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  1. Although I have the displeasure of knowing Mr Kerr reasonably well and for fairly long time. And although is everything you say he is, he is by no means the worst of the tories, only the most honest.
  2. Just quoting this to let you guys have another chance to read it
  3. Yeah can see him getting fifteen next year, he's got sharper and stronger every game.
  4. Thought we strolled it to be honest. There was a time when you expect Saints to throw a goal away at any moment no matter what the score. Glad we seem to have that ironed out. First half I thought we missed Andreu big time. We carved up both wings but lacked a bit of creativity in the middle. Think the big man made a huge difference when he came on. Sitting in the south stand, I really only saw Obika up close second half, and frankly I thought he did well, I will say that the team looked better balance once Mullan came and Obika linked up far better with him than with Durmas. Junior had a great game and should have scored, just needed a bit of Obika's luck. The two centre halfs looked decent tidy on the ball and seemed to be on the same wavelength, but remember this is against Broxburn, not sure they'll have so easy in the next two games and would be happy to see foley or Mcginn take one of the spots Really enjoyed the energy of McPherson and Magennis in midfield. Foley strolled it. No failures and if you win 3-0 and the opposition goalie is man of the match then you can't be doing much wrong. Could we use a bit more quailty final third, yeah obs, but where do you get it from?
  5. Lots of people have died since 2014 Lots of people have been born. The stupidity of the once in a life time lie is staggering normal for P&B
  6. Sure Smokie you have the last word. It's not like your making a tit of yourself or anything. 😎
  7. That's because your stupid😎
  8. He also had a season with Sunderland and got some playing time including in CL qualifiers
  9. no Dad, He's from Greenock
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