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  1. insaintee

    Oran Kearney Must Go

    How come yir still a fat baistud
  2. insaintee

    Oran Kearney Must Go

    No pies for you ya fat Baistuird
  3. insaintee

    Oran Kearney Must Go

    Did you ever, you mean old Baisturd
  4. insaintee

    Magic has gone..

    For a moment I thought ex-saint Allan Johnston had passed over to the other side. And then I saw that shull hadn't started the thread.
  5. Oh dear expect an SFA statement about death threats soon. BTW was it Dallas that to quote the SFA "saw and deemed no foul" a stamp on someones arm, An elbow in the face and "cupping balls" during the last ugly sister pantomime? (I know off topic)
  6. insaintee

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    You missed out,. "and then find them not guilty".
  7. insaintee

    January Arrivals

    What about travis ?
  8. insaintee

    Stubbs breaks his Silence

    Yeah that was kind of my point. That we essentually could not play last seasons team for a varity of reasons and that what we were left with would at least struggle as much as the current crop, but not much more and it would certainly have been cheaper
  9. insaintee

    Stubbs breaks his Silence

    We couldn't get Morgan, Reilly or Davis to stay. We would have to strenghten but. We could have picked up Liam Smith, We could have kept Stellios Great players? No but as good or better than some of the options we've played out there. We could have kept Ross Stewart Again not great but better than King, or Cooke. If fit Eckersley and Mckenzie would have walked into our squad. So realistically without any strenghtening Sammy Smith Baird McKenzie Ekersely Mc Ginn Mcgennis McGinn Flynn Smith Stewart We have had more points, but probably not many more. Not with out some strengthening.
  10. insaintee

    Stubbs breaks his Silence

    And that's the point, properly motivated, properly organised, played in their proper position, more of the promotion team could have done a job.
  11. insaintee

    Stubbs breaks his Silence

    didn't Jack Ross also have that record at one point.
  12. insaintee

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    There was that time I serviced yir maw!
  13. Have to say £27 does sound a little steep for a diddy team like united
  14. insaintee

    January Signings

    To be fair to LPM he is more believeable than Flarey Bob, isn't he.
  15. insaintee

    January Signings

    If only our new signings were upto that level