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  1. The same people that get it now, there wold be no change. 😁
  2. Some Atlantic league whispers again. That would be a fantastic outcome to all this. Can you imagine from say 2021 onward an Atlantic league that take the bigot brothers away from us and Scottish football can return to competitive. Teams like Celtic, Sevco, Ajax, PSV , Feyenoord, Bruges, Gent, Leige, Copenhagen, Brondby, Young Boys, Basel, Zurich, Malmo, Goteborg. All playing together in a super league format would be pretty interesting and a no doubt financial boom. Would allow the young Scottish players at Celtic and Sevco a better platform (if they played any I suppose) Scottish football could adjust to a more reasonable and competitive level. Less money sure but more opportunity for young Scottish players, cheaper tickets probably and a return of fans that have left the game. Everyone wins.
  3. Yeah I know that would be tough but these are my prioritise in all this. 1. People's healthy 2. Sporting integrity 3. Finances I know it would be great to get it done and finished behind closed doors but for me, contact expiry is the deadline. There is a real risk that County & Hearts could be in much stronger positions than St Mirren at the end of this through no fault of our own I don't think it's fair for that to be the factor in us potentially getting relegated. After reflecting, declaring is completely off the table for me as it just wouldn't meet point 2.
  4. This is my main concern. My feeling is, if the games can't be completed by the expiry of summer contracts (which is pretty much a certainty now) then the season can't be completed because it would be unfair. Will take different teams different lengths of time to adjust. I am now leaning towards null and void and hopefully they can use it to put in place some sort of beneficial league reconstruction that benefits the most teams long term.
  5. Nothing I've seen yet man. Scary times ahead, hopefully all this data and study is to come.
  6. Yeah very true, one of the main reasons for action is the unknown around this virus. More instances of people dying recently that have no known underlying conditions, more deaths, more bad news. It’s clear some on here are happy to gamble with human life. Fortunately the majority Seem to be in favour of the approach we’re seeing.
  7. No, it’s certainly being recorded. There is of course the debate about how many would have died anyway but I have given my view on this already. Eh? If the flu was 0.1% then I wouldn’t have been inflating it, I would have been underestimating it. I’ve also found nothing that suggests 1 in 1,000 people that get the flu will die but feel free to share.
  8. Incorrect already pointed out differences with flu spin already shown why this is an ineffective arguing technique but I do appreciate it’s all you’ve got. That clearly frustrates you but feel free to continue.
  9. Over 0.5% of recorded cases globally.
  10. You assume we are just like Sweden with no basis. As I already pointed out to you, it is speculated the much larger number of single occupancy properties in Sweden is a major factor. We don't have that in many built up areas of Scotland. It also may be very premature, we don't know what could happen there. Some experts are predicting mass infection. The point that also completely beats you, which I pointed out earlier in the week is we had similar restrictions in place to what you want, 2-4 weeks ago and data that came out of the back of that shows a clear rise in infected. It's only now we are seeing a slowing/ flattening, correlated with the timescales of the lock-down. If we left it as you wanted, the data points to that increase continuing. You can't show why it would suddenly stop. In a scenario like this, it is predicted there will be contrasting views. Maybe we are going with the risk adverse view. But I'd take that when it comes to human life everyday. I suppose your views being more aligned to the right, you're more happy to gamble with human life and protect the economy. Fine, I'll never agree with that but you're welcome to have that opinion.
  11. Like I say, it isn't an effective argument technique. I suppose it's all you have given the health experts are against your view. We use what we can eh?
  12. The death rate for the flu is something very low like 0.005%, educate yourself. Better yet, leave the decision making to the global health professionals and experts who are on my side on this. Nae luck.
  13. If you don't know the reasons behind the difference in approach between the flu and coronavirus yet, educate yourself. Plenty of stuff online to read. You've already been called out on this spin attempt by other contributors. It is not effective in debate.
  14. Spin away. As I’ve already pointed out to you, currently the death rate related to flu is much lower & it’s unfortunately accepted the flu virus has beaten us. It isn’t going anywhere. It’s the right thing to do to try & protect as many people as we can from Coronavirus. Right now the efforts aren’t aimed at eliminating, its at flattening the curve. Your view would cripple health services globally & massively increase infected/ avoidable death rates. But hey at least the economy would be back at a higher level (for a while)
  15. As I pointed out, 12% would still be far too high for me. Clearly not for you & your indifference to human life. there is no point scoring, there is no wishing for higher death totals. It’s just you showing clear right wing views & getting called out on it by people more worried that people globally are dying right now from this virus. People that aren’t prioritising economic performance over the suffering of human beings.
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