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  1. Yip but the difference is a willingness to train and natural fitness. See for example McAllister for us. He's never going to play to a level his ability should have taken him too.
  2. Does not fill me with confidence Kiltie is not up to. IMHO Brophey and Main do not convince either.
  3. Feeling a bit optimistic. No doubt I'll be crushed by the time this is over but COYS!!
  4. The ***** do look good, but they still look wasteful up front and careless at the back.
  5. More than a few of the boys looked good if a bit lightweight, The keeper impressed even before the shootout, not that he actually had that much to do. But he seemed to be a calming influence on the defense and oozed class
  6. Great game Kelty were a strong side and had most of the play, Saints had the better chances 1-1 just about right over the ninety. Have we ever lost a penalty shoot out? 😎 Oh and Tidser, Cardle, Higenbotham GIRFUY
  7. Wait... Didn't there used to be a law against that sort of thing?
  8. At least he's intelligent enough to Google things then, while some on here just post the first nonsense that pops into their tiny brains. Googling something is not an issue as long as you can understand what you read and don't disingenously selectively quote things. IMO, everybody should use every avenue to learning that is open to them, including Google. Don't be so harsh on yourself
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