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  1. Get this to the rumour mill. I think it'll be friday before we hear anything.
  2. Thanks i'll sign up tonight
  3. Had a look at the website, i want to join and was looking to see what each level of payment means. Could someone give me a link or a breakdown of what it all means. Cheers
  4. Unbeleivable how far hes taken us in a reletivley short amount of time. Well done wee man! Bring on the english!!
  5. I remember a cold friday night at broadwood the full away support calling for coughlin to GTF last time ive heard the fans as vocal at a game for a manager to be sacked
  6. Hearing thats its not rosie in the dressing room. Players just not believing in the man, from people close to players. Once the manager looses the dressing room thats it for me, i dont see any way back from this if the he stays.
  7. Whos your all time sarting 11 and whos the manager? I'll get mine up on my lunch break.
  8. But paul lambert done a job in england got norwich promotion, kept villa in the prem. ferguson nearly got promotion /playoff contenders blackpool relegated
  9. Has anyone else heard the rumour that hes in line for talks? I hope not but wouldnt put itvpast the board
  10. How much longer is he going to get? I fear the worst.
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