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  1. So much in common, maybe she would be interested in you... Best of luck.
  2. Far weirdo to want to pump that vile, racist creature.
  3. Like the physical removal of immigrants from their UK homes?
  4. Deserve the criticism today as I consistently say I will give when I don’t see acceptable effort. You again show your complete failure to ignore me 🤣
  5. Really ? I didn't see a lack of effort just a lack if a cohesive strategy. I didn’t see attitude or desire I would expect in a semi, others can of course disagree but that’s my view. Let themselves & the club down.
  6. Entitled to your opinion but I categorically disagree, they've been poor last few games yes, but this afternoon I seen no sign they were treating this game like a cup semi until the last 10 minutes. There was one point in the first half their keeper didn't know what to do with the ball at his feet because he assumed he'd be pressed and he wasn't. Tactics and personnel changes were off today, yes, but I did not see 100% effort on that park, nowhere near it.
  7. Shocking performance start to finish. There is no excusing the complete lack of commitment to win that match today and the fringe players must be given a chance now. No pass marks for any outfield player and Goodwin did not change it quick enough. Next week I would be playing Flynn & Foley as an absolute minimum, probably others that deserve more of a chance than the players today, they let themselves and the club down badly. I can defend an off game or a poor performance, I can't defend a lack of effort and that's exactly what I seen today.
  8. You’ve literally been arguing that there should be zero restrictions & everything should be as normal. Double standards that highlight your bias. Essential work so it’s a non-story, would rather it was done while the property was vacated.
  9. On average over 1,000 deaths a day are being registered for people that have died within 28 days of a positive covid test, for 100% of those cases to be purely coincidental is an utter ridiculous claim. For the pandemic to be "over" months ago as well, there would have to have been 1 million+ falsified/ inaccurate positive covid tests. There is no rationality behind your claim, it is clearly trolling. Be a better person and pick a different subject.
  10. It's beyond reasonable doubt that Covid is hammering the UK this winter, death recording, hospital reports and the response from all four nations means there is no doubt in any reasonable persons mind there is a damaging Covid wave. Kindly be a better person and stop trolling around this horrible virus.
  11. Sadly another day of record death figures but some light at the end of the tunnel with recorded cases. Despite testing probably being around the highest levels and availability, weekly averages continue to decline, seems a decent indicator to things going in the right direction. With vaccinations ramping up, hopefully a good sign the end is in sight for the virus major impacts on our day to day lives.
  12. Utter nonsense, this is just down to your personal gripes with me that has seen you unable to move on for probably two years+ (not for the lack of trying) Regardless of subject Stuart got involved in you could guarantee his stance would be the most negative regarding SMFC. Any "good points" were purely coincidental on occasions where things were genuinely going poorly in different aspects of the club. I feel your defence of him likely comes from your shared negativity. Your last point is just more lashing out because of the rage at certain areas where I have defended the club and people like Stuart and yourself have wanted nothing but St Moan chat on here.
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