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  1. Flynn has totally proved me wrong last few weeks. I had him down as a heartless mouse. Seems he was maybe just low on confidence but fair play to the guy, been like a new signing in our still problem area which is midfield. Captain McGinn done well but sure he is not 100% fit. Can't fault his attitude though, he is a Saints man through and through imo. Feel the much maligned Duck is looking fitter and sharper. Not sure yet he is a football player but feel he is putting in the effort. Having the likes of Jackson and Mullen on the bench gives us good options. I think there is a player in Dreyer, but frustratingly a bit lightweight at times and probably still finding his feet. Possibly confidence related but wont give up on him. McAllister has genuine quality but looks likely to have this groin issue long term which I believe led to him being rested for 60 mins today. A game changer though. Defence much better. Hladky and Popescu both top drawer. Muzek looking better by the week. All in all plenty to be happy about right now. We can do this!
  2. They are on a bad run. Normally perfect timing for a game vs us. We are playing better and have much more to play for albeit today's performance wasn't up to last 2 games standards, but weather and opposition taken into account, a very welcome 3 points. A draw keeps the momentum going but a win much preferable and definitely should be the aim. Oh, and thread was already running if you'd scrolled down a little! [emoji3]
  3. scam75

    Tansey Banned

    No further action for Harry Kane in the EPL as the referee saw it and dealt with it at the time. Surely that is also the case here? SFA are bumbling idiots.
  4. scam75

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Ffs. Jonah 🤣
  5. scam75

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Yeah can't see Dundee being bottom, possibly but far likelier Accies. I'm sure 365 use algorithms and aren't really paying attention to form and upcoming fixtures.
  6. scam75

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Hamilton 7/2 to finish bottom, us 1/2 with 365. Dundee also 7/2. Surely the value there is with the Accies. £20 invested.
  7. scam75

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    I was stunned Flynn started. I'm not stunned he is still hopeless. Oh dear
  8. Yes indeed. Big changes and some of them short of match practice. At least we'll see some subs today!
  9. Me neither but possibly not trying to throw too many newbies in so soon when it never worked with Dreyer. Strong bench right enough which was not the case vs Hibs so that's a plus.
  10. scam75

    Welcome to the buddies Mateo Muzek

    Can't play tomorrow. Queue Ethan to have a stormer! All good.
  11. scam75

    Welcome to the buddies Mateo Muzek

    A left back. At last! Decent pedigree, all the best MM!
  12. scam75

    January Exits

    This morning and to f**k!
  13. scam75

    Welcome Vaclav Hladky

    I liked him. Not had a keeper for ages that inspires confidence from corners and that punch nearly reached the half way line! Thought he was quick and sharp. Time will tell but certainly looks a useful upgrade. Every chance he'll get a stiff workout on Wednesday.
  14. scam75

    Opposition January Signings

    Underwhelmed by McIntyre's Dundee efforts, either some link to Ross County or pure scattergun. I believe we are in a far stronger position to kick on.
  15. scam75

    January Exits

    Cammy was terrific last year for us. However this year he has been posted missing. He complemented the style we played last year and with Morgan and Reilly in tow he blossomed. This year he has went in the huff with Stubbs, can't argue but still a huff. And under Oran he has spent his limited game time mostly on his arse. Always be well thought of for last year but for me correct to let him go.