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  1. I would be interested to know the formation we would play with him coming back? Ethan and MacPherson move to bench? Mid 3 of JDH, Mallan and McGrath? Move to a 433 with likes of Quaner- Brophy - Connelly/McAllister?
  2. Is it a suspended fiver that he might not actually pay?
  3. With covid and the current state of things, is the free agent pool full of decent players available that we can tap into? Did the emergency loan of the keeper scupper finances as well?
  4. Junior Brown? Plays for Coventry and was on loan last season with Scunthorpe where Jim played and guessing has connections still? Image from Sofifa
  5. What is the deal with Jordan Jones? They signed him, not played him that much and now they want rid of him?!
  6. I'm now wanting to do some research, I feel we always have the OF at the start of the season and together too to curtail any kind of run we could go on. I need to do some looking back since being back in the top flight.
  7. Not saying I'd want him at all. Never rated him, but if he is knocking back Killie, who does he think can afford him if he wants to stay in Scotland? Aberdeen, hearts and Hibs only ones that could afford what he is looking for, but he values himself higher than what he actually produces.
  8. I saw this today on the BBC gossip "Released Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty confirms he has knocked back a deal from Kilmarnock but says staying in Scotland remains a priority in his search for a club. (Sunday Mail)" Who else in Scotland does he think would be able to pay him what he is probably thinks he is worth? He needs to be realistic as he's a lanky streak of pish! (Hope I've not jinxed it and Saints somehow sign him now).
  9. Thanks. Looks like can be worked in a 4-3-3 attacking and 4-4-1-1 when not in possession. Love the sound of Foley. Only Goody can find a player like him as we have missed that. If he can distribute the ball, than that's even better!
  10. What was the lineup and formation with it? Couldn't make the game and wondering how Goody is lining the squad up at home against what has been a tough team to play against in the past.
  11. Surly we need more options more up front? With greg tansey going, did that not free a wage for someone who isn't a midfielder? [emoji12]
  12. Awesome. I'm in the back of beyond today and hopefully see it being announced. If that's locked in its then forward and the right wing (hopefully McAllister) we need.
  13. So is McAllister a done deal? So that would be the right wing sorted. Are any of these a left back or a forward as would say they are the biggest needs.
  14. Where has it been said we have signed Mickael Antoine curier?
  15. Not trying to be all negative, but if we end up going down I think the likes of Terry Butcher would be the type of manager who would be able to wheel and deal to get us back up quicker. Did he not with ICT? Seems to find lower league players who have done really well for ICT. Did he not sign the likes of Josh Meekings, Billy McKay, Ross Draper, Aaron Doran and Greg Tansey? all good players in my eyes. if he could do that with us as well as blooding the youth through the squad, then i think he could create a good feeling through the club and the supporters. That's just my opinion though.
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