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  1. It's all that bloody paisley snails fault anyway.
  2. Interesting read here on the Footy Law site.... http://footylaw.co.uk/2015/01/06/ched-evans-sifting-facts-from-fiction/
  3. There are plenty third party apps which will let you move the music from your iPod onto the MacBook. See here for instance - http://www.macinstruct.com/node/74 Or google for other suggestions.
  4. Think this tube is better suited.... http://youtu.be/QA5gJ0hZpCc
  5. I'm fairly confident that a blind man with a box of crayons could have done better than what's been produced!
  6. Don't you find it really annoying when people can't identify our players correctly? Come on Div - we expect better!
  7. He stepped up into the managers position from assistant at Charleroi (sp?) after John Collins left them - and was sacked 5 months later - from a 1.5 year contract.
  8. An ex-player I spoke to this morning said he had heard Morton want Barry Ferguson if they can't have Murray. Let the pointing & laughing begin!
  9. What makes you think this - if we're true to form (for it's the St Mirren way to make things difficult for ourselves) there'll be no one lined up, no club sale over the summer, we'll finally appoint some unproven manager two weeks before the season starts and there will commence the next round of panic buying to manage to get a full squad in place because everyone will have been fed up waiting and signed elsewhere.
  10. I've heard his days are numbered - being replaced by this guy...
  11. Was it also called 'The Centre Circle' or something at one point?
  12. Good choice Herbie - I love Lanzarote for a winter break, but Rhodes beats everywhere I've been as a beautiful island. Be sure to check out Lindos on the south west side of the island - 2 beautiful beaches, and no cars are allowed in the town (and they wouldn't fit anyway as it's all wee twisty streets). Check out the castle and old town in Rhodes town too. They local bus service is good and you can easily get from one end of the island to the other. I've never been to Faliraki, but I'd probably skip that!
  13. Nothing new there then - their fans have always been revolting.
  14. Eddy

    Tony Watt

    Didn't say it did - I was only pointing it out.
  15. Eddy

    Tony Watt

    Richard Atkinson has just retweeted that 3 of our players have all 'followed' Tony Watt on Twitter within the last hour or so.
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