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  1. I'd love to... but we're back to the old "reserved seating" discussion agaon as there are no free ones around me!
  2. Man City did not too bad last night despite that horrible defensive lone striker system they used... 4-2-3-1 (as I advocated we use against Killie)!
  3. The drummers in the Maryhill Magyar junior choir were in danger of having their drumsticks hidden from public view in a funny-walk inducing way last week. The drums at Fir Park add to the home atmosphere buy stop away fans from singing.
  4. we might all be fine with him... but I wonder how the coaching team plan to handle him given their treatment of Carey and Imrie. Both Carey and Imrie could do a job for us... but were sent packing for non-playing issues. I can't for the life of me see Riordan being any different. So much talent going to waste... but it would take a Fergie figure to get that out of him consistently.
  5. Not disagreeing with that one iota... I totally agree. But off field disillusionment should not be projected onto the players on the park wearing our colours and representing our club.
  6. Interesting. .. it worked fine for the 8, 500 crowd at the same stadium for the Thistle v Dundee United match I attended. A while back now. . But the Falkirk v Saints match at their pad when we filled their stand was also unallocated. Brilliant atmosphere.... no trouble... no injuries.
  7. Why long and dreich? What do you realistically expect from a game trying to downsize and live within its means? I was at both matches you mention and felt both had good football for long periods and were entertaining. Lighten up and enjoy the game!
  8. Prices are the main factor without a doubt. I have no problem with standing areas, and believe they may well improve the atmosphere... but for me, I cannot get past the fact that designated reserved seating forces people to sit where they are told and stops the natural gathering of "choirs". Unreserved seating areas would be a big step towards improving the atmosphere... but somehow, people are more precious over their particular seat than improving the atmosphere for all. Make season tickets non seat-specific. Have a few areas for designated seats if you must. Encourage folks to get there early and keep seats for there mates. Choirs will naturally gather and the atmosphere will improve. It really is that simple!
  9. Thistle were really good in the first 45... held the ball well, passed their way out of trouble, dominated possession. Lawless in midfield (11) was a joy to watch... it was as if the ball was glued to his toe as he twisted and turned past Hearts tackles at will. The long diagonal ball to right back Stephen O'Donnell was pinged perfectly to great effect time and time again, and his anticipatory runs were brilliantly timed... only his final delivery let him down... but if that improves, the Harry Wrags will tear defences apart with that move... none moreso than ours!!! Hearts were honking in the first half, looking totally out of their depth and outclassed. That they came out and bossed the second 45 should not be taken lightly.
  10. Nothing new there Allan... ... MIke Conroy anyone?
  11. £20 is a lot and I think it is too dear in isolation... ... but if kids prices are right it is acceptable. Thistle have it spot on imo... £20 for adults and under 16s free. I'm taking in their second home game tonight as a neutral due to their fair pricing.
  12. Far too much doom and gloom. Have you forgotten that we managed to win a league title with NO strikers in the squad?!!!!!!
  13. Cornell Robertson McAusland Goodwin Grainger Newton McGinn Teale McGowan Harkins Thommo
  14. Entirely up to the clubs. That's why I didn't go to Inverness. .. They wanted £37 for me and the lad (who is 15). We went to Firhill instead and it cost £20 for us both as under 16's are free. THAT is sensible pricing... we're going back this Friday too.
  15. There's another Saints league if anyone is interested... this one has been running for several years and is primarily Saints fans from the official forum... there is also a head to head league... ... Code to join this league: 1204918-277799
  16. It is a total farce... but it is a farce that we agreed to and in doing so, lost the right to complain about it.
  17. Well what's stopping you from doing so? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Black & White Army mobile app
  18. No idea but I bet they taste funny to cannibals! Sent from my GT-I9300 using Black & White Army mobile app
  19. Did anyone notice the central defensive partnership that shipped three goals in 45 minutes to the Dunfermline U20's? Dilo, Naismith, McGregor, Mair, Kelly, Stewart, Dillon, Brady, Cuddihy, Reilly, Scullion.
  20. Totally agree Drew... we as a club signed up to it, like others, showing where our priorities lie. I have said for years that chasing the tv cash cow is what will ultimately bring the game to its knees and force other clubs to go to the wall. Year by year, more and more fans are becoming disillusioned and are lost to the game. Clubs don't try to get them back because they have tv cash... Mr Doncaster seems to see chasing extra tv cash as his raison d'etre! Eventually, TV companies will wisen up and realise that they are putting too much cash into a game in terminal decline and reduce their offers substantially... by which time clubs will have fewer paying customers to help them ride out the storm!!! Clubs need to start budgeting NOW for reduced tv cash because it will happen! Clubs need to start listening TO fans and trying to attract more back to the game because they will need them.
  21. It may well be a priority but when prioritising priorities, I'd place it below a forward and a no-nonsense centre half. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Black & White Army mobile app
  22. As I said previously, my core team are all on fixed contracts of between 14 and 35 hours depending on what suits them. I don't use zero hour contracts for anyone who relies on this for income as I couldn't guarantee shifts. As I explained in my last post, we deliberately moved away from having all staff on zero hour contracts a decade ago. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Black & White Army mobile app
  23. That is Statutory Sick Pay which I believe to be an entitlement to anyone who is not being paid whilst off work. I think Gordon may have meant that he doesn't get a wage when off sick... which is the case in many employers nowadays. If I expand a bit further on my own use of zero hours contracts and how I believe they have their place if not abused (and sadly they are open to abuse)... ... I manage a daycare centre for people with dementia... continuity and familiar faces are important in this field. Initially we had a pool of sessional workers all on zero hour contracts. This was because our biggest "customer" was the local Council... when they had cash in their budget they would be referring like crazy... but when the budgets dried up they would refer nobody. Equally, we could have 100 hours of homecare one week and none the following week as people had gone into respite. Despite the risk, my Management Committee were actually very forward thinking for a voluntary organisation, and put the core team on fixed contracts. This was a massive risk as we had fixed expenditure and no guaranteed income! However... ... I have practically NO staff turnover now and have continuity for my Service Users. I also provide placements to the local college and aside from that, volunteer opportunities. When a placement has come to a conclusion, if the student has been of a standard I deem good enough and there is an opportunity within my team, I will offer a zero hours contract. If I have annual leave of sickness and need cover, I can call on someone who is familiar with my centre, the requirements, and most importantly for me, the people they will be caring for. If they are not available, I ask someone else... no harm done... but if it suits them, they get extra cash and I get continuity of service. My ground rules are that anybody on a zero hours contract attends staff meetings and is paid for doing so... they get holiday pay automatically based on the hours worked and regardless of whether they have worked 12 consecutive weeks... and they know that they are a valued part of my team. They get offered every training opportunity that other staff do and are paid to attend training, and get supervision too, frequency based on hours worked. I make every effort to be fair to them, and in return get a lot of loyalty. I currently have two staff on zero hours contracts... one ex-student, and one person who volunteers but I felt I wanted to be able to offer a wage to if I specifically asked her to come in and work because I needed her. I know that many employers abuse the use of zero hour contracts... but hopefully this has shown a good example of them being used in a very positive way.
  24. I just wonder if the command to "play football" was ringing in his ear... he could easily have put his laces through it and out for a throw... but he hesitated and seemed to try a pass instead. Early days for him... but I am expecting better from him. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Black & White Army mobile app
  25. Indeed The Partick Thistle central defender's are both young... but solid and a good partnership. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Black & White Army mobile app
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