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  1. We’ve seen this story before though haven’t we? Many, many times, most recently just against Livi a couple of weeks past. Hopefully not the case but there certainly seems to be a trend of a way to get over a bad run of form… play us. 😂
  2. As poor as County were tonight as well, that’s more than we deserved. A truly awful performance. Tanser needs to give his head a wobble, miles off it by his standards. Seen enough of James Scott, send him back if we can, not even on the bench if we can’t. He isn’t anywhere near this level (and that’s saying something)
  3. Just the two penalties in that one incident VAR misses. Handball & his shirt pulled halfway up his body.
  4. Already off for me. Rarely go to these games now for this very reason. Scottish football has been dying for a long time with this level of imbalance. Wish England would do us a favour and take the bigot brothers off our hands once and for all.
  5. The wee fella isn’t worth that bud. He’s a well known serial liar & the depths he’ll stoop to, now no longer surprise me.
  6. What, completely lying is good enough for you? Fair, you do it often. - 3 post limit - giving up - bringing me into your wee trolls as a means to get me to change.
  7. You managed to last about 15 minutes, that’s poor even for you on the ‘give up’ claim. It was clearly a lie anyway, again you can’t help yourself. Moving from trolling to making up completely false, slanderous claims. I’m really rent free here. 😂
  8. You chose to bring me into your wee weekend of anger after being sin binned. No one made you bring up a previous post from me, you did it because you thrive on trolling & these interactions. I’ve said many times before, if you don’t want to engage with me, just don’t respond to me or quote more or in this case, bring me into your trolling. If you do, I will likely respond because I choose to respond. (Strange you haven’t been able to grasp that yet) Claiming you are trying to get me out of a cycle (I have no intention of changing the way I respond) of posts by bringing me into your posts is utterly ridiculous. ‘I give up’ as big a lie as your three post limit. You’ll be back to responding to me. It’s an addiction.
  9. I’m a firm believer that people can post whatever they want on here. (Within reason). For me though, our St Moan loyal are more people that need to find things to moan & antagonise over, as opposed to taking genuine grievance when the team is performing poorly. Of course anyone is allowed to disagree with that take.
  10. Another post, tut tut. 2023 has really been the year you’ve failed to keep your three post limit rule. Triggered much? Liking your own posts to improve your like ratio so you can claim it somehow makes you a better form user. 😂😂 that really is pathetic.
  11. You’re not involved, stick to your sin bin threads.
  12. You fudged your own like ratio. The most important thing in your life & it’s fabricated. Who even brings that into a fan forum? Imagine caring so much you have to create profiles to boost your rating. 😂 You’ve went past your three post limit again as well wee man, tut tut.
  13. You’re a raging wee troll. St Mirren win & your first thought is to have a go at other St Mirren fans furious at a previous, inexcusable performance. I can only hope the recent terrible performances have been a wake-up call for these players & Aberdeen is a corner turn. Because it is absolutely true that a team like St Mirren is pretty low on the making it as a professional footballer scale. Being cut loose by us for not being good enough, doesn’t leave a great deal of wiggle room to continue with it as a full time career. Your ratio is false though, we’ll never know now if you’d be lower than me if you hadn’t been liking your own posts.
  14. 👀👀👀 I missed this @faraway saint Your whole life revolves around your like ratio as well & now it’s completely meaningless (always was, just like anyone else’s tbf). Ooft.
  15. The performances in that match were inexcusable. Beating Aberdeen today doesn’t change that. You really are an obsessed wee troll. Can’t help yourself. Imagine just not being able to enjoy a St Mirren win without going after other fans. 😂
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