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  1. Fourth may be unrealistic now, or last week, or whenever, but we are still sitting four points behind Morton with 21 to play for. Our priority should be leapfrogging them as quickly as possible. We must ensure that despite our worse season in a decade, we still finish the superior team in the area. Do that, and avoiding relegation will take care of itself.
  2. Pictures all over Twitter of other grounds with pitches covered in snow. Perhaps it's because the stands provide shelter or perhaps they've got money to burn and keep their pitch well above zero but it looks like the rangers are the exception this weekend.
  3. I really enjoyed the 4-3 cup game at Cappilow a few years ago. Particularly the reaction of the unwashed when they went 2-1 up, only to be decimated throughout most of the second half.
  4. The problem with Langfield is 3-fold. Firstly, his confidence is at rock bottom. You can understand why, the team are not playing well, down the wrong end of the table and he is partly culpable. He isn't commanding his area or barking instructions at his defence as he should be doing. Indeed the justification for dropping Ridgers was so Langfield could talk a young defence through the game which has not been the case recently. Secondly, when the #1 keeper is also the GK coach, we effectively have no coach. Thinking back to previous keepers we've had, I would argue that Smith, Howard, Samson and Ridgers all improved after working with Paul Mathers. I recall Celtic fans pissing themselves laughing on the first day of season 08-09 at Mark Howard's kicking, by the end of the season he was a very competent keeper. Langfield has nobody to work with, to point out where he needs to improve and what he's doing right. Thirdly, and I think most importantly, he has no competition and less incentive to raise his game. Smith and Howard had good seasons competing against each other. Gallagher had a good season knowing that Howard was breathing down his neck. DL came in, brought in Samson but stated that Gallagher was his #1, I recall Gallagher having a relatively poor season. Samson had a good season competing against Graeme Smith, less so against Grant Adam. Having just one keeper considered for a first team place is a recipe for disaster. We need Ridgers back ASAP. It's Rae's decision who to start, but the competition will help both he and Langfield.
  5. Suggesting that teachers only work 22.5 hours a week because that's how many hours there are pupils in front of them is laughable. Does the time a surgeon spends looking over patient notes not count as work? Does the time a pilot spends reading the maps not count as work? Does the time a pipe fitter spends measuring the pipe not count as work?
  6. I would be seriously considering a back 3, a la McPherson's 1st Division winning team.
  7. Lots of work required. Midfield poor and gave Dumbarton far too much space. Up front we were pretty toothless, although things did improve after the substitution (although I suspect that was more to do with the absence of Gow than the presence of Thompson). We certainly can't rely on Agnew doing that every week. 2 goals the direct result of 2 stupid fouls - we must cut that out, fast. Have to work on our own set pieces, too many of them overhit and aimed at no-one in particular. No need to panic just yet, 2 good wins next week and we're back on track.
  8. Awful stuff so far. Gow's been invisible first half. Agnew shown a couple of good touches, but no end product and his set piece delivery has been poor. Responsible for giving away a stupid free kick that led to the goal too. McMullan has been the only positive so far. At least a couple of changes required at half time. Team could use the experience of Goodwin or Thompson to replace Carswell or Gow. Would like to see Mallan on.
  9. After Inverness I'd be happy to not be beaten and avoid slipping losing streak before we've even picked up a point. You're right though, Killie are shite and we should be looking to beat them.
  10. FINALLY watched the last episode of Luther, so I can return to BAWA without fear of Faraway spoiling it

    1. insaintee


      No danger there.

  11. I'm not happy, nor am I particularly unhappy. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of you shouting from the rooftops that its a meaningless friendly (which I agree with) and then the next day using the result as justification to call for the manager's head.
  12. How do you square that with your previous rantings about how this was a totally meaningless game? Or would it only be meaningless if it suits your agenda?
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