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  1. Yes correct but he never played first team for them I dont think, and was in bother with plod, and we took a chance, so in his eyes it's where it all began!
  2. Broadfoot never was blessed with mental prowess so one off the list FS. He is however a very strong committed defender who has been blessed so far in terms of fitness for an athlete for his age. He will add grit and determination across the back line and make us less likely to be bullied which I'd assume fits well with the JG philosophy. He has also stated his desire to finish his career "where it all began". I think he's a great addition for we are now.
  3. St Johnstone probably share that record with us!
  4. If we got £25m for our full back we wouldn't have any full backs left. Thank goodness Paul McGinn has flew under Arsenal's radar....
  5. Could have had a hat trick apparently
  6. I got a call yesterday from the ticket office just after 9am and got it sorted. Decent enough response as I sent an email Sunday night. Last year I renewed online no bother, this year it wasn't having it, no memberships available to renew message.
  7. He is a solid defender, very good in the air. Quite quick as well and could pick a pass every now and then. The arrowed ball to Dreyer that led to Lyon's winner against Dundee was a thing of beauty. Did seem to have a plethora of poorer passes interspersed however. Certainly a big miss, hope better is lined up.
  8. Thanks FS. I've called and left a voice message explaining the situation. I'll send an email as well to cover all bases!
  9. I'm getting same. Click on renew and it says "no memberships available". Nonsense. I'm guessing I'll have to call ticket office tomorrow and convince them to apply early bird discount after it has expired.
  10. I'm sober enough, hope you are too. Enjoy survival FS [emoji41]
  11. Aye baw bag right, clearly you're familiar with that! Anyway my right or not we did good today. On to next season
  12. Really FS? I actually don't mind you despite the wolves baying constantly. I stand by what I say. What right minded Saints fan would want to pour scorn on today's achievement knowing we get another crack next season? Despite your faults I thought you were of sane mind. Are you?
  13. Poor show Del Pierro. Got a full summer and a decent manager, backroom team, and we've just performed a minor miracle. I'd rather you effed off to support a Glasgow arse cheek. As for me, ecstatic tonight after a very nervy couple of games. We went up in spite of Beaton, COYS
  14. Really, 7 games. Would love the big guy to stay and he is a rock. But his injury record is horrific and he's 33. Tripe if you wish, semolina too?
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