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  1. You were supposed to take them out and put plastic one in instead. I remember the refs checking your studs and not letting you on if they were aluminium
  2. Jackson Irvine is pants. Chris Cadden more of a wide player. WTF is Jack trying to do? Turn Hibs into a team of central midfield players. Good. One more shite time in the league will make it easier for us.
  3. Have to agree, when I saw the 4-5-1 crap you knew we were in trouble. Yes I know they help out for two draws against a bottle gone Celtic but it's still fecking Livi not Barcalona.
  4. Think you're right. His arm was no by his side and was in fact in front of him clear pen
  5. Just had a wee feeling about this one since the draw. because well, sevco are a bit shite actually
  6. Emm think you'll find we're the top team in the country
  7. Just sad not to be there and ready to lick Gerard's salty tears.
  8. Gow mostly played in the reserves, and actually he was superb for them. Don't think we're anywhere near the top of his hate list
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