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  1. Ex St Mirren player who spent part of his career in Irish Football
  2. https://spfl.co.uk/news/201920-fixture-release-day-%C2%A0
  3. Luton and Barnsley were poor up until October time then they went on great runs that Sunderland failed to match. As for Dundee United spying on Saints Training to get Penalty tips, to Robbie Neilson celebrating match going to penalties then proceeding to miss ALL 4 PENALTIES I would say self destructing is quite apt.
  4. Looks like my Self Destructing prediction sums Sunderland's season up perfectly.
  5. Agree. But at least we are going with two up front. Needed 2 up front today.
  6. Said it before and say it again think Nazon should be 1 of a 2 ruffle a few feathers so to speak. Think their starting 11 is better than Thursday ours is worse with Flynn out.
  7. I'm not worried just stated that despite the results the performances imo could have been better especially first half performances. The next 2 games will be like looking in the mirror of our last 5 games with United doing everything to win like we have we need to be ready.
  8. If you actually read what you quoted I answered the question already. Did they lay down or play in Holiday mode? Probably not. Did they give absolutely every last bit of fight, desire etc to win the game as we have done? Probably not. Just pointing out that United will play like we have last 5 games giving absolutely everything to win the matches and we better be ready.
  9. Of course you put your side of discussion I put forward mine. The club own the seat you paid to rent it for 19 games your 19th game was Monday. Don't see the big deal of sitting on a different seat for 1 f#####g match.
  10. But it ceased to be "your seat" after Monday night.
  11. Exactly as Faraway has said social media, B&W Army & Pie &-Bovril literally inundated with St Mirren fans accusing St Johnstone of not trying yesterday. I'm not saying these players didn't try of course they wanted to win but did they all try as hard as they possibly could I don't know my thoughts would be probably not.
  12. Exactly, performances and results are two different things pointswise 11 from 15 is brilliant but I stand by the performances could have been better. Scoring in the last 15 minutes of every match shows the desire is there just think nerves played their part in first 75 minutes in most of the games.
  13. My point being is although moving up a higher league place is desirable to those players they really didn't have anything to REALLY play for unlike Hamilton, Dundee and ourselves. Dundee United players on the other hand will put every ounce of effort into the next 180 minutes, of the last 5 games only Hamilton did the same v us.
  14. Oaksoft I know you are a good fan I have been at last 5 games as you probably were and our form on paper yes it's great but the actual performances haven't imo being that good. Even the manager in his post match interviews has pretty much said the same thing.
  15. Back on topic. I think post split despite being unbeaten think we have been poor in most of the games. This was against 4 teams with nothing to play for. The high ball policy to Mullen and Jackson clearly doesn't work the best 2 performances have been second half v Livingston and Hamilton when we got ball down and played to the one man advantage. Think United will have looked at our poor recent first half performances and go all out early doors I would play Cooke and Nazon to counter that and get them defending early instead.
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