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  1. Where has it been said we have signed Mickael Antoine curier?
  2. Not trying to be all negative, but if we end up going down I think the likes of Terry Butcher would be the type of manager who would be able to wheel and deal to get us back up quicker. Did he not with ICT? Seems to find lower league players who have done really well for ICT. Did he not sign the likes of Josh Meekings, Billy McKay, Ross Draper, Aaron Doran and Greg Tansey? all good players in my eyes. if he could do that with us as well as blooding the youth through the squad, then i think he could create a good feeling through the club and the supporters. That's just my opinion though.
  3. Where is Terry butcher these days. I'd take him as manager. Did really well I thought at ICT.
  4. It Tommy went would we be stuck with Teale and Goodwin as its another cheap option? Not looking good for st mirren as I can see that happening.
  5. Think this also gives us formation options a narrow 4-2-3-1, a wide 4-3-2-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-3. More than just a plan A like Dan y did.
  6. Can he not fill a number of positions like Newton, defensive mid, centre mid, right mid, right back. And is better than Darren Barr too.
  7. So out of them, it was the ex aberdeen and Patrick one and not the ex Blackpool one. Well it's a position we needed to fill.
  8. Hopefully the ex Hibs and Ex Blackpool one.
  9. Isaiah Osbourne (at Blackpool last season) and brother Isaac Osbourne (at Partick last season) can play the defensive midfielder role and are free agents, are they not?
  10. I hope we sign more players or promote more youth players as the bench hasn't been full the last few friendlies. I would say that's a must. If not, injuries would really hurt us with only 4 on the bench.
  11. I was wondering if fellow Buddies could help me out. I bought the away kit from my 4month old son. I got him a large so I can give it to him on his 18th birthday. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get the away top printed with Scottish Premiership letters and numbers?
  12. So how did the team set up for the game? Formation etc? What kind of football is TC trying to play? Is it the passing, keeping possession game of 2/3 seasons ago or is he going for the dire football like last season? With the two young midfielders, Brown and Hughes, what positions do they play? Any a right winger as I don't see teale making more games than last season. I couldn't make the game so just wondering how we are looking.
  13. Did he not come at same time as Caldwell too. Seem weird no update at all.
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