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  1. Any of these guys would contribute more than Lyon's did!
  2. Playing to many friendly's before league cup start's...should be using those games as our only friendly's..fully expect to pick up some bad injuries in these games to key players...watch this space..will have played about 8 games before season even starts....3 for league cup more than enough..
  3. If i had bought a season ticket i would be asking for a refund if this was the standard of player Saints were looking to sign....a truly awful footballer who offered absolutely nothing..might have scored one goal but christ he was bad..no pace, can't read the game, can't tackle, can't shoot..offers absolutely nothing...we never scored goals till he was substituted in games...think there was a game where in 17 minutes he touched ball once..garbage...
  4. f**king disgrace everyone of you who slates Tony..his blood bleeds black & white...u won't meet a nicer fella...
  5. Strange coming from Mcginn who walked out on club after ending of his contract, never told anybody at club his intentions and never responded to contract offers..
  6. Kemp..another person who post builds and is afraid to say what he thinks incase he upsets his forum chums...ffs say what u really think and have an opinion of ur own...dont agree even when u disagree just to try and stay on right-side of sweepers wee gang..it really is bordering on pathetic..
  7. Wonder if that Tadger is at church today praying for more likes on the forum!
  8. Honestly..wouldn't open my curtains if this was getting played in my garden...honestly could not name one single player at women's world cup....cannot see the attraction or the fuss of this at all...
  9. Post building, looking for likes, happy clapping utter pish...playing to your forum bum-chums...boring!!!
  10. Thats where ur wrong again...he had no ability..he was slow, couldnt shoot, beat a man or tackle...
  11. Why? U going make me hard-man? Keyboard warrior?
  12. Haha..i'm a better gambler than u..my da's bigger than your da....absolute balloon🤣🤣🤣
  13. U been drinking and pished the bed again hence why u r up and on the brave juice..go get tucked in wee man but leave the light on....
  14. My commiserations on ur shite patter wee man..bit worrying you are obsessed with my man hood...run along now wee boy...
  15. Haha another wee guy keyboard hardman..must hang about with Sweeper or Jaybee.. run along do ur home-work wee man....
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