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  1. It was done, you then felt the need to post twice & started it off again. As I said, let it die, others will follow. 👍
  2. Let it die Doug, you’ve strung this along as much as anyone else. 👍
  3. You both know why I’m responding, you make it out like I’m the big bad wolf in this. The reality: FS - Almost whole history is moaning, arguing & getting involved in practically every topic BEK - Stirrer. Again as predicted, BEK starts all this then tries to suck up everyone else’s arse when it kicks off 😂
  4. ^^^ my points proven. Pure rage at my existence. 😂 Anyone started our new thread yet?
  5. Yet you ‘laughed’ on the sidelines. 😂 It’s clear my presence angers you, claims you’re just fishing or having a laugh are observably wrong.
  6. Disagree - your main issue is differing opinions, often you shift your view so you can argue with me & then get angry when you don’t change my mind. Hypocrisy - you’ve never once managed to call me out on this, the claim is just a lie. Raged*
  7. Fair enough, you're welcome and I assume capable of ignoring it.
  8. Cute response. There isn't one right way to use this website, sorry my presence annoys you but maybe you should work on your own capability to ignore posts? Maybe a wee support group is needed for people that get upset over others responding on BAWA?
  9. That seems contradictory to what happened...
  10. Why doesn't everyone just do that on BAWA then close the website?
  11. The irony is unreal as usual. You have posted almost 50,000 times & probably 90%+ of them are argumentative.
  12. We’ve reached a bit of an impasse then sadly. Because for me, arguing on BAWA is part of the fun. We have some on here with 30,000+ posts and that’s almost all they do. I don’t know why there is such issue with what’s usually no more than 10-20 posts on some threads. As said, I’m not against taking it elsewhere (not PM for me) if someone wants to start that thread, I’ll give it a bash next time. If everyone else did the same, probably 95%+ of BAWA posts would end up on that thread.
  13. That’s wrong and completely ridiculous. My arguments on here have been absolutely consistent. Can you actually back that up and show where anything I’ve posted is contrary?
  14. I was actually thinking that might be a good idea. A new thread for arguing, then whenever he posts on another thread, I could copy the response in there. Not sure how it would work in practice though. But again, I fundamentally disagree it is ruining threads, I wager if we hadn't argued, there would be next to no posts on here for the last couple of days. Also if other people are not capable of skimming by a few posts, that says more about them than me IMO. Just don't engage, easy.
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