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  1. The earlier sources were wrong though (if Irish league insiders Twitter is anything to go by). Everything suggests whatever has happened has been based on last weeks meetings. But still obviously not confirmed & remains speculative.
  2. People desperate for information, scrambling all over the place & we still have ‘fans’ that feel the need to troll.
  3. GLS has made no public statement that amount to ‘pressuring’ OK to move his family here. That’s just a lie. The closest you’ll get is a comment saying he ‘hopes he’ll settle in Scotland’ Even with your known tendency to lie & hatred for all things GLS, saying that’s applying ‘pressure’ is beyond ridiculous.
  4. I don’t blame you, after jumping in and out of my conversations for almost a year on this, your lack of success must be very frustrating.
  5. I know you’ve practically made it your life’s work to try & point out inconsistencies in my posts. It must be a real struggle for you, the failure to do so. Sometimes I make spelling and grammatical errors because of how quick I type. Feel free to use them to feed your obsession.
  6. I’m not, I genuinely can’t make this any simpler. I’m saying there are so many stories going around it makes no sense for someone to categorically say one is right & the others are wrong. (Not something I was doing, just pointing out another part of the speculation LPM has to ignore) well publicised as in news outlets are publicising it, I am not saying they’re right. I hope I have now cleared up how your claim about my post is completely wrong.
  7. You clearly have struggled to understand the most simple of points here. I’ll try & simplify further (no easy task) a lot of media attention has came on the club, LPM has jumped on it & practically claimed one of the most negative possible interpretation of this as fact. I am simply pointing out, how can he possibly know this media attention isn’t true? No claim either way from me, I’m only pointing out the clear flaw in his comments. If you still don’t understand do you have someone that could maybe explain this to you? Shouldn’t be hard.
  8. It’s also been well publicised that OK wants to increase the amount he commutes. Do you know for a fact this is wrong? Actually they don’t necessarily, BoD privilege exists in companies that have shares or ownerships with large groups of individuals. I’m a shareholder at Tesco & a member of the Nationwide building society. Does that mean I should be kept informed of every legal process their BoD explores? Does a holding statement have an impact on anyone’s life or could we just as easily wait? More unfounded garbage.
  9. Where has GLS been specifically quoted in the media this weekend calling for him to move to the point where it is move or leave? Why don’t you share it along with the proof we’ll need to pay him two years of wages plus stress related compensation...
  10. But you have made several claims about compensation & GLS moving pre agreed travel arrangements. The point is you are practically claiming them as fact when you can’t possibly know.
  11. It wouldn’t be the first time (or second, third, 50th) time LPM has committed himself to unfounded claims only to be found out as completely false. Always curious that his go to has to be the most negative representation of GLS possible... almost like he has some sort of vendetta against him, can’t think why.
  12. The same way you know for fact we’ll need to pay his full contract + compensation for stress, that GLS categorically was looking to change an agreement on travel that was carrying into the new season & that we’ll owe compensation for cancelling a friendly?
  13. I’m talking about sides of the debate. I was far from the only one that had the opinion the income would be considerable. Part of this debate was people saying that was the case & people saying it wasn’t. The club statement only backs up one side of that argument I’m afraid. Clear you have again completely misunderstood very simple comments. Glad I could clarify.
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