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  1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing with the goal but they scored in the 11th minute of 10 minutes of stoppage time. The whistle was blown really quickly after they scored. Not sure he even had time to make a call but if he had tackled the boy, I would wager people would criticise that as well if the ref blew the whistle in the aftermath of the free kick. ‘What’s he doing making that tackle, he’s just given up any chance of one last attack.’ Lose lose probably.
  2. Not sure about that. If Morgan makes that tackle, we are (almost certainly) out the competition anyway. There would probably only have been time for the Hungary free kick so at best it’s a draw. Had to hope the defence do their job & get the ball back forward for one last effort. They didn’t and we paid for it. As said, we didn’t deserve anything from that game.
  3. Remind me how VAR improves the overall game? 😂🥴
  4. One of your better contributions to the forum.
  5. My opinions aren’t in anyway limited. They are as valid as anyone else’s. You're moon howling now. Drawing up old arguments as a coping mechanism to handle the disappointment of last night. It wasn’t though was it? It was centre backs, a goalkeeper & strikers. Zero mention of anyone in the middle or on both flanks. Do you even disagree? 🤦‍♂️ Again, you’re just latching onto things. Cope harder you petty troll.
  6. You will just argue & antagonise anything won’t you? As I’ve told you before, you don’t get to decide how people do & don’t use this website. Well no, unless you don’t understand the several positions I left out. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Got what we deserved tonight, absolutely nothing. A bitterly disappointing tournament for us, out with a whimper. Some good players in that first 11, but also players that are just nowhere near the required level. Hopefully a goalkeeper, centre backs & strikers coming through the ranks for the next try.
  8. I get Germany played well but some of our boys just didn’t turn up. School boy errors & mistakes littered through our game. The marking was appalling as well. Clarke did them no favours either, got his tactics completely wrong.
  9. There was players in that Scotland first 11 that I genuinely wouldn’t want starting for St Mirren (Gunn, Ralston & Porteous). Germany played well… at least I think they did, difficult to tell when we are that bad. But the schoolboy errors, the poor decisioning, and general terrible performance is inexcusable. Not one player has guaranteed their place in the next match.
  10. You’re wrong, I’ve been completely consistent. Even calling you out multiple times on your inability to grasp the world isn’t all black and white.
  11. What you’re saying is correct but the genesis of this part of the argument was, governments aren’t responsible the people are. Basically arguing that Tory incompetence is tough luck and people should be able to just get on with it and look after themselves. A nurses salary today doesn’t go as far as it did 15 years ago but that’s on them to suck it up because it’s enough and easy to cut ones cloth, regardless of personal circumstance. It’s utter garbage. But that’s not to say I’m claiming zero people could do better & have no personal responsibility for their hardships. FS just has no capability to understand anything that isn’t an absolute. If I was to say it’s raining outside. He’d ask why I was claiming it was raining everywhere in the world.
  12. Yeah, other peoples hardships & suffering, hilarious. Suppose a person would need to find child poverty funny to still back the Tories nowadays 🤷‍♂️
  13. I've called you out on your ignorance with this all or nothing view, several times. But let's do a wee figure experiement since you seem to think we are living in 1992 with the worth of these salaries. Teacher on £40,000, single parent with two kids. Monthly figures: Take home (if they contribute 10% to their pension for retirement) £2,461 Deduct Average rent for a 3 bed in Glasgow - £1,200 Average council tax - £140 (low banding, poor area) Average utility bills - £167 (very reserved, I have two kids and we are £240 a month) Mobile phone & broadband - £60 Average food bill - £330 Car expenses (fuel, insurance, maintenance) - £200 Less than £400 leftover a month. Being quite reserved in estimates and not even including things like leisure, clothes, holidays, childcare, Christmas and birthdays and an assumption of an owned car. You're living in la la land if you think a £40,000 salary is significant in 2024 for someone with a family. One emergency and that hypothetical person could be in a foodbank. But hey, easy to adjust? Why don't you show me how? Maybe they buy instead of rents... Oops, housing crisis by successive governments not building enough homes. Downsizes? Three people in a studio flat possibly? Gets rid of the car, doesn't buy leisure stuff for the kids, doesn't have a mobile phone herself? Maybe the person could "adjust" by forcing one of the kids back inside her. So basically a relative salary that would have been quite comfortable 15 years ago, no longer is because of government policy. Unless the person happens to be Mystic Meg and knew their wage would decline in such a massive manner under the Tories, easy adjusting is hardly guaranteed. You really are one of the most ignorant, disconnected individuals that I've ever came across.
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