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  1. I'm sober enough, hope you are too. Enjoy survival FS [emoji41]
  2. Aye baw bag right, clearly you're familiar with that! Anyway my right or not we did good today. On to next season
  3. Really FS? I actually don't mind you despite the wolves baying constantly. I stand by what I say. What right minded Saints fan would want to pour scorn on today's achievement knowing we get another crack next season? Despite your faults I thought you were of sane mind. Are you?
  4. Poor show Del Pierro. Got a full summer and a decent manager, backroom team, and we've just performed a minor miracle. I'd rather you effed off to support a Glasgow arse cheek. As for me, ecstatic tonight after a very nervy couple of games. We went up in spite of Beaton, COYS
  5. Really, 7 games. Would love the big guy to stay and he is a rock. But his injury record is horrific and he's 33. Tripe if you wish, semolina too?
  6. We will sign him. For all he was immense he was pretty ropey in the play off games, penalty apart. There will not be a queue for him and he won't be hard to deal with.
  7. Correct. Big Romanian powerhouse extraordinaire!
  8. If Mac has 20 plus games in him then good for me. My niggle I's he doesn't bud. History backs this up. Happy to keep Hodson as I said if the numbers work for both parties. Anyway, we stayed up, let's worry about next year in a few weeks [emoji481]
  9. I'm happy for the Duck to go, but he was magic today so fair play. Always very nervous at pens but after their first miss P McGinn's was a corker. Goalie guessed right but couldn't reach. They miss again then the enigma Popescu strolls up and top corners it, all bets off, all good in buddie land! [emoji41]
  10. Agree would like to keep him. And yes lost no games he's played. Would love to keep him but 7 appearances this year and another injury ravaged year ahead would make me sentimentality cut lose FS
  11. Goalie signed. Sorted. Keep P McGinn, Baird and Popescu at the back, although Popescu has been well ropey last few weeks. Middle of the park, keep Flynn and Magennis. S McGinn possibly for sentimental reasons or off the bench. Up top keep Mullen and possibly Cooke. Would take McAllister back if all parties agreed. Rest can go, maybe harsh and maybe Hodson can stay if he's up for it. Erhahon and MacPherson can stay to warm bench. Think MacKenzie just too old and injury prone.
  12. F U Mr Ross. I'm toasting from my 1959 signatured mug [emoji481]
  13. Ref was a James Hunt on the establishment payroll. Pity he couldn't take a penalty. c**t
  14. Never mentioned his previous efforts Mr FS. Glad you agree!
  15. Fecking delighted. Well done Oran and the boys. Just want to say the much maligned Duck was excellent today before being harshly red carded. We are all the Duck. Well maybe not but he was immense today before that travesty. I thought all attacking potency was removed with the subs but the Duck did his bit. God speed back to Duckland and thank you! PS, the boys were immense and the goalie was top drawer. SMTID
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