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  1. Paisley old photo's thread for this pish
  2. Oh good, I thought you were being serious in your posts. Wooshed again.
  3. Not the child's human rights. Do read the ruling. Someone getting under your skin.
  4. I quoted what you wrote and pointed out the stupidity of it. Just like I should really just quote your stupid comment about annexing Poland. Really all that does is make you look like a moron. Just saying "I find," is not really a valid argument. I'm not wishing ill will on the English, I'm just saying that their current behavior is not too dissimilar to that which lead them and other nations into a series of disasters in the past.
  5. Why does it not surprise you in the least that I know what I'm talking about. I know I should not engage, but see below for the ruling. https://www.supremecourt.uk/cases/docs/uksc-2015-0216-press-summary.pdf
  6. That's not correct. They found the Data sharing aspect incompatable with the data protection act (right to privacy). Child protection would trump data protection, but in this case, there can be no presumption that there are child protection issue. So, the supreme court asked SG to revise the data sharing provision. SG with their lawyers looked at it and could not find away round the problem, so will not implement the act. As someone with an interest in this I'm disappointed that this has not gone through. It had the overwhelming support of everyone in the childcare field (admittedly teachers not as keen as they do not like to think of themselves as social workers.) and some "parents groups"
  7. insaintee

    Breaking News

    Oh dear Poor Smokie I will miss him
  8. There are so many where do you start. I suppose it's just more deflection by the PM
  9. No freedom of movement. no guarentee to keep environmental and consumer standards, no comitment to retain workers rights. No comitment to frictionless EU trade. I can go on. But it would mean that tax dodging would not be clamped down on. So good news for Reece-Mog and Johnstone
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