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  1. No worries bud. Just wondering why just the 2. Makes sense.
  2. I see your point. I was thinking out loud more than anything. It really has messed up development and rehabilitation with no reserve/bounce/youth games.
  3. Do you think the focus is securing top 6? Then hopefully it will be to get the young guys game time?
  4. Out of curiosity are we able to use youth players? I thought we couldn't as they are not getting tested? That is why we couldn't play games with the positive tests. Likes of Celtic can as they have a first team squad of like 40 players as they can afford it. I agree. If it's possible, get them in or what's the point in them. This season there are a lot of side that are poor to test them against.
  5. Window ends today at midnight, right? Jim's hopeful on potentially adding 2? Taking the wage space of Sheron and Foley?
  6. I know, but the best bit of business would be to have some form or sell on for any player we get rid of as it means if they fail then that's ok, but if they do well, we get some return too.
  7. That shows you how much of a f**king clown Stubbs was.
  8. Bench has a fair few attacking players/strikers. Maybe change it up and go all at it in 2nd half? Trying not to concede 1st half?
  9. Potentially playing left mid? GK- Alnwick RB- Fraser CB - McCarthy CB - Shaughnessy LB - Tait RM - Connelly CM - MacPherson CM - Erhahon LM - Mason CAM - McGrath ST - Brophy
  10. I would be interested to know the formation we would play with him coming back? Ethan and MacPherson move to bench? Mid 3 of JDH, Mallan and McGrath? Move to a 433 with likes of Quaner- Brophy - Connelly/McAllister?
  11. Is it a suspended fiver that he might not actually pay?
  12. With covid and the current state of things, is the free agent pool full of decent players available that we can tap into? Did the emergency loan of the keeper scupper finances as well?
  13. Junior Brown? Plays for Coventry and was on loan last season with Scunthorpe where Jim played and guessing has connections still? Image from Sofifa
  14. What is the deal with Jordan Jones? They signed him, not played him that much and now they want rid of him?!
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