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  1. Great to see we’re looking up not down. COYS
  2. I think a lot will depend on where we are at that point of the season. If we are fighting for top 6 or a relegation dog fight, can see us keeping him. If we are comfortably 7th -8th with little chance of going down or cracking the top end, may think to cash in during January & strengthen for next season. (I know none of that is guaranteed regarding where we’ll finish, I’m talking in risk acceptance terms) Doubt we’d get anymore than £100k-£200k for him if he went though. Still possibly a couple of players at our level.
  3. Predict: Scotland will comfortably beat Moldova and take a point off the Danes in the last two matches. Shooty in for seeding 🙌 COYS (Scotland)
  4. I don’t know if that’s relevant to such meetings but even if it is, we don’t need the minutes from all these meetings. It just highlights a complete lack of trust some St Mirren fans have in the people involved in running our club. Not a good basis for growing & continuing the relationship, counter productive.
  5. It’s a reference to a Limmy sketch.
  6. We don’t need to see the notes from all these meetings, absolute overkill. There will also be plenty of confidential subjects linked to club matters that we have no reason to see & scrutinise. Some fans just looking for yet more points to moan & needlessly deconstruct.
  7. ^^^ the evidence is overwhelming. They can do no right for you, it’s my fond with you get nowhere near any board, committee or any other decision making aspect linked to St Mirren.
  8. I don’t deny it, I just question your trustworthiness as a source given your hatred of all things SMISA & St Mirren as well as previous inflated claims. Again, why are you refusing to give any more information on this?
  9. Incorrect, if there have been any share offers in my adult life I haven’t seen them, I have not ignored them. Overkill, I’m in no rush to get shares as plenty of time for that, there’s no need to be proactive. I’m sure something will come up over the next few decades. Why do you care so much? It’s hardly a big deal.
  10. I wouldn’t be buying shares that would be taken away from SMISA. As already referenced, they’re pretty much worthless & novelty. I would love to own some but not more than I want a strong SMFC which through that time has been linked to a strong SMISA. There hasn’t been any reasonable opportunities for share purchase in a long-time.
  11. I’m still young, plenty of time to get shares down the line, it isn’t pressing. So again, what’s the situation in playing the stock market? This reminds me of another certain gagging the stewards claim that seemed to be completely without substance. ‘I know but I’m not telling you’ some would say that’s pretty childish…
  12. That’s why I don’t have shares, I don’t remember them ever coming up to be privately purchased. Sorry I clearly upset & trigger you so much that you have to lash out. 🥲
  13. Part of the condition of the ownership model is the kibble will ALWAYS have representation. That isn’t going anywhere & it’s the democratic will of voting members, all St Mirren fans had the opportunity to secure a vote.
  14. I would love to buy some shares in St Mirren, what’s your price? I still wouldn’t be going though.
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