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  1. These are good questions bud and definitely need to be explored. However, I get the impression that the initial payments aren't so much of an issue, or indeed any other aspect of the bid. I get the feeling the bid has basically been accepted. Rather the reason for putting off a decision is simply to do with the ongoing instability in the SPL financial situation due to Sevco and once this is clearer, the deal will likely be done. Transition and change is insecure enough without attempting to do it during a time of wider instability. Better a safe pair of hands now and a hand-over when the waters are calmer.
  2. Just got the email. Interesting indeed! It would seem that the bid was acceptable to the consortium but given all that is going on with Sevco, both parties feel committing just now without knowing what money will be in the SPL next season is unwise. Either that or a committment can't be reached on 10000 Hours side due to BII conditions of loan. If have thought if that was the case, their bid would be discarded and another accepted. All-in-all a positive statement and it sounds like the CiC should be good to go when all the Sevco/Club 12 stuff is ironed out. Very good news about fan consultation re NewCo. It did stop short of saying the BoD would take direction from the fans but they would be very foolish to seek their opinion and then go against it - especially if SG and the likes want thier legacy to be a good one.
  3. I'll keep an eye out!
  4. Some semblance of sense from you, at last!
  5. I'm not flapping... SID Simply keen to explore Bazil's idea, at the moment it seems Faulty ! As Churchill once said, "the best argument against democracy is a conversation with the average voter."
  6. More mischief-making from you sonny Jim! Who has shat on his idea? Also, I agree an alternative is desirable but at this 11th hour, there is no chance of one. It's 10000 Hours or Johnny Foreigner - I have chosen my side of the fence and you yours. It's now a waiting game
  7. All of this is a grand idea bud, and if it was at all remotely likely, I'd back it to the hilt. Sadly, the current BoD - well the consortium members of - have had it and want out. That has been the case for years, I can't see anything changing that. On the topic of renumeration, I think they may get expenses covered. That is all that the club pays them. Your last sentence still confuses me, if the old BoD are in, eha role would they have in a OMOV system? Or alternatively, what will members get to vote on if the BoD are running the club?
  8. Although completely out of the question, I thought the first post was a cute idea. However this last post has completely got me baffled!!! Please, explain what it is that you want... The old BoD to stay on getting paid with the DD contributions to do nothing cos the fans will run the club? What will the old BoD do if the fans run the club? What say will the fans have if the old BoD run the club? How can the old BoD get paid from the membership fees AND have the same fees use to boost the player budget? As you can see, I'm struggling to come to grips with this - help!
  9. I drove past there the other day - completely didn't even notice it. But it is exactly as budiecat says! It's a beautiful building! I'd be surprised if it isn't the same architect as St Matthew's.
  10. I think this is very true, however I doubt it would because of fan pressure as such. These are experienced and successful business people, SG is hard-nosed and knows his own mind. I think though that the consortium may sell to 10000 Hours not because they have to but because they want to. They love this club, folks like SG have bled for the club and are hardcore fans. I think they want nothing more than to see the club safely into the hands of the fans - even if it means they need to take a hit on their return to make it happen. The consortium could come out of this whole thing as heros - the men (and woman) who made fan ownership a reality at St Mirren!
  11. ktf

    Bid Update

    There is an issue with a clause known as "the rights of the minority"... Which is basically that, a conflict of interest issue. However, to push the deal over the line I wouldn't be surprised if there was a way of navigating such issues. The real solution though is for individuals, community groups and companies to sign up and encourage others to do so. That way the success is guaranteed! We have done so well and come so far, it would be horrendous to see it fall down now. Yes there are questions, no it's not perfect, yes a lot will need to be ironed out, no the hard work isn't over when the deal goes through - the hard work will begin then - but if we get enough sign ups then fan ownership and governance can be a reality for St Mirren, securing the future of our club when others are going to the wall. This is an exciting time for our club and for us as fans! Let's not miss out on being part of making it a reality!
  12. This has certainly been mentioned already - in the dim and distant past... I think the answer was, "yes!" I certainly don't see any reason why not...
  13. Well done everyone involved for getting the individual membership over the line! Not long to go now and we'll know the outcome, so let's keep pushing. I've been texting, calling, emailing, tweeting every bud and every community-minded Paisley (and beyond) person that I know. I just want to make sure - it'd be no good falling on its arse now.
  14. Pretty exciting stuff today!!! Well done everyone on the final push for getting yourself and friends and family and club and community minded buds to sign up! A historic day for St Mirren FC!
  15. Didn't see that one coming! Great job Billy, I don't think you'll regret it
  16. Yip, it's probably THE most secure way to pay for anything online. PayPal takes a cut from recipient/seller (10000 Hours) but it's a neglegable amount.
  17. Or if they even are short, even or over-subscribed (no such thing but you know what I mean.) At the moment we don't have any ideas on numbers and so they could be flying in too - it seems GLS is working hard on this. And with the likes of yourself signing up for 87 Club and posting here that you have and why you are supporting it, that will encourage other to do the same, if they are swithering. Who knows, those memberships could be flying in too.
  18. The hope/idea is that with the number of members involved there will be more opportunities to open revenue streams, rather than less. There will be people in the 77 & 87 Clubs with good business experience and skills, and people within the membership with ideas and energy and time to put in. By bringing in community groups and 10000 Hours being a CiC, options for funding community stuff are more varied and could indirectly divert money into the playing budget. The fact that it will be reasonably high profile and seen as a worthy cause by other businesses etc around the country, should attract them to want to be a part of it for philanthropic or Publicity reasons. The hope/idea is that the revenue streams will be increased not decreased by being community owned and fan led.
  19. Probably no surprise to anyone, I'm in. So are as many community groups that I am connected with, as I can muster! Given my experience in that side of things and the fact that I make my own diary and hours every week, I will put my name in the hat for an interim place. I believe that the one of the main selling points initially was the community side of the bid, whilst that has fallen by the wayside somewhat, it shouldn't be too hard to recharge it again with a desire to do so and the right people on board - perhaps, if folks agree, I can help to play a part in that.
  20. It is true that what is on the table now from 10000 Hours wasn't what was initially hoped for. But the truth still remains that it is the only known about bid, it is an attempt and a good start at fan governance and ownership and is the only bid that has St Mirren people at the heart. For the future of the club, only the CiC can be trusted to deliver security - IMO.
  21. Spot on Div, we have the future of the club at stake and it appears to be fun to some people... There is only one deal that we can be sure offers the fans a level of involvement and a chance to shape the future or the club. Only one deal has a level of security that you only get from increased numbers of people who are passionate. At a time when one of our biggest clubs are just about to go under due to uncertainty and lack of transparency with takeovers, only one offer for St Mirren ensures that the fans will be part of the decision making at the club. Only one bid has made itself public, only one bid has current and/or former directors involved, only or bid has a former Saints player manager and forever legen supporting it, only or bid has local people at the heart and only one bid has inspired the selling consortium, lead by Stuart Gilmour, to work with it closely an do all it can to assist it to succeed. No, it isn't perfect but when we know nothing about any of the others, it is the best that we have.
  22. How does this differ from any other buyer? Other than positively... i.e my experience of social funders is that they will restructure and work with an org to see it succeed and make the payments. Banks will bring in administrators and liquidators without a second thought. ETA: also, a single buyer and/or consortium could quite easily pull the money or run into difficulty (see countless examples), a fan owned company with the liability spread over 700 (?) people is much safer and only a situation where 100 or more folks pull out would see the funder look to step in to alter things. Why would a large number of buds, who love the club, put it into that sort of situation by pulling out at the same time?
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