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  1. At the match do had one quick view was it a penalty or not??? Looked harsh from my viewpoint Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  2. Our chairman been defending the club on football Scotland website come on over to their Facebook page help me out a bit bored waking early from Nightshift and can't handle the comments on my own[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  3. Cheers mate. That will be more of them seething now well the ones that can read will. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  4. When did the Scum post the story??? Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  5. My Celtic supporting friend shared this on his Facebook today the anger from the bigots on twitter is hilarious. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  6. Very poor record last few seasons against them and as I've mentioned every time we play them been on end of bad referees, bad misses, playing alot better than them more than once without winning, playing them 3 times straight after sacking managers football god's seemed to be against us but think we are playing them at right time they have carried alot of luck with 2 last minute equalisers. Avoid silly red cards or penalties against the forever falling over Martin Boyle and we will beat them. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  7. There were quite a few posters on here not sure if you were one of them that were disappointed/annoyed/angry that he was willing to leave before the championship was won with moves to Barnsley and Ipswich that soured the goodwill for the job he done in the end. Plus he lied by letting Gordon Scott embarrass himself live on Sky by assuring sky sports that Ross confirmed he was staying and had no contact with Sunderland while on holiday a couple of days later Ross has come back from holiday to be unveiled as Sunderland manager. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  8. If he had got sacked he couldn't have complained took the 2nd best team in Scotland through January and February into a relegation scare. The League cup campaign and his demeanour had a Tommy Craig/Alan Stubbs look about it, think the performances since (similar to Motherwell post Sligo) has took everyone by surprise. Long may it continue. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  9. Of course Craigyboy you were touting Robinson for manager of year after his only wins were Dundee, St Johnstone, Cowdenbeath and FC Edinburgh in first 18 games in charge. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  10. Could have been us if not for a 97th minute goal at home v them. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  11. Ross County will beat us and fully expect them to score 2 or 3 and that will lead to Robinson sacking the following week. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  12. According to radio last week (never got round to watching Sportscene) Ross County pumped Hearts first half and to quote the reporter their winger Edwards will terrorise defences this season) today they just went to 85 minutes against Celtic before losing. We look like the whipping boys this season and we have all watched this movie before it only gets (slightly better) when Robinson goes imo. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  13. Thought Goodwin would have been first one sacked even said last season when he got job he would be punted by Christmas he has 2 wins in 13 in the league but couldn't have asked for a better game next week against a team that despite some really good performances up there still haven't won at Pittodrie in around 10 years that still won't help him though as he won't last the season. Despite the obvious decent performance today I'm genuinely concerned that by end of August we could be on 0 points while Motherwell sit on 3 with 1 win and having suffered a few heavy beatings as a team that allows us 19 shots and around 30 free crosses into box is pretty poor and surely can't be as lucky again, we won't have as easy a game all season to get 3 points. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  14. I'm not the managers biggest fan the players take full responsibility for that after the 3rd chance went begging mystic meg could see what was coming. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
  15. Wouldn't have matters if 3-0 up. f**king missing sitters galore again. Sent from my T671H using Tapatalk
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