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  1. Saints 33/1 for this match Bet365, to put into perspective Bet365 had Stranraer 25/1 for their game against Rangers last night. For anyone willing to back us we are 35/1 best price elsewhere just forgot who was offering that price.
  2. I really can't see us looking at strikers/wingers/forwards like Lyons when we have 4 strikers already on the books plus Durmus, McAllister,Flynn,Magennis etc who can play the same position Lyons currently plays.
  3. I made the mistake of watching Celtic on Sportscene this week, the Speed of Frimpong will be a real test for Waters and I worry as he has struggled a few games this season.
  4. Is there any family stand season ticket holders willing to let me use their season tickets or meet me at ticket office for 2 adult tickets for West Stand for Thursday. I have 3 season tickets for W7 but looking for a couple extra tickets for family on Thursday but really don't want to have to pay £54 as that is a ridiculous price.
  5. Surely we are due to beat Kilmarnock sometime soon. I have watched Kilmarnock defeat us 4 (maybe more in a row) & each occasion especially most recent they have been terrible. Only problem here is Right Now Kilmarnock 1 win in 8 I presume 1 win was v us in October??? If they come calling in 2 weeks time without another victory we will probably bend over & give them another victory like we did v Hibs last season, twice this season and Hearts too.
  6. Me too I have no problem how he scores goals as long as he scores just giving an opinion that the most recent 3 have been very lucky.
  7. Read it again. I compared his RECENT goals the 3 from yesterday and Pittodrie owed alot to luck which I have no problem with.
  8. Doidge at Hibs recent run of goals bear a similarity to Obika's i.e they owe alot to luck rather than skill. His recent sitter in first minute v Aberdeen was poor and still think he will miss a few more this season but hopefully his lucky goals streak carries on to at least the winter break.
  9. My thoughts before the game today that I would take a point and I am happy with one after watching that. All 6 goals can be put down to terrible defending or weather affected defending. I said at half time that I fancied 3-2 Saints or 3-3 and before the game said days like this there are always mistakes in the box and the key today was to get plenty balls in box to benefit from the mistakes which we did for all 3 goals. Seems to be alot of praise for Durmus on here and I don't understand why??? At least 6 times in 2nd half he faced up their left back and instead of even attempting to take him on just turned back to Waters and relieving the pressure for them a bit like Magennis does every week.
  10. You must have some eyesight seeing them from Leeds
  11. Are you at game or have you a link??? This stuck in house when winning is horrendous.
  12. Weather was similarly atrocious away to Livingston and Ross County & think that played a small part on our poor first half performances in those games.
  13. Just my opinion. Lose and he should get sacked. Team is abysmal and he is largely to blame.
  14. No victory at Hamilton on Saturday & Goodwin should walk before he gets sacked.
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