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  1. Will be interesting to see how this analysis plays out. One of the key points yet again is the 28 days death toll is too narrow for giving a true reflection of Covid caused deaths over the pandemic. Another important caveat is this approach will "likely understate the effect of the pandemic in January and February"
  2. Almost always the first person to complain & moan when I argue with someone else on a thread back & forth… Also Faraway 🤣🤣🤣 feels like the outrage at my existence is boiling over. Triggered
  3. Oh no, are you going to put me back on ignore? How will I cope without your obsession for the 18 hours or so that would last? 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Attacking & belittling. Hates that I have so accurately called him on it. Mind the 3 posts a day rule… clearly rattled 🤣🤣
  5. Trolling, attacking, belittling pretty much anyone you have disagreements with on BAWA. Shameful.
  6. You can trawl back all you want, it’ll be same as above where you’re shown to be wrong. You once agin belittle, attack & troll to cope. a truly pathetic approach to the fan forum. You lied & claimed I said it would be as bad as the delta wave, in reality that was never what I said. The increased vaccination was always going to have positive impacts & I said as much. We also simply didn’t have enough data to know how severe the variant was going to be compared to other variants. The data you said to use from South Africa was extremely early stage. Modest restrictions were the right call (although feel finance permitting they could have went a bit further across the other 3 home nations), you make it out like they locked down the nation again. Dramatising at both ends of the scale for your agenda. If it’s such a hardship to engage with me, just don’t do it as you’ve threatened several times. 🤷‍♂️ What is it about me that you’re incapable of ignoring? Is it an obsession or something? We’ve seen many times even when I’m not in a subject you desperately try to drag me in my quoting or mentioning me. Strange.
  7. Sadly I was right regarding this, all it took was to follow the scientific views & what had happened previous waves. Great news Omicron isn’t as severe (you lied that I said it was the same as Delta) and very moderate restrictions have seemingly had positive impacts but we (particularly reference to the UK) could have done more.
  8. Good summary to a question on if Scotland was ‘too quick to act’ by Jason Leitch here. This pandemic has continued to show acting fast has been the best measure. Assuming data before we fully know it can & has been deadly in previous waves. That isn’t to taking away from the good news that Omicron is less severe (not a mild illness, just less severe than other variants) which we now know as opposed to just suspected when early data came out of South Africa. Still… at this point ‘I think the advice we gave was correct’ I tend to believe he is better placed to conclude on that given his extensive medical knowledge background than some others on here who maybe do not quite have such a background… On another note, restrictions don’t end businesses and livelihoods, lack of adequate support by one of the most developed nations on earth can though.
  9. Calling you out on your behaviour, clearly touched a nerve. No pals, just likes every post when it’s aimed at me. ‘Ignore’ 🤣
  10. Pathetic & baseless claim once again. Irony off the chart as well from hands down the most miserable, antagonistic troll still on the site. Lashing out, attacking & lying for 50,000+ posts. Embarrassing.
  11. The scientists made these predictions not me. You jumped the gun from the very start with the ‘flu’ nonsense. You’d think you’d have learned after several waves. The sad part is you would rather force yourself to believe I want to see more death than accept I was right to trust the science over the pandemic. If you don’t want me to respond, don’t mention me (directly or indirectly) it could not be simpler yet you fail to ‘ignore’ me (like your cowering pal) time & time again. Also sad.
  12. Pathetic claim as ever. I was right in the large number of cases resulting in stress on the health service & ultimately an increase in deaths. You lied that I claimed it would be the same as Delta. Again showing the embarrassing depths you’d rather sink to than accept I was correct. You yet again jumped the gun last month.
  13. latest party revelations. Ran into the small hours of the morning (same day as the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral) Member of staff sent out to a shop to buy a SUITCASE worth of booze. Actually can't make this up... Starting to see it wasn't such a big surprise that they found traces of gear in multiple toilets throughout parliament.
  14. Incorrect. Obviously an argument that still consumes our wee cowering friend.
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