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  1. Newton in 2013 biggest hands down for me Scott Walker running length of the park to score was also very memorable Hugh Murray goal that saved our league status against Stirling Albion
  2. bazil85

    Smisa's Shame

    And it’s that time once again folks, to rip apart the take of a person that at every turn has shown their view is fully based on a hatred towards SMISA and SMFC. A view that completely blurs the truth, focuses in on individual snippets of information and completely ignores bigger pictures that show SMFC & SMISA in positive lights. It’s getting pretty easy to do this I must say, just look at some facts on published accounts and this post is hammered. Yep St Johnstone do indeed have in the region of £2 million “cash in bank” noted in their 2018 accounts and I’m sure it is a rainy day fund... No mention from LPM that the figure is down after just ONE YEAR by almost £700k, pretty significant, it also shows the £150k loss is a bit of a red herring although a completely legitimate way of reporting. That tells me St Johnstone aren’t living within their means/ their risk appetite is higher than SMFC. What St Johnstone seem to mean when they say “rainy day” is struggles in the league, youth team requirements, Project Brave requirements, poor cup runs and weekend fixture changes. All of this is detailed in their annual accounts for all to read. The “rainy day” for them last season took in the region of 25% off their rainy day fund. I wonder what this season will do if their form continues? They also note in their account a bloated first team and some players on six figure salaries had a big impact. Every impression I’ve got from our current BOD and the old one is they are more prudent about the risk this can bring, even the signings in the two big January windows were manufactured in a way that we didn’t bust budgets. Imagine we had St Johnstones wage budget this season under the current circumstances? Let’s look at SMFC as a comparison. Every single season since GLS took over we have recorded profit on the accounts. This includes a season where we avoided L1 football by the skin of our teeth. We also just and no more survived in the SP last season and I haven’t seen anything to suggest profit warnings. SMFC have according to their most recent accounts £500k “cash at bank” Not too bad at all for a team that haven’t had close to the decade St Johnstone have had. LPM take is a classic example of have your cake and eat it. St Johnstone have gotten themselves in the position they are in through an aggressive growth strategy that has very much worked over the last decade. All fine when the sun shines but if 2017 to 2018 accounts are anything to go by, you can bet that £2 million will evaporate if their form continues and they get relegated to the championship. The accounts note the difference between top six and an eighth place finish, can you imagine the financial difficulty in a 12th place finish with the St Johnstone strategy? Sure we can do what LPM suggests and mirror St Johnstone, throw money at the team and hope for a few cup runs and a top end finish, if it’s successful I have no doubt we could get £2 million in the bank, if it’s not we could end up in massive debt as St Johnstone are risking right now. Individual fans will have their personal view on our current slow sustainable growth strategy or this aggressive one. For me, slow and sustainable all the way, far too many examples of boom and bust. It’s working so far, let’s not forget the team has factually progressed every single season on the park since the new BOD came in.
  3. What a hypocrite. Moaned when the Christmas meals when it came up against a more popular option, moaned when SMISA made a further gesture to vote through a lump sum and now moans when they don’t put a charitable idea up against anything bar a no. LPM showed it last year and he is showing again, he has zero care about the actual community & his only goal is to talk down all things SMISA. I predict this becoming more and more frantic as BTB approaches completion & the realisation he can’t stop it really sets in.
  4. Error yes. He was our marquee signing who Carries permanent fitness issues. Nice to see a back down from "constantly injured" going in the right direction. maybe next an acknowledgement of Goodwin's "fully fit" comment.
  5. As above, last time we seen McGinn in a run of games in the SP we only lost one in 10 against Celtic. He was on great form and from memory played almost every minute. What's your basis for him not being good enough?
  6. I genuinely don’t see how it can be any other way. Either an acceptance of what they’ve said is true or a suspicion they’re lying. I understand the pride aspect that might stop you from just admitting you were wrong and that’s fine. As for chasing people away, I’ve already addressed.
  7. This new guy apparently has me on ignore but is desperate for my attention. What an impact to make on such a new member
  8. That's not true. The only way it would transpire that I haven't proven you wrong on that subject is if you want to believe GLS & DN are liars. Hang onto that if you wish.
  9. Again, when you say this sort of comment do you think you're making a revelation? I openly admit I will. It's almost like yo want to go 'see I told you so' for something everyone knows. What a laugh 🤣
  10. There was no new promise. Thanks for the imitation though, form of flattery and all that. Showing desperation for a win by fabricating a conversation. 🤣 As for the "two stand shite" as you put it, my take has been backed by GLS and DN. I choose not to think they are liars. Part in bold, you seen me mention the two stand arrangement, then went on an unrelated thread and brought it up... People can take that as they wish.
  11. My money was on LPM bringing this back up but you were a close second. Completely irrelevant & no need to mention in the context of a SMISA vote.
  12. October 2019 Voting options up. Summary of two options below: Option 1 Continuation of pre-match/ halftime entertainment. The stuff they currently do for the kids like bung a baw and all that. £1,500 Option 2 Christmas dinner charity meals that they proposed last Christmas in partnership with Salvation Army. £1,200 Straight yes/ no votes. If either is a no vote, that cash will be kept for future options. Two yes's from me. Great community benefit in both with the continuation of the first likely to have a positive impact on our young fans attending games.
  13. You're the one that referenced me (obviously) in a post, there was no need to. Another poster referenced me direct. I have been open about the fact I will get involved. There was no need for this to start up again but between the two of you, you wilfully posted comments, you must have known by now I would react to. As for your claim I have chased people away, nonsense. The website has been in decline for years and as I pointed out earlier, it isn't attracting younger audiences/ retaining existing because of competition from social media. To think the demise of BAWA is down to me just shows how bitter you got at being wrong.
  14. Confirmed by GLS and David Nicol. I choose to believe them as they'll have full access to our accounts and no reasonable reason to lie. .
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