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  1. I think so. He's pretty much admitted to not being a St Mirren fan anymore. Looks to me that he's went over to the dark side (sides)
  2. Gleniffer Thistle from my understanding, along with the two bigots... Way I read it anyway. Didn't see any reference to any other team. Well except St Mirren who he speaks about wrapping up.
  3. Can see, broken keyboards (or keyboard) when this is read... haha
  4. Not the way it reads at all. Shull's comments about SMFC recently, I think it's fair comment to say his mask has slipped. "in fact fourth for ME"
  5. That's who he's talking about when he refers to "sectarian football support" and the two teams ahead of St Mirren in third place (four teams for him because he "supports" Gleniffer Thistle" before us as well. Only interpretation I can come to is he supports all three above St Mirren.)
  6. Agree with this, there's some players you're more sorry to see leave than others and I'll be sorry to see Mullen go. But we need someone better to push Obika and Morias now, along with Cooke. If the talk of a new striker coming in materialises, it isn't fair on Mullen being left to be forgotten about for the last six months of his contract.
  7. Sin bin. 11/11/2019 at 3:54 PM, shull said: And it is still £22 and £27 to watch them at Greenhill Road. And amazingly, up to £30 to watch the Super Saints away from Greenhill Road. Maybe, shut down St Mirren and put us all out of our fecking misery. After all, Paisley has a majority sectarian football support. We are the third team in our own town. In fact, fourth for me. As I support Gleniffer Thistle before the Buddies. BRING BACK ABERCORN FC.
  8. You picked Sevco and their green brothers as teams you support more than St Mirren now, why do you care?
  9. i ain't the one spinning Yes you are. My points are backed with the actual articles you’re referencing and the lack of information to back-up your own points. I ain't the one who's made a U-Turn (& not for the first time) No U-turns from me in any of our engagements, not one. You clearly don’t understand how transfer windows work. GLSs "behind the curve" statement endorses my POV on our summer transfer dealings. No it doesn’t “behind the curve” regarding the club does not mean a specific member of staff has failed in their role. You’ve admitted before “behind the curve” was regarding the club. I have shown Gus job was a continuation in the “football department” I have shown that at no point does it say his job was “transfers” I have shown recruitment was only his short-term role and "Longer-term you are looking at the development of the club, the structure of the club, and working with the manager, the coaches in the academy as well, the directors, and everyone, to improve what's already there." You have a hatred for Gus, how much it obviously pains you that we have observably progressed in his time back at the club 😃 It easy for me to carry on with this argument because I'm a Saints fan arguing objectively, unlike your bitter, negative & sycophantic replies. Nice wee bit of attempted reverse phycology there. When absolutely everything else you have tried has failed due to me being a better debater than you and literally quoting words from the people we are talking about… Why not? Extra income from a tie against Motherwell in the cup eh? Another factor that means the final squad size at the end of January will be irrelevant to the summer squad size… Ouch
  10. The dufuses that keep giving! Arf, arf, arf... Good comeback.
  11. ROTFLMAO Thrives on negativity and trolling his own "team" and fellow "fans" how sad.
  12. Our manager was asked a question on it in response to JR coming back to Scottish football and said he's not for sale. A complete baseless story. Spin away as per LPM.
  13. I stand corrected, whispers from other people that are not Hibs managers or in anyway associated with Hibs... See how easy that was? The desperation is real to spin this, I have to say. A news story from November as a response to Jack Ross taking the Hibs job. 🤣
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