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  1. insaintee

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    FYI Sammy, Bairdy, S, McGiin, Kyle and Cammy are the heart of this team and everyone of them is still here. Thought the first half started well, great goal after super work from Cammy. Equaliser looked a bit of a mess where I sat. Think our back four need to be stronger. After that eksey-peaksy with use possibley shading in. Second half a strong start faded when the defence decided to play like they were wearing clown slippers. Dundee had a few good chances before the penalty. (Which looked like an unnecessary dive to me) and then Super Sammy Saves. That settled us down and we first of all settled down at the back then worked our way back into and then totally dominated. The second goal was a howler from the keeper, but I thought it was coming. After the goal, I don't think there was any panic at any point and were comfortable at the end. Dundee were a bit dissappointing, They had a couple of big strong lads in the middle and up front but were fairly predictable. I still think we need more up front. Unlike some I thought Stewart did ok, but he's a youngster learning his trade and stepping up two divisions. This was Dundee, it was three points, I'm happy. Room for improvement yes. but well done to one and all.
  2. insaintee

    St. Mirren v Dumbarton Betfred Cup 28/7/18

    The draw is seeded. You play the winner of Ricky V Lord Pityme in the next round.
  3. insaintee

    St. Mirren v Dumbarton Betfred Cup 28/7/18

    You against Pozbaird
  4. insaintee

    St. Mirren v Dumbarton Betfred Cup 28/7/18

    Great game. Dumbarton were not actually that bad. The early goal settled us (and what a goal) The the rest of the half played out a bit like last years encounters Saints comfortable but not really punishing the sons. The 4-3-3 looked a bit a narrow certainly on the right, and then Paul McGinn hits the byline sends over a great cross and 2-0 Second half another quick goal and it was all over. Then McGinn's wonder goal. After that credit to Dumbarton they tried to push forward, but Saints could almost pick them of at will. A scrappy goal and then a worldy from Cammie. A lot of good performances. Baird absolutely strolled it,
  5. insaintee

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    I never heard anyone booing. I've heard fans give there honest opinion. Should have sat beside me then. I was booing.
  6. insaintee

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Clearly wasn't working first half. When Stubbs changed things looked better. BUT why were set up like that in the first half. Why take so long to change it. A blind man could have seen things needed to change. And unless King, Cooke, Kellerman show up something fabulous in training why are they playing at all. Why make 6 changes to the team from Killie. Players were not good enough. The defence looked as if they had never played together before because they hadn't McShane was McShane clearly not interested. Smith out of position, Stubbs has to take responsibility for that. I'm not calling for anyones head. but this one goes down on his copy book.
  7. Sin bin, sin bin, sin bin, sin bin
  8. ^^^^^^Homophobic. Sin bin for you
  9. insaintee

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    I can see ma hoose from there
  10. insaintee

    No More Money For Ross

    Are you still here?
  11. insaintee

    The Sin Bin Holiday Thread

  12. insaintee

    The Sin Bin Holiday Thread

    Buy me a ticket one way.
  13. insaintee

    The Sin Bin Holiday Thread

    Best holiday was probably Guatamala. I'm not sure I would recommend it, because it is the murder capital of the world. Highlights include travelling by boat down the Rio Dolce. Swiming in Volcanic hot springs, Aztec ruins (probably not Aztec), the old capital Antigua, and just the general madness and friendliness of the people. You'd like it faraway