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  1. for Faraway Saint give it it a rest
  2. Liam Smith will play in the Premiership, it might take him time to adjust. Paul McGinn played for a very poor Partic Thistle side and was far from a stand out. Smith is DEFO one for the future. He is more skillfull than Paul, but does not seem to have Paul's engine and drive. Would he have been a good signing yes, although he may well have ended up behind Paul in the order for the first team.
  3. Shite posters thread for this stuff ^^^^
  4. the Cardonald turn off... Wait that's you
  5. Could we get some of the posters to take a holiday? Or could we get the public library to close down for a couple of weeks?
  6. Any, you know, actually speculation like , about players and that
  7. That's because you're a thick cant and can't spell interpret
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