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  1. I think we'll need to get that left sided boy signed up. Hand is forced. Can't be having this pish every time a defender is suspended or injured.
  2. Won with 10 men today. We played better with 10 men. 10 v 10 it is [emoji1787]
  3. Goodwin got it all wrong again same as Hibs and St J. Found something promising vs the ***** then fcuks it up again. Smell the coffee indeed. Wasn't a hard equation.
  4. That was just plain stupidity from Tait. Bonkers
  5. 4-6 weeks out. Could be doing without that. Think him and Erwin could be really good.
  6. Sheron is a dumpling. All he does is bundle folk over. Terrible signing that can't do the basics
  7. That was horrible. No idea whatsoever. Thought Dennis looked good and Connolly is quick. I hadn't a clue what tactics we were employing and neither did the team. An easier 3 points St Johstone will not get. Real lack of fight or shape. Terrible
  8. Pace, dribble Shoot, Defend Pass, Physical Would be my guesses [emoji1]
  9. All very positive. Just what we need. Interesting times ahead for the right reasons hopefully.
  10. Oh aye, forgot Thommo [emoji1787]
  11. Been a while. Sam Parkin was ok. Basher or Yards before that. This is the first year we've been a threat from set plays into the box for donkeys.
  12. A truly horrendous day that. Me and my dad decided to leave at 2 nil, and promptly got caught on camera walking behind the goals when the 3rd went in! Decision well and truly vindicated [emoji38]
  13. I got mine and my boys. Pure nonsense pish imo
  14. Must be a recent change. I passed a week or so ago and the simple branding was still up.
  15. Me too. Hit and miss it would seem. I have got it up and running though without help or emails!
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