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  1. I'll have some of what you're having
  2. Yeah first time for everything. I agree with Smokie. We are really poor. Easily the weakest squad in the division,
  3. Yes and thanks for washing the dishes and doing the laundry.
  4. insaintee

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    Swimming baths and cattle market across street
  5. insaintee

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    Ferguslie park gardens
  6. insaintee

    Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18

    This is so true ^^^^^^ TC
  7. insaintee

    Welcome Simeon Jackson

    I saw him play against Spartans (
  8. insaintee

    Oaky’s reasons for turning Quisling :-)

    your pomposity
  9. insaintee

    £100m Paisley Town Centre Investment

    Coal board pension fund owned it at one point, maybe still do
  10. insaintee

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Lets see, two screeching woman. Aye they're here.
  11. Any Idea who played at the ground shown? Is it juniors or just kids making a pitch of spare ground.
  12. insaintee

    £100m Paisley Town Centre Investment

    Much as I agree it would cost a whole lot more that £500,000 to bulldoze the piazza. I would guess if you were buying out the existing businesses and offices (and student accomodation) and replacing it with something else then you would not have much change out of £100 million
  13. insaintee

    Oaky’s reasons for turning Quisling :-)

    If Scotland was independant I guarentee Westminster would be delighted with a currency union. The only other alternatives are to watch the pound dive as the balance of payments goes down the pug hole, or put a halt to the tax fraud that ships profits offshore distorting the current accout balance.
  14. insaintee

    Oaky’s reasons for turning Quisling :-)

    No it's not and you as an academic should know that. FFS
  15. I can remember this It closed when they started building the piazza. I'm not sure if it was still a tavern at that time.