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  1. I've never heard of him. Who the feck we talking about???
  2. Yes Johns Hopkins has had the international death rate up for ages and it clearly is much deadlier that the flu. Also looking at excess deaths in the UK around +50% of normal. No flu has ever done anything like that. This is actually really important because it shows the consequences of following the "herd immunity" policy. Which is still being pushed in some quarters.
  3. I know myself and I'm an expert in Public heath
  4. For the UK the real figures are now available and frankly not good reading
  5. If Obika had gone on and scored 15 league goals someone would have broken the bank for him. First they would tap him by "speaking to his agent" then we'd hear, "there's no point keeping someone who does not want to be here." Then mysteriously there's a buy out clause. Seen it all before.
  6. And yet historically we have lost players to all three teams (Add in Ross County and Kilmarncock) The problem teams like St Mirren have is that usually they have to re build every year and thus there is no traction. I'd be more concerned about keeping players than getting new ones. And to TBF it's not every season I've thought that.
  7. Wh And so will everyone else. To our benefit. Covid-19 means that Obika will not be going to Hearts/Motherwell/StJohnstone and just gives us an outside chance of holding on to Wallace and Hvladky.
  8. Yip, Hunskelping was begun by us. An Mooy's goal, how did I miss that one out.
  9. Hopefully not, do you know what the death rate was in those field hospitals
  10. Hmmm. Tommo's goal at Ibrox. Roberson's crazy volley in a league cup game. Carey's goal against Hearts, McGowan's chip in a Renfrewshire cup game against the unwashed. And of course Tommo in the league cup final Mooy's goal against Rangers. So many so many
  11. Except the testing is currently being done centrally in Glasgow and Edinburgh nice try.
  12. Or you're coming around to hers. You're suggesting that these decisions are made by an SNP lead Scottish government rather than a dafty tory westminster government. Progress.
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