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  1. With them being in the shit, promotion is even more vital for them - can't see this one happening.
  2. I suppose Manuel, Father Ted and Jim Royle could probably get a mention as well.
  3. I'd say that it would take something special to beat Basil Fawlty
  4. I'd think we're more likely to see Steven Robb on the left if he's fit, but another left midfielder would be nice before august 31st. Unless he plans to play barron at LB and Travner in midfield?
  5. I hope that it doesn't signal the end of his signings. Despite the fact that Dorman looked disinterested at times last season, we've still lost between 5-10 goals a season from midfield that need replacing.
  6. we all know pro evo is better than fifa
  7. I know a 'Well fan who says all he does is run about and not influence the game at all. Would hope a player in his position is not top of the priority list atm.
  8. could we solve the left back problem by playing 3-5-2? have innes, mair and potter at the back ross and robb on the wings, then pick from 3 central midfielders obviously we would need to have another centre half come in as cover...but i'm not sure if any of the 19's are ready to make the step up yet?
  9. Ross Dorman Dargo Haining Cuthbert
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