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  1. Now we have bought the club, I'd support giving every penny of the £12/£25 directly to the club to spend on developing the club on points such as youth development, stadium improvements and growing the fanbase. And if needed (under exceptional circumstances), paying down losses/ staff wages.
  2. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC622049/filing-history Looks like his company.
  3. I agree fully, I heard the Kibble were brought in to draft the bill as well. DJ Unimpressed! Angry from Paisley!!
  4. Agreed, I would be hanging fire & seeing if Brophy can stay fit & keep scoring for the rest of the season at County before making decisions on Main.
  5. Hope you’re right, worries me our last six games includes matches against all of the top three & two of our main competition, have games in hand.
  6. You really get so triggered when I post don’t you? 😂 We sure have scored from a long throw… we scored TODAY against ST JOHNSTONE from the short throw. Ouch. The opposition got wise to the short throw eh? That’ll be why we went on to have so many successful long throws this afternoon. 😂😂 New day, same utter garbage from you.
  7. likely there’s three spaces up for grabs between Aberdeen, Livi, Hibs & us. Against 10 men for a full half, that was a chance blown to put some distance above Livi & keep the gap on Aberdeen. With Aberdeen winning, it’s not looking the best now with Hibs/ Livi game in hand.
  8. Goal comes from a short throw in the final third. We instantly go back to the long throw. Can’t script it 😂
  9. Arses have collapsed since the goal. Not close to good enough against a team really struggling & down to 10 men.
  10. It is yeah, still really like it.
  11. It's a belter. I really hope we have finally learned lessons on getting kits out early. Revealed by the end of the season, on sale for the kids finishing school & their summer holiday. Should be simple.
  12. Good 3 points yesterday. Could have made it a bit easier on ourselves but would take 1-0 every game. impressed for Offord when he came on. Looked sharp & capable of getting in-between defenders. Unlucky not to score as well. Hopefully he gets some more game time in the upcoming fixtures.
  13. Never even noticed that... Aye, it'll be changed to a 3-0 walkover haha.
  14. Murray Campbell in and about that Scotland team as well. 🙌🙌
  15. Best of luck to him. Hopefully a move that lands us a few extra bucks down the road. Who knows, future Scotland midfield partnership or Reid & Erhahon incoming...
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