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  1. Remember the United away play off game where United "fan" shouted something racist at Erahon if something similar happened at our club they would check back cctv and saw what seat you were sitting in they are trying to tell us they would have no clue what the guilty party name was as they don't have access to season ticket holders details???
  2. Just called it quits buying a Blackpool Kit for my kids Birthday start of August instead of St Mirren one.
  3. The club as usual just bent over and allowed our spanking same as bending over for old firm fans to take half the stadium, same as bending over to sell our prize assets for a fraction of the price similar sized clubs to ours sell their prize assets. Oh sorry forgot all the good they do I do apologise 1 week to start of season - New strip available in all sizes, Shop jam packed with St Mirren merchandise for school holidays and for school bags, stationery etc for when schools return. The online shop running perfectly for the further away St Mirren family to purchase above mentioned goods. Season tickets available to purchase online and at club shop which is open longer hours and 7 days a week due to close proximity to start of season. Brilliant little club so we are.
  4. John never been wrong yet. I was right about Jakubiak being a dud, Erwin being a dud, now looks like I'm right about the ticket office staff. If you have changed from taxi driver to just eat driver congratulations on the promotion maybe buy yourself a decent car now that black one is horrendous.
  5. Technically his contract wasn't re-newed when it quite clearly should have been but then you had 2 Sssnakes called Goodwin and Teale stab Wee Danny in the back so they could be Craig's assistants.
  6. Unfortunately some of us have real jobs so cannot sit about in a car all day if you're that desperate to find out next hire you get detour to stadium on way back and find out.
  7. I'm only repeating what's been wrote elsewhere including on this actual thread. I really don't think there is anything poor about repeating what already has been said.
  8. According to various posts on here, St Mirren Facebook and apparently on twitter too they were relieved of their duties. Maybe someone who has been down at ticket office this week will confirm.
  9. I probably would have did the same but there are 2 family groups who sit together and one went to ticket office 2 times and eventually got the issue sorted so their seats are already bought, my seats unfortunately are still in St Mirren cloud cuckoo land will probably get mine sorted for Christmas.
  10. She was like I said forever in Paisley Express, Paisley Social media etc at Pro Life in probably a similar role, maybe if the club hadn't sacked the 2 woman who work at ticket office the chief executive wouldn't be dealing with season ticket problems.
  11. I know where my seats are but regards my season ticket who knows??? I did receive a phone call from the woman who was forever in Paisley Express as manageress or similar role of Prolife/Kibble, now she is trying to work the St Mirren ticket office either the mighty have fallen or Kibble/St Mirren are trying to cut costs imagine that.
  12. The last part of what you wrote tells another story quite a high number of people have tried to renew using the link provided but again because apparently the club doesn't have our details you cannot log in to purchase as the system doesn't recognise you.
  13. That excuse imo was St Mirren passing the buck as surely the club had every season ticket holders details too along with old ticket company so transferring the info could and should have been simple. Tony didn't help as usual with his "statement" regarding we have listened to fans this new company will sort out historic ticket problems for the season ahead only for it to go pear shaped almost immediately.
  14. Me too had a voicemail today from the woman who used to run Pro Life saying she works for St Mirren and could she help me renew my ticket. Tried a couple of times see if anyone would answer phone obviously not, so sent another email will expect a reply after season starts. I haven't even actually attempted to purchase my ticket yet as the shambles with Future Ticketing has locked me out of my account.
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