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  1. I was getting this earlier when trying to by 3 and was going to leave 1. Settling for other seats because I couldn't do this online. I was then worried to lose our totally so went with the 2nd option of seats. I get the reason, but looking at the map there are loads of single seats which looks like it happened before and why not again.
  2. Thanks. Got it sorted this morning for my brother, my son and I. Cannot wait.
  3. Where on the site? Not accessible from phone at all? When I go to shop and season tickets, it's just showing a renewal option.
  4. So even the new firm are not set up well enough to deal with the registration of new data?! Issues here are: the club dont have the data that shows where current season ticket holders sit in their stadium to do anything with that information for a renewal process. They didn't get the data from the old ticketing provider to be able to have the information to pass it to the new provider. The registration with the new provider has not worked at all for whatever reason. I get it the club are working through it all, but everything I find and read says the general sale was moved from 13th to 20th. See if there were issues, you come out again and move it. Publicly you make a statement to reassure fans renewing and new. This doesn't take a long time to put out there... But there has been f**k all from the club today apart from a repost about the first away day in social media. What an absolute joke that is. I used to be a season ticket holder for years. Gave up due to my son being born and not able to justify the Saturdays away after working in the week. My son now wants to attend. Asks every day about getting a ticket. My brother and I chomping at the bit to get him into it. Having a boys day and I have sat all day checking the site, social media... And nothing. Not at single thing. Communication is key and the lack of it is deflating.
  5. To top it off calling the ticket office rings then straight to voice mail. It then says to leave a name and number... Then tells you the voice mail box is full. Why is there no one at all from the club releasing a statement. I find it childish that the old company conveniently lost all data or did not stump it up as the club went with a new provider. I find the continual lack of daily correspondence from the club on the subject really amateurish.
  6. This is a farce. I know it must be hard for people renewing, but they could have easily put out some sort of statement to say general sale was going to be delayed again... But nothing once again. The silence is deafening. I cannot believe they didn't release a statement first thing today advising moving the date. I have spent all day checking the site and the only link is for renewal only. It shows a real lack of professionalism.
  7. I have called and can't get through and also keep checking the site, which is all about renewing season tickets. The last club update said general sale was to be the 20th. All a bit of a farce. Is this all down to the fact that the old ticketing company didn't share the data they had to make renewal such a cluster f**k?!
  8. I'm sitting waiting for 10am to see if go on sale as my brother, my son and I want to get season tickets.
  9. Pace out wide potentially? Maybe couple more if Erwin and Erhahon Go?
  10. Who is the kid wearing number 24 on his training gear? I tried to look up the youth players, but couldn't figure out who it was.
  11. New strips supposed to be released tomorrow then? My 7yo son who recently has found a love of football cannot wait. He also cannot wait until general sale takes place so we can get season tickets together.
  12. Yeah I'd be interested to see if looking for someone who could potentially cover LWB or play a more advanced role in LM or LW to allow formation changes.
  13. If we go with a back 3 we might need 1 more that could play both CB and CDM. As CDM it be along side Power in a more disciplined role? Ethan is still learning and not as solid for the formation I feel Good win wants to play.
  14. Thought I read it was frozen to last season's prices?
  15. Regan Hendry https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish-championship/2324287/exclusive-ex-raith-rovers-favourite-regan-hendry-closing-in-on-forest-green-rovers-switch/
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