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  1. Livingston have played this same high intensity football for the 3 seasons since we both came back to the top league. Quite a few teams have tried to play them "at their own game" and have largely been unsuccessful especially at the "All Weather Pitch" then all of a sudden this season they couldn't win there (lost 5 from 8). Since we beat them in October to go 11 games unbeaten with a few more victories than in our unbeaten run I may add is remarkable and they seem to have overcame the issue of winning on grass I think they have won something like 3 from 4/5 away after only around 2 away victories in over a year. Most of their midfielders seem to be box to box and never stop running the whole game we do need to match this or stop it to have any chance to win.
  2. Night and day the difference between the 2 teams at the minute. Livingston never get credit for the decent football they play due to previous seasons long ball tactics but watching Lawless last season, to Robinson, Pittman, Sibbald,Mullin etc this season their midfielders never stop running and more often than not are higher up the pitch than their strikers we do not seem to have anywhere near the same energy and effort levels they are showing right now. Right now we look destined for a defeat but Ross County pumped us 4-1 then we beat Celtic 3-2 in semi final the next week in 2013 so there is a little hope.
  3. Our worst performance was probably losing 1-0 to St Johnstone away last time. Goodwin struggling big time again.
  4. Technically he isn't a scout. Again nonessential travel is apparently spreading the virus quicker than anything else is. The thing that pis#ed me off the most about the St Mirren sanction was journalists,pundits, fans etc jumped on the bandwagon about our players car sharing. 4 players sharing a car for 2 journeys for maybe 20 minutes each way is less dangerous than forcing them to travel by public transport which would take in excess of 60 minutes each way but that seemed to be the main point they used to find us guilty therefore club managers travelling 300 miles round trip to watch future opponents is just as bad.
  5. Only 1 person quoted a regulation that club scouts are allowed to travel to other clubs matches no mention of other managers being allowed. Imo his travelling isn't essentiall and all the talk since last week from both UK & Scottish governments (reiterated by NS today) that unnecessary travelling is spreading the virus.
  6. Quick question??? I got mostly positives but a few negatives when asked this on St Mirren Facebook pages. Was Graham Alexander travelling 300 miles to watch Aberdeen v Rangers "essential travel too"???
  7. Just saw that biggest can of worms in Scottish football for years about to open up going by reaction to that elsewhere. Just watched Scottish news there and Celtic & Joint response team will have a meeting tomorrow to decide if anyone has to self isolate due to close contact with the positive case which from the outside seems like the whole planeful of Celtic staff should be.
  8. 2-0 up were we not, red card, missed penalty then 2-1 all in first half???
  9. Aren't we in a desperate situation regarding the "crime we commited" Imo we should use anything possible to get off. On the pitch you agreed we took the "luck" last 2 weeks we should take the "luck" that Celtic and Graham Alexander have put our way as Tesco says every little helps.
  10. You were discussing Celtic player testing positive after Dubai trip and whether it would help or not in our appeal imo seeing a Rival manager travelling 150 miles to watch a match not involving his team should also (along with Celtic trip/positive test) be used in the appeal as the rules seem to be full of loopholes that everyone is exploiting but apparently only St Mirren and Kilmarnock are guilty.
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