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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Keith at an awards on Friday where both our wife's were up for awards. I was totally shocked to see him there and my wife introduced us. I have to say Keith is a lovely, genuine down to earth bloke to take the time to talk to me. Said he was loving the work and the club. Said all the players and Robo are great guys after I spoke about communication I have had from Marcus and from Keanu for my son. He also said he will look out for us in April when my son will be mascot. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  2. It this was true I would hope we have replacements lined up. Both would command a fee as contracted to 2024. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  3. The change in Erhahon this season has been great. He has been with the club for a long time now and might be best to get something for him in January than lose him for nothing at the end of the season. We have Gogic who can jump in as the anchor or Kiltie has played great the last few, where you change up the positioning of the middle 3 and have Kiltie behind the front 2. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  4. If it's true he is on a fair wage, Brophy has been a bit of a let down of a signing in my eyes. I'd love to let him go, but are the likes of Jamieson and Offord ready to operate at this level? Time will tell I hope. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  5. Not really sure where in the forum to put this, so adding it here. After listening to the after match interview with Robo on Saturday I found this part to be worrying, "This is the group of boys we have got and we are not going to be able to strengthen the squad, so we have to go with that. Hopefully we don't lose anybody." The following teams are below us and all l, at times, seem to be able to pull money together and pull signings out the bag... And I'm sure they will to ensure that the 2nd part of the season they all come on better: *Hibs *Motherwell *Ross county *Kilmarnock *Dundee United Is this, like Robo said at the summer where were were done signing, no cash, but then brought in Gogic? Or if players went, would we be able to replace? Or as people would lead you to believe that we are f**ked financially that even if players go, we won't replace them at all? Also what I have noticed from him coming to the club, Robo complained about all the young kids being loaned out under Goodwin, but not really getting to see under Robo any of the young players getting games really either. Would we move more to use the boys to fill the squad if players left? Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  6. Is Tait still injured? Declan fit? If they are fit I'd like to see - - - - - - - - - - - Carson - - - - - - - - - -- - Strain - Fraser - Gallagher - Dunne - Tait - - - - - - O'Hara - Gogic - Erhahon - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Main - - - - - - Greive - - - - - - Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  7. Apparently said before the last game it was his back. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  8. I'm late to the party here with starting to listen to the podcast, but podcasts in general. When I got into them, it has been mostly craft beer podcasts (another love of mine). I have to say I love the Misery Hunters podcast. It's on something I love, it doesn't take itself serious, but can discuss serious things at times around the club. I'll be going on soon to sign up to give 3 quid a month to the boys. I know the guys are on here (reading the roasters responses to conspiracy theories), but keep up the good work. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  9. I have to say when Brophy came on, though brief, he is a ghost. I find it funny under Goodwin Main was shit and Brophy better. Under Robo it's the other way around. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  10. Love that we won today, but f**k me that was not a game of football. We went down to their level too as it was tough to watch on both sides. I never really knew how much I hate Livi, until today. They don't play football at all. It is dire to watch and I can understand why their away support is so small. Paying for a season ticket to watch that is one thing, travelling and paying like 30 quid a game would be tough to swallow. They have finished in the top 6 and we haven't before. They seem to be able to unearth some massive guys who Bully, elbow, block, do dirty shit, but not play football. Even as big massive guys go down acting like they have been shot and playing up for officials to take it all in. They are not a professional football side, but a professional wrestling side. I would love them out of the division, but they get results. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  11. Gallagher every day of the week. Porteous is a fud and a cheat. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  12. What a day yesterday and what a game. When my brother, my son and I got there, as usual my son wanted to go to the shop, so we did before heading round to the west stand. An older gentleman and his younger son standing at the ticket office asked me if I could help them out. They had been there for ages and they travelled up from Wales to come to the Saints game, but we're not Registered at the start of the season, so couldn't get tickets. They needed 3 as their friend was coming too. After speaking to them for a bit I happily helped them out being a season ticket holder. Tickets came to 96 quid and they gave me 120. They told me to keep the change for helping them and get my son something from the shop. I hope the 3 of them enjoyed it as much as the 3 of us did! I have to say that each game that goes by I am loving Ryan Strain. What a player he was. Hopefully he isn't too bad after having Jota (or Floppa as my son calls him for his falling over all the time) in his back pocket for big spells of the game. I have to say my favourite players to watch currently are Strain, Baccus and O'Hara. They work their socks off and love the Aussie rules bumps and blocking both Strain and Baccus were doing to noise them up too. Beautiful to see. Main had a great game again. I know not a prolific goal scorer, but he does so much under Robo that he didn't or couldn't under Jim's instructions. It is great to see him get some free kicks for him for a change too. My voice is very hoarse today. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  13. With the way the midfield plays, having Kiltie in it deeper it doesn't feel he is in a game. It is more suited to Gogic, Baccus and O'Hara. Joe is a big earner I bet and one of may favourites, but I feel he really just wants regular football and I'm not sure he gets that here. Big Joe going worries me though as even though Gogic can play at the back or the middle, it feels light if there are suspensions or injuries playing with a back 3. As well as with the midfield too. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  14. My brother and son will make the game today. I have to stay home to look after my daughter. What is the best way to stream the game? Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
  15. I know the 22/23 has only just started, but you have to hope the club had thinking onto next season's home and away tops. With the amazing away strip design this season meaning the club has achieved record sales with almost FIVE times the sale of last season’s away kit. You would think this has drummed up a fair amount of cash for the club that they would really think about how to keep this demand going into the following seasons. I for one would love a simple home top with the strip like the 2013 cup winning top. Stripes were the right width in my eyes. Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
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