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  1. I'm sure doubling or trebling his wages may delay a return home. Fair play, short career. Tried his heart out for us and hasn't messed us about.
  2. Good move keeping him. Committed and captain and a good age. Good throw and and good emergency no. 9! He is prone to the odd brain fart but such is life. Pros far outweigh cons. Here's to 2 more good years Joe!
  3. I don't think he has signed anything as of yet.
  4. Defo on loan till end of season.
  5. Plamph is good but lego muncher tops it. To he fair a lego munching plamph is just about as bad as it gets imo [emoji6]
  6. Pretty sure he is fit but none of their other keepers available. Time will tell but he was injured recently.
  7. Fraser, Flynn, Obika, Brophy and Connolly all return from injury for Sunday according to Jim. Great news and we will have a full bench!
  8. Fair play to the Johnnies, unbelievable end to the game!
  9. Jak has a year left. Ilkay looks offski. After tonight Quaner may get an offer. Love him and Ilkay to stay.
  10. He may not be hard to deal with, won't have many suiters based on about 2 hours game time in a year. I would try hard to deal him in. Has a bit of x factor.
  11. He'll need to send it by text as he's banned today [emoji849]
  12. You see, the thing is here. Until non-restricted crowds can get in, it will be pish sitting apart from your usual mates or sitting apart and only a few of them in. It's the right thing to do to stream the games until restrictions end imo.
  13. Leaves us, if you believe JG, Jak in goals, Mason, Joe, Connor, Tait back 4. Durmus, Connolly, MacPherson, McGrath midfield and Dennis and, eek, Erwin up top. And a very poor bench. 3 points incoming [emoji41]
  14. FWIW I think we will retain Fraser and Durmus and JDH will be off. Fraser was in the press saying talks are progressing. JDH and Ilkay have been conspicuously silent and we know for sure JDH has had a decent offer, in our terms, on the table for months. I'd be shocked if he signs now. With Ilkay I have no idea other than a gut feeling. Both will be a loss but not irreplaceable imo. Nobody on our payroll is that good. Sign or move on lads.
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