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  1. I was convinced big Jon's feet were made of lego. He does lots of things well but was never convinced by his shooting. However he has proved me wrong, is doing the instinctive things really well. Keep it going big man!
  2. Durmus is class. What a player. Glad to see Hodson play well. What a turnaround after a very poor first half. Credit to Jim and the team. Hopefully a huge turning point. Let's do this sheep mob on Saturday. Tails definitely up. COYS
  3. Could be 5 or 6 to them the way we've set up and started. Honking. Hope I'm wrong.
  4. Agree tomorrow is massive. Absolutely nothing to fear from this lot. Keep the Jak on for 90 mins, keep the 442 and get right into them. Stick on both teams to score right enough. We just need to score more!!
  5. That price is more than fair. Especially after they played a further 90 mins and got a player suspended, that is if Long's 2 yellows result in a ban for this match. And even if he does play they've been pretty poor for months and conceded 5 in 180 mins to us from open play. That in itself is barely believable! And yes we've conceded 5 to them as well but we're never a 3/1 shot. I'd have thought 2's max. Oh well, let's see......
  6. Its peak St Mirren certainly. 4 way go at the bottom now. I fancy the unflushable turd that is Hamilton to finish bottom. 1 from 3 for 11th. RC, Hertz and us. Of course said turd could course prove me wrong....hope not. If we somehow win our next 2 that should be enough. But we dont do 2 wins in a row......
  7. To be fair Jak only played 90 on Saturday due to no subs left. Seems an odd sub right enough unless the Irish chap decides to open his account......
  8. A proper goal or off his arse? Either way game on!
  9. Well that is utter pish. Not at the game so cant comment. Two away days at Fir Park next up. Unless we come back tonight I can see both fixtures yielding little unfortunately. Hope to be proved wrong but Hearts at home suddenly becomes huge.
  10. Get down the pitz on a Thursday night and you'll see all manner of exquisite finishes with either foot [emoji1787]
  11. Yes all fair enough. It's just frustrating when we see a johnny foreigner youtube superstar sign for us on a short term deal, and not to even make the bench first 3 games. That said, hoping he's been managed correctly and makes a big impact when he finally dons the stripes!
  12. I get all that and clearly Goody isn't rushing him in especially with our forward options. And if he comes up trumps and fires us to safety when he finally hits the park then it's a masterstroke. However I do wonder why he is just so unfit. I'm nearly 45, play 5's once a week, and could easily manage 10 mins at the end of a match vs tired opponents!
  13. Good to see Wallace fit enough for the bench. Makes you wonder what Chabbi has been up to since he last was "fit". Anyway positive line up and a bench full of attackers. Huge 3 points if we can collect them!
  14. Fair enough line up. Where is the Chabbi though? Will he ever take to the pitch? Cant believe he's not at least on the bench unless he's crocked.
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