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  1. Surely the idea to loan him out can be seen as nothing but a success? We have likely four forward options ahead of him in the senior squad, he's clearly benefited from consistent, first team football.
  2. I can't imagine there are a majority of fans happy with VAR. It has been an utter (predictable) car crash & just like it has elsewhere, it has only moved the controversy and slowed the beautiful game/ took the edge off big game moments. Noted some fans in the West stand for our goals against St Johnstone & Rangers, jokingly cheering at kick off once it was confirmed VAR wasn't checking anything linked to the goal. There was a fair bit of conversation on social media that VAR was good because it will help with fairer refereeing regarding the bigot brothers getting more, dodgy ref decisions. That was never going to be the case (as we have seen in the most recent Rangers game) given VAR doesn't check run off play ref decisions. Wonder if a few are now thinking they got that reasoning wrong? 🤷‍♂️
  3. You are aware she's elected to government on a manifesto point to go for independence? I doubt many people voted on that with the assumption there were zero costs.
  4. There I go again making points... What am I like? Wee scamp.
  5. You said these views were the reason you wouldn't support independence, but why aren't they the reason you wouldn't support unionism? Doesn't seem to make much sense. I'm literally just responding to your posts. You obviously are just getting your back up because of my username (again). I absolutely agree with that, taking up arms was a pretty ignorant thing to say. Which kind of brings me back to the first point. If you accept they are on both sides, surely they cancel each other out and it makes more sense to make up your mind on independence based on politics and economy?
  6. And as said, pro indy parties have had over 50% before. That's a red herring. The SNP spend far more on mitigating unethical Tory policies such as the bedroom tax than they do on independence campaigning. Spending the money on independence is an investment to move away from the need spend £100s of millions combating ridiculous Tory policy & their failing approach to governance. It's a comparable drop in the ocean.
  7. It’s from people with extreme views on each side. Utter nonsense to suggest it’s just independent supporters. Most people generally stick with the political & economic arguments. And I am struggling to see either argument for staying in the union right now…
  8. What are you talking about? The swing needed is tiny & pro independence parties have had over 50% of the vote share before. Would we aye? Why aren’t England & Wales in a ‘better place’ then given the parties in charge aren’t pushing for independence?
  9. I'm not sure how difficult it will be now we have pretty much confirmed the UK isn't a voluntary union. That (coupled with the catastrophic Tory performance) must raise alarm bells with a lot of voters, surely? SNP & Greens by my calculations got just under 49% of the constituency votes and SNP, Greens & Alba got over 50% of the weighted regional votes in 2021. I get the differences between a GE & SPE but the swing needed to a pro-independence majority seems very achievable.
  10. Quite a predictable conclusion but good to see none the less.
  11. I don't like the nature of Scottish football, I would like nothing more in the Scottish running of the game than the bigots to p*ss off to England or an Atlantic Leagues. But we are where we are & accept it or not, our club operating at the level it does, is linked to the Glasgow Derby income. This is only about where people draw lines & I am unchanged at giving them two stands to fill our empty seats. I accept we voted on it & it was (rightly) changed & I accept other views. That does not mean I will change my opinion. The "old firm" hasn't existed for over a decade, what are you talking about?
  12. Apart from I am. Don't let facts get in the way of your rage at people having different opinions to you. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Utter bollocks, first off no one ‘wants’ to listen to it. It’s the wrong terminology. Just because people have a view we should be maximising our income, doesn’t mean they aren’t St Mirren fans. What an arrogant claim of superiority.
  14. I wasn’t the one who dragged me back into this, that was BEK. Strange you’re not having a dig at him though. 🤷‍♂️
  15. And you’re entitled to that opinion of course.
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