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  1. Giving them both stands again, no surprise really as the Board haven't really gave a shit about the fans going from one shambles to another since the summer.
  2. You even commented on the other thread back to your village. Sent from my MRD-LX1 using Black & White Army mobile app
  3. Sunday afternoon on a sunny bank holiday weekend alot will most likely be in the pub. Unfortunately for me I'm not one of them I have to make do with a 10 hour nightshift hopefully the 2 Aberdeen fans are working tonight also.
  4. The other SLO put out a post couple of hours before United match describing how best to scan your barcode via your phone. I suggested that he shouldn't have to do this as Season tickets were promised to be all delivered by this match and from looking at social media & fans forums hundreds seemed to be still waiting including me his answer was I don't understand what your problem is plenty fans have theirs already. I thought this was a pretty ridiculous answer. As it turns out about 5 minutes to 3 all the stewards near the West Stand were telling fans not to use Season tickets to scan to use said barcode instead as Season tickets were failing to scan. I fully expect the same issues on Sunday and the Club to ignore this shambles like they have ignored every other one off the pitch since the summer. Just to add I have 4 season tickets 3 turned up about a week ago all wrong oh and still waiting on the 4th.
  5. Me, My son, best mate, Hammy & Santaponsa Saint in that photo.
  6. & the fans the equalising celebration was quite good got the scars to prove it.
  7. Do you even know St Mirren??? When teams are on poor run that inevitably ends with victory v St Mirren.
  8. I know WTF spent best part of £60 so far to watch this shit. A Gus Mcpherson 45 minute masterclass from JG hope 2nd half is 0-0.
  9. Is their seats still available a friend is looking for 3???
  10. Over tannoy a few minutes after match finished so quite a few fans would have missed that announcement.
  11. The crowd fiasco led to stewards getting a hard time today where they were left to hang out to dry with a radio message 2 minutes from kick off to advise the hundreds of people not to scan season tickets and check back for barcode on your email as apparently the season tickets weren't scanning you couldn't make it up. Also saw steward cause a riot in W7 by telling the young kids in front row to sit down when they have stood up in front row since day one especially when the same message wasn't being conveyed to the away end. Saw some social media posts after St Johnstone game about the stewards closing one of the gates and refusing to open them after match which was mentioned at Smisa meeting this week, overheard the steward manning the gate separating Away end from W7 today arguing with his supervisors as to why gate had been opened and his response was the fans pushed me out of the way and opened it themselves I don't get paid enough to try and stop them his supervisors looked raging but fair play to him.
  12. Unlike you I was at the actual game don't need stats to tell me what I saw with my own eyes. Shaugnessey was a bomb scare all match looked nervous throughout, all these chances we apparently created their keeper only had 1 save to make which came in 90+ minutes. If you care to start attending games maybe you can look at the bigger picture instead of reading stats to back up your bullshit post.
  13. Everything you wrote is absolute crap, United could and should have won that game by a couple of goals and as for Shaugnessey he was our worst player by a mile.
  14. The last time he got a look in we won 5-1 away from home the fact he doesn't get a look in shows how clueless our manager is. Bar Jamie Mcgrath, Flynn is easily most talented footballer we have at the club.
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