that Barcelona's players have unlimited ability? There is a difference between Barcelona limited ability and Saints, maybe u can't see it..
  9. Every team in the world is "of totally limited ability", so what's your point? Yip cause Barcelona and Man City have limited ability players i think not...the ability Saints players have starts at not being able to trap a ball or pass it two yards...
  10. £22 to watch 2 teams of totally limited ability...trading standards should bd called, what kind of clown would pay £22 to get into this???
  11. What a waste of fecking time..paying £29 to get in then protesting...why not protest outside ground and refuse to go in? These folk no getting it...20 plenty my arse...£8 or £9 more than enough...
  12. Brilliant again wee guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Great comeback wee guy!!!!!!!!!!
  14. And i can post what i want in here when i want wee guy!
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