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  1. Luca Gasparotto left Rangers today, decent center back and was rated quite highly by Rangers fan! Been on loan this season and has been arguably there best player! Wouldn't mind seeing him come in!
  2. To prove that you're not talking garbage! All very well saying that he did but with no picture of the message am saying it's lies
  3. 4 hours later and still no picture of this message?
  4. It's probably cause it's not seen as a big earner for jd, how many peoples going to wait to get the new top from the club shop or travel up to braehead or even paisley to get it! I'd pick the latter if I even bothered getting the strips
  5. Thompson shouldn't be anywhere near the squad never mind first eleven, he's past it!
  6. Unless you can get tickets up there then there isn't a way, just get a ticket in club deck that's what I done!
  7. Linwood is a good pitch since they fixed it all last year, best option for when the domes down! The pitz are robbing bastards!
  8. Labour won't introduce tuition fees when they come back into power!
  9. To be fair if it was 8 v 8 it would've been a different game, and they wouldn't have been as much space on the park! Could even argue that the wingers made the pitch seem bigger????
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