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  1. I'm all for Ryan staying, great player and versatile. However having watched his injury taking place over and over, I dont think the guy tried to do him. It ended up clumsy as Ryan's footwork beat him. Was just unfortunate imo. Very unfortunate. I do hate Accies right enough, dirty bastards!!
  2. He'll be gone with best wishes unfortunately, just a case of where. I think we would all like to see that be out outwith Scotland. Sadly not a lot we can do if the bigot pound starts festering into his bank account, which would also sadly tarnish the memories of many Saints fans very quickly. He might come back to end his career here. That worked well recently for a certain defender who we all wish nothing but the best!! Please head south of the border Vaclav! A top keeper and hard, but not impossible, to replace. A great 18 months for us including the unforgettable shoot out heroics to save our skins.
  3. Indeed. We definitely need to become harder to play against but at what cost? I suppose it's about getting the right mix of players. They also absolutely don't shit the bed against the cheeks either, regularly taking points off them. Something we seem to fail spectacularly at on every occasion sadly.
  4. I thought he was great in his first game till the red card. Then kept hoping to be right. As you say the specs celebration after scoring vs Dundee made his time memorable. But not enough to re-sign [emoji1787]
  5. You may well be right Ged. Be a shame though but not undeserved.
  6. Maybe cos we agreed to sign Halkett, then did a u turn? Dunno but I get your point. To be fair Livi keep unearthing unknowns for peanuts that are better than what we have. Maybe some back handers going on or just right place right time? Look at Lyndon Dykes for example. Either way their bubble will burst sooner or later and they'll slither back to the seaside leagues. Just particularly annoying for the time being!!
  7. Yeah Erskine is done and jury out on Lamie but seems Well bound.
  8. 2% so far and 46% for the illiterate Govan lego muncher. Scottish football may be corrupt..
  9. I still read and very occasionally post. But all this alias nonsense and lack of moderation really has ruined what was once a great place. Surely track and trace could fix it...
  10. I cant see anyway the season isn't over tbh. We might not have football again for a very long time. They have to divvy up the prize money to prevent more clubs dying asap, and even then a good few will probably perish. I'm looking at you sevco and hertz. League placings will be announced as final by June 30th. A new season will commence, when it commences, featuring teams who managed not to die in the interim. Sevco and Hertz will sue, and may get compo, but by all accounts that will be all. SPFL has apparently checked legal stuff and a decision to end the league as is, couldn't be overturned in a court. That said anything could happen, but I'm fairly sure we will both survive and not play any further 19/20 league matches.
  11. Indefinitely is too short for a MacKenzie recovery. Don't be silly!
  12. Great team performance tonight and a very welcome 3 points, or was it 6? Hmm. We essentially had no midfield once Cammy went off but thought McGrath done well and Andreu did as well as an attacking midfielder with his hands up his sleeves could do. Lack of options on bench left Goody no option. Big Sam immense in both roles, MotM by a distance. Big Jon does what big Jon does. A pest for CH's and took his goal, well, he took his goal although looked like he handled it before Halkett smashed it off his foot into the net. Typical Obika goal. The guy is fast becoming a cult hero and does many of the not pretty things magnificently. 12 so far, go Jon! Jak was excellent and showed he has a great engine. A real baller but sometimes needs to lift the head a bit in killer situations. Will be an asset in the run in at our level. Hladky class as ever and Famewo never put a foot wrong. Full backs good and we have a player in Wallace. Vision for the goal top notch. Reads the game well, cultured left foot and you can see he's operated at levels above us. Again be an asset in the run in. Hope the injuries not too bad but fear McCarthy done for the foreseeable. MacPherson and Durmus shouldn't be out long. Anyway we have breathing space and a massive result this evening. COYS
  13. The only thing that's sure is that this is going to the wire. Coronavirus permitting. If we win tomorrow by a few goals the GD is reasonably healthy as is the points differential. Should we lose we are bottom and its panic stations, but not adrift, and with all the bottom feeders to play. Either way if we win tomorrow, we will still contrive to be in the mire right to the end, and if we lose or draw we'll still contrive to be in the mire right to the end. So it's not a must win, or must not lose. Whatever the result I predict we go to match day 38 still not safe. All that as an aside. We cannot persist with Morias and Andreu. The former is a has not and the latter is a has been. Jon and Jak up top. Chabbi on for last 30 after Jak runs himself into the ground. McGrath not to feature. Foley, MacPherson, Durmus and Wallace middle of park. Defence picks itself. McAllister as an impact sub and Mullen on if need a late goal. If this doesnt happen please bin Mr Goodwin and get me in the for Killie game [emoji38]
  14. You could be right. Except it started in China. Where Huawei are. Who do 5G. Which apparently you can transmit Covid-19 over. And Boris allowed them into the UK. By goodness you are right. Apparently the Titanic was really the Olympic as well now I think back....
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