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  1. I have to say...........what a crap draw. Worst we could have got other than darkheed. All a bit meh now to be honest. If we beat Queens we will need to hope Danny boy learned from the recent pasting we received up there!
  2. Great link! Enjoyed the replay to confirm what my eyes saw earlier! 2 pens could be seen as soft but pens none the less and the porkly wright had to go. Good save from the captains pen, not a great pen, but young mclean showed him how to do it! And how sweet thommo's winner! Off to bed happy!
  3. Yup and 20 quid on at 13/5 makes it all the sweeter! Pished on bookies money after a 4-3 win vs the fake Saints, does it get any better?
  4. Definitely winnable although the saintees dismantled the league leaders 4 nil today and will be a stiff test, however much more confident after last 2 games and home advantage may just see us through!
  5. Well I can say that my betting against the Saints days are over however the winnings I collected from the Ross County, Hibs, Motherwell and Partick matches more than offset last nights loss and I was as pleased as anybody that we never lost!
  6. It will not be McDowall. To quote the man recently "I earn 3 times as much at Ibrox and don't have to stick my head above the parapet, why would I want to change that?" He has no ambition to manage us and is on a nice wee earner the now. Not the answer for us and not interested anyway. Move on!
  7. I hope for the best but fear the worst. It will be utter carnage if we go behind early on. Will be there cheering us on though, in hope rather than expectation!!
  8. Saints 1-4 Jags. Our goal scored when 2 down already. Lennon to spout more drivel after the game and look like a beaten man motionless in dug out by 20 past 3 once 2 down. Board to do nothing, transfer window to close with no further signings, Hearts win again, 11th place out of reach by festive period. Away to lie down now.
  9. Have never ever bet against my team but sorely tempted at Paddy Power's 21/10 for a Queens win. Saints best value with Bet Victor at 11/8 over 90 mins. I can't do it, but I'll kick myself if we lose!! COYS
  10. Time up for Lennon. Lack of signings bemusing given who's left and we are just so f**king easy to beat with no cutting edge up front. League whipping boys, Hearts be above us by end of September at this rate. A total f**king embarrassment and nailed on to go down unless he goes and we get someone with half an idea in and a couple of signings soon. Cheers for the cup but don't let the door hit yer erse on the way out. I'm off to get pished. Couldnae care if we lose by ten.
  11. The signal for BT Vision comes through your aerial. It is essentially terrestrial with a hard drive recorder built in. It uses your broadband connection for the tv guide and for pay per view downloads (it will lock up about 1.5MB of bandwith when downloading tv content). It would also appear to be your only option never mind best! Stuart
  12. Time for a transfer extravaganza!

  13. I agree, he can get unfair criticism or just as easily be rank which is frustrating. However, strikers live on confidence and at the moment he has a bit. He DOES have ability which he has always showed in flashes, just no consistency or apparent killer instinct. Lets hope he kicks on and gets it right for us on a regular basis now he's equaled his record league goal tally for a season so early on.
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