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  1. A fair few times the ball was at their feet tonight and they didn't do much either.
  2. I think that can work if the non creative mids can place a pass. It also can work if wing backs can take a man on with the ball at feet and your attacking players can also take a man on with the ball at feet. Otherwise the issue ends up being long balls hoping that the attacking players can get to it. For the formation of the 3-4-2-1 to work you need: 3 CBs that are strong and have a bit of pace. 1 CDM who is there to cut the passing and do the digging. 1 Box to Box mid who can work hard. Need wing backs with a lot of stamina who can play both ends of the park AND take a man on with ball at feet rather than looking for someone to off load it to, then make the run off the ball ALL the time. The 2 more attacking mids need to be able to control the ball well, take a man on. You then need a striker with a bit of everything; got pace to burn, strong enough to hold his own to hold the ball up for the 2 attacking mids to link up and run through, able to creat goals from nothing and eye for goal. The problem is (and this is where I agree with you) with our budget we can only get players who maybe could do 1 element of what we need them to do in that system, which makes it frustrating at times.
  3. I would hope with Ronan and McGrath then we try keeping it on the deck and using the midfield instead of going with the route one we have so far this season. These boys should be able to help get the ball up the park with pace. Excited to see this play out as hope we get it up Utd.
  4. Thanks to you [email protected]@FTOF for your input. I waffled on a lot. I agree with you both. I feel if we stuck with how we were set up the start this season might not have been as bad. I think the fact new and old players with a new system does take time. I also believe we were missing some key positions being filled before the start. I feel as we were hoofing the ball up, we were missing someone in the middle to take to ball and help move it up the park and dictate play. I hope that is Ronan from the chats of him in articles. I hope Millar brings the pace we have missed in Connolly, but brings the added engine and defence. I like the idea of 352. Can be very versatile and attacking if have the right people. I feel at times to help with width the strikers are pulled out to aid the wing backs, but not then got the drive coming from the middle to move into the space left. I feel that was why he had McGrath and Kiltie on to do that, but wasn't working. I think the middle needs someone to cut the passes and dig in like power. It needs a box to box that I hope Ronan can be. Finally needs an attacking threat that is McGrath. I also feel to help not drag both strikers out, McGrath could be an option what ever side the Ball is at, to go support the wing back and allow them to overlap with him, he can then slink back to middle at the edge of the box. Waffling again. I do like Jim a lot. Was my favourite player back in his playing days. I hope it all works out and it clicks for us like it did for St. Johnstone and we can push on higher again. I like that we didn't just jump for anyone (that Hibs deal I'm not sure where Wright would have fit in) and we have got Miller who should fit the system.
  5. Not being arsey or anything, but I would like to know your thoughts on what don't agree with? I like to hear others thoughts in a respectful debate. I was waffling on in the post you quoted, but trying to see the difference to last season and with the new set up. What I liked about last season is the back 4 were very solid. I felt our issue, like most teams not Celtic, Rangers or Hibs was attack and goal scoring. I was hoping with Fraser signing on that the defence side was secure and we would look at the attack more. I think for me the thing that has unsettled everything wasn't just new signings having to fit in with an existing bunch of players, but the existing bunch having to try fit in to a new system too with the 352. I do feel we haven't filled Durmas or a striking options that brings something different (goals would be good haha).
  6. Got the 3 of ours today. Hopefully they works on Saturday. I cannot wait for the Utd game. Cards easier to remember than paper barcode, catering is open to introduce my son to a pie and bovril and after speaking to him Marcus Fraser is going to come to the barrier when warming up to allow my son to thank him for his signed boots. The wee man is very excited for this and to show him his Fraser 22 top.
  7. You got your card through? I haven't got anything yet. Hopefully before get it before the game at the weekend.
  8. We have been played with wing backs so far this season and Flynn is t getting a look in. He also I wouldn't class as having pace TBH either. I do wish he was getting some time on the pitch as Erhahon is very inconsistent and I think Flynn could potentially help link play in the middle instead of playing Hoofball
  9. G'day Matthew. This is exactly what we needed. Gives us pace and width down the right. Can play right back, right wing back and right mid. Fantastic signing that we are lucky was on the free market.
  10. If the rumours are true and we are signing Matt Millar this is a step in the right direction if we are set to play 3-5-2 system. What I know about Millar is he can play right back but seems more natural at getting forward like a right wing back. He might not be incredibly creative but has pace, which we really need, he seems to be able to get forward and can cross a ball in. He seems to have a good engine as well to continually get forward and back. Likes to get forward like Tanser does, so would hope this balance the side out and gets us what we have needed (pace), but fits the system we are playing now. My take on it, but last season was pretty good finish, but this was playing with what was a soild 4 at the back formation. I like the signing for people that can play multiple positions as should then allow for th eformation to change depending if at home or away or depending on the other teams set up. Early days yet to see if this will happen as we continue with 3-5-2 no matter what. What we lost from last season and have found replacements for: LWB - Mason = Tanser CM Doyle-Hayes = Ronan ST - Obika = Main CDM - Sheron/Foley = Power Lost and potentially signing a replacement to fit the system: RM - Connolly = Matthew Millar (RWB/RB) Potentially going & replacement: CAM - McGrath = Kiltie Players we are yet to replace: Durmas Quaner/Morias We then needed maybe 2 more in to build on last season's form, but to either fit this system or to allow the ability to change it up. Needs not met: * Pace/Creativity - LWB/LM/LW * either/or Tall/Strong/Fast Striker What we could look like if Millar comes in (Starter / Backups) 3-5-2 GK - Alnwick / Lyness / Urminský RCB - Fraser / Finlayson CCB - Shaughnessy / McCarthy LCB - Dunne / RWB - Millar / Henderson LWB - Tanser / Tait CDM - Power / Erhahon / Reid CM - Ronan / Flynn CAM - McGrath / Kiltie / McAllister ST - Brophy / Dennis ST - Main / Erwin 4-5-1 GK - Alnwick RB - Fraser RCB - Shaughnessy LCB - Dunne LB - Tait CDM - Power RM - Millar CM - Ronan CM - McGrath LM - Tanser ST - Main 4-2-3-1 GK - Alnwick RB - Fraser RCB - Shaughnessy LCB - Dunne LB - Tait CDM - Power CDM - Ronan RAM - McAllister CAM - McGrath LAM - Kiltie ST - Main 4-4-2 GK - Alnwick RB - Fraser RCB - Shaughnessy LCB - Dunne LB - Tait RM - Millar CM - Power CM - McGrath LM - Tanser ST - Brophy ST - Main
  11. Top printed today with my son's favourite player name and number. Cannot wait for him to see it. Looks great. The guys in the shop have made the place look great and the service/experience is top dollar.
  12. Yeah there are. My brother bought my son some.
  13. Just my take on it. But last season was pretty good finish and we should really have looked to build attacking options on to it. What we lost from last season and have found replacements for: LWB - Mason = Tanser CM Doyle-Hayes = Ronan ST - Obika = Main We also brought in Power. Not sure if that was to take the place of Sheron/Foley as that I feel is the position Jim wanted them in to play. Kiltie might have been brought in as a back up if McGrath left, but hasn't. Players we are yet to replace: LM Durmas RM/LM - Connolly ST/RM - Quaner/Morias We then needed maybe 3 more in to build on last season's form, but to either fit this system or to allow the ability to change it up. Needs not met: * Pace/Creativity - LWB/LM/LW * Pace/Creativity - RWB/RM/RW * either/or Tall/Strong/Fast Striker Can these be met in the free agent market and with only Scottish, English, NI, Welsh or RoI players due to Brexit? Who knows.
  14. Is he not like a Left mid/ Left Wing / right mid kinda player? Where does that fit with wing backs?
  15. The club keep saying it. On the letter with my season ticket barcode they talk about it or building on last season's push for it. Last season we were defensively sound in my opinion. We needed to get the attack sorted. Instead we changed the system we play and I really wonder where Kiltie fits into it.and why if going with wing backs we didn't then try sort out the issue with RWB as we knew what we had and they can't play there.
  16. I f**king hope so. With McGrath even as the squad was, we were short of pacey and players that can take a ball forward. If Ronan is a direct replacement for McGrath, then we are still way short. The league is more competitive with hearts and Dundee back. At this rate and system I cannot see us making too 6 with only being away from it by goal difference. We did so well defensively last season we should have stuck with that and built on the attacking side. Not change the system too.
  17. I worry that people are naming Kennedy and Ronan as I'm sure Jack Ross does his scouting from here.
  18. If we keep skipping the midfield, is there any point to this? What kind of midfielder is he? Can he play RWB?
  19. It's been quiet since the Kennedy thing. I'm hoping we are back to our old ways of keeping quiet with transfer business, but I hope lots is going on in the back ground. If sticking to 352 we need a RWB with pace. We also need someone to play next to Power and get Kiltie out the starting lineup while McGrath is still here. We maybe need another forward who brings something that the likes of Main or Brophy don't have. Maybe someone with Pace too.
  20. I hope there were other Pacey options and not all eggs in one basket. We need a natural RWB for the System (and other players to allow f**king changes when it isn't working). We also need some form pace and someone who can take a ball by a player.
  21. I am hoping for us to win as this will be the first game for us in our season ticket seats. Im going to try think positive and go for 2-0 to us. My son thinks it will be 6-0 to us. Main to get 2, Fraser to get 3 (his favourite player) and Tanser to get 1... He is 7 and still thinks St. Mirren are a really great team. [emoji1787] Anyone know if the food outlets will be open as he is dying to get a hotdog at the game randomly. [emoji1787]
  22. My issue is it feels that the 3-5-2, as we play it, is very narrow some how. We have players in the wing back position not willing to take a run and try get by players. They are looking for the pass. This then instead of dragging say McGrath and Kiltie wide to be options for them, drags the strikers out wide, rendering them useless. I believe if we are to play 3-5-2 that it really needs to be a 3-4-1-2. We should have 2 anchoring Midfielders as Power cannot do it all alone. The 2 anchoring Midfielders can then, if the wing backs are attacking, cover the wings if need be. I feel the anchoring Midfielders don't need to be two defensive midfielders, but we maybe need a box to box there too. I feel Kiltie and McGrath cannot play in the same team and Kiltie is a ghost because they are. I feel if the wing backs cannot run with the ball, but can cross, then we need the attacking midfielder to run the line across the pitch higher up the pitch as being an option to the wing back out wide to pass to, hold the ball up or run with to allow the wing back to over lap or have an inverted run. This would allow the strikers to do what they need to do rather than supporting out wide. This would allow Main to really be nipping the defense all game. Being able to hold the ball up etc. This would allow Brophy to always be trying to get in behind off of this too. I feel this would make us more effective. Kiltie is a sub for McGrath in my eyes... Or McAllister is to sit behind the strikers. Saying that all about the 3-5-2, I feel we need 3/4 more players to give us change options if formation isn't working. Sadly we wouldn't have the budget for it. * Pacey RWB that actually fits into this 3-5-2 formation. * LB. A more defensive left footed LB. A left sided Fraser if it exists. Allow Tanser to move up and be a LM/LW. This would allow us to play 4 solid players along the back in another formation. * We need either a solid no nonsense CDM to play along side Power or a box to box midfielder who can push the ball up the park. Get away from McGrath and Kiltie in the same line up * Pacey RM/RW. This would allow to change to back 4 and have width with Fraser at RB of back 4. * If it exists in our budget a big, strong and pacey forward who can play with someone or play alone up front.
  23. My opinion, but if we had the budget for it I think we need 3/4 extra players to allow changes in formation and game plan when 3-5-2 doesn't seem to be working. I think we need: * A more defensive left footed LB. A left sided Fraser. This would allow Tanser to move up and be a LM/LW as he is not a defensive player at all really. Allowing a shift from 3-5-2. * We need a pacey RWB to fit into this 352 formation. As Tait nor Henderson are the answer here. * We need a solid no nonsense CDM to play along side Power and stop Kiltie and McGrath in the same line up. Erhahon/MacPherson might get there over time, but we need solid now as Power cannot do it all alone. This would work with 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1 etc. * Pacey RM/RW. This would allow to change to back 4 and have width with Fraser at RB of back 4 to support eachother. Allowing at times to move from 3-5-2 when not working. * If it exists in our budget a tall, strong and Pacey forward who can play with someone or play alone up front. This would allow someone to play alongside Brophy/Main or alone and still be a pest/threat. I know we will not have the budget for all this, so is anyone coming through the youth set up that can fill these roles?
  24. Where is Kiltie playing today in this formation? When we have played 352 I have felt him and McGrath shouldn't be in same line up
  25. 4-5-1 maybe from the squad announcement? Alnwick Fraser McCarthy Shaughnessy Tanser Power Erhahon Flynn McGrath Kiltie Main Or 4-2-3-1 Alnwick Fraser McCarthy Shaughnessy Tanser Power Erhahon McGrath Flynn Kiltie Main
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