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  1. Is there anything you can't turn back to me? Maybe one day I'll get to know the next steps in your Baz obsession recovery plan. You've been stuck on the "put him on ignore but continue to bring him up all the time" step for a while now.
  2. What are you talking about? If it hasn't escaped your notice, football is gone. The English, Spanish, Italian, French leagues, Champions League etc are already a rich boys club. Now if you want to suggest a viable proposal where ticket prices are curbed at £10 a game, merchandise is all regulated and players wages are capped way below the six figure a week bracket, I would be all for it. But realistically football isn't coming back, if they do this or they remain as is, it will be for making the rich richer. For me the benefit in a breakaway league is at least there is a professional option for fans (probably mainly fans of local club teams like St Mirren) that don't want that. If the bigots & a bunch of other tourist clubs leave their nations for this rich mans playground, national leagues will need to downsize and likely be made more affordable to keep fans attending. IMO that is one of the best outcomes we could get regarding a return to the working mans game. If you don't like my take on it, what is your solution? Status quo? I assume you must be a Tory by your own logic 👍
  3. Translation "I'll say I stopped reading so I don't need to admit I was wrong"
  4. I am all for this, I think if done right (big if) it could really benefit Scottish & European football. The best case scenario for me would be a bigger league or maybe a second breakaway European league that the ugly sisters join (talk of Dutch, Portuguese, Austrian, etc teams might be into this). Or failing that, if places become available in England, it might be more attractive for English football to take them. Either way I would be delighted if they left Scottish football completely. The one concern as already highlighted in a question would be if they were allowed to leave a reserve/ colt team. I would really hope this was voted down by the powers in Scottish football. The benefits as I see it - Would allow Celtic & Sevco to reach their potential & give them actual competition. Great for them as clubs & their largely tourist fan base - It gives a likely very attractive football brand for tourist fans the world over to enjoy - Young Scottish players playing at these clubs or going through their youth academies will likely get a bump in development, would be even better if they implemented some sort of home grown rule like the CL & Europa - Scottish football would downsize and become generally more competitive. - Young Scottish players likely given more chance in Scottish first teams due to tightening of money - The dip in status would likely bring down ticket & merch prices for fans - Any concerns about dip in quality of the product... Well that won't be from anyone that actually watches Scottish football, Bar the potential colt issue (which I hope fan owned clubs would be able to combat given voting structure) I don't see many downsides.
  5. You are completely wrong, are you genuinely going to try and justify this? Sunday/ Monday are almost always lower and then cases catch-up on the Tuesday reporting. the 19th recording of 80 was up 30 on the same day the previous week (or up by 60%), there were 19 cases recorded the same day the week before that. That means over a four fold increase in a fortnight if you want to go on Monday reporting alone. You can't have it both ways, you can't slam my way of looking at it then look at days in isolation yourself. If you're going to do that, look at the relevant days and you will be unable to deny the increasing trend. IMO that doesn't make a whole lot of sense which is why I look at the seven day average. The seven day average yesterday was 135, the same day last week it was 82, the week before was 53, & I would be surprised (but delighted) if we didn't see another few days this week of over 200 cases further pushing the seven day average up. How much more of an increase do you need to see before you put your hands up and accept you were wrong?
  6. Great, if only you could do us one better and never contribute to a Scottish football fan forum again.
  7. Did she then educate you on the points you are completely misunderstanding regarding BLM? 12 year old seems a comfortable age for most people to understand this.
  8. Covid19 is not an influenza, this may be why taxi drivers were not included at the decision making top table...
  9. The thread is literally on a global pandemic that's impacted billions of lives globally, how much more "tits up" can it get? It's the situation we are in, nothing more. You might think I take pleasure in this because you clearly get a semi when right, but I don't. The single highest recorded daily deaths in four months were recorded yesterday, how long does this have to go on before you accept you were wrong and the upwards trend is a concern? No one is enjoying this, don't bring others down to your unbelievably low moral standing.
  10. I put no slant on my stats, I simply gave the seven day averages over the last three weeks from the most recent available data, it shows an increase that very few deny is a cause for concern, in fact I think you might be one of the only ones on BAWA with this view (maybe with the Oakster & Shull keeping you company, lucky you). It didn't fit your agenda so you lashed out (as you often do)
  11. Utterly pathetic comment. You truly outdo yourself time and time again in regards to sheer ignorance and callousness. Miserable human being.
  12. Well done them, to think we still have people here wanting to open the country up completely and/ or mistakenly thinking this is "just the flu" Ignorance or trolling? That's the question...
  13. Seven day averages 18th October: 117 11th October: 68 4th October: 51 Lol aye, lot's of spin there.
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