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  1. I seem to Remember Doncaster saying something about only 3 midweeks available the whole season around the time of the Aberdeen and Celtic situation.
  2. Osman Sow and Jack Hamilton are surely 2 of the worst footballers to grace the top league in Scotland.
  3. Yes I agree Motherwell are in a false position and are definitely better than us with a much better manager but surely we have learned from the last 2 years where on here we always seem to be happy for a point almost every match, too many draws is what contributed alot to us almost being relegated last 2 seasons. I would rather win 1 lose 1 every 2 games than those crappy stats like one from last season where we were undefeated in 10/11 games apart from Rangers and Celtic but we had only won 1 of those.
  4. Surely no one is surprised at this this is our 12th??? game of season and apart from first half v Hamilton we have been pretty terrible every other match.
  5. I'm pretty sure there is a way to check back but I reckon I have maybe 20 posts in around 6 months so not exactly every day. OK my prediction was mince just a pity my prediction about Erwin is spot on.
  6. The performance was pretty negative the result wasnt and even Steven Thompson was clearly unimpressed with Erwin last night judging by his comments. I was unlucky I thought last night as you and every other poster pointed out Thistle were by far the better team for 70+ minutes at 1-1 I was sure my prediction was coming true alas 1 good goal and 2 St Mirren style defensive blunders and suddenly we are world beaters. PS about my tiring viewpoints unlike alot of posters in here I put my head above the parapet straight away on quite alot of subjects Jakubiak, Erwin & Partick to win 3-1 to name 3 I take alot of flak so just like to point out when I'm right which is quite alot.
  7. Lee Erwin, Morias & Jakubiak all now outscored by a midfielder with only 6 games under his belt.
  8. We will lose 3-1 Ian Mccall will show Jim how to change a game at half time.
  9. When we had the choice of every player in Europe & abroad within our budget we got a player who is injured until past the date he can be recalled by his parent club and a 19 year old who has played 12 games in his career. For those reasons I don't hold out much hope of decent signings of the limited choice of out of contract players.
  10. Scrambling around the bargain basement for the players no one else wants.
  11. By the time he is fit Tommy Wright will be the St Mirren manager.
  12. Another completely uninspiring signing surely there is a youth team 19 year old able to step up and take Jack Baird place on the bench. Whatever happened to the young boy who made his debut at centre half in 3-3 match v Livingston last season???
  13. Mullin would have been a fantastic signing thought we should have went for him before County got him.
  14. I just can't understand all the optimism after 1 decent performance but still a defeat against Aberdeen. I was at 4 St Mirren v Aberdeen matches last season and we should have won 3 of them(again another defeat up there despite being the better team Tony Andreu being their best player that day) Mcinnes has Plan A of kick it hard and long at every opportunity and when that fails he goes back to Plan A. Motherwell on a poor run recently went to Aberdeen and pumped them 3-0 Aberdeen of last 2 seasons is the worst Aberdeen team I have saw in years and for this reason I am taking nothing from last nights performance apart from its now 6 defeats in a row. Faraway Saint got nail on the head when he said we normally have a poor performance on the back of a decent one but unfortunately St Mirren and Goodwin can't really afford that to happen again as we all see other teams occasionally play poor but somehow scrape a draw or win we play poor we inevitably lose.
  15. 5th October for the whole of Europe so only a week to get the foreign 20 goal a season striker in.
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