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  1. The teams who nearly always finish above us unfortunately will do exactly the same.
  2. Unfortunately in this case it does, we had 2 managers in 12 years then another 5 in as many years and the present one certainly doesn't look like achieving the elusive top 6 spot anytime soon that the others couldn't, he had 2 massives games this season blew them both big time he has proved and admitted he doesn't have the bottle to try and win games and that will be our downfall again. Our higher than normal pre split finish has unfortunately for us as much to do with Killie and Motherwell being crap than ourselves being anything better than average. I will gladly come back on here in 12 months if Goodwin proves me wrong unfortunately someone that thinks Erwin is a football player generally won't become a very good manager.
  3. Just reality check to the roasters claiming this great season will lead to a definite Top 6 next season. All the teams i mentioned have finished ahead of us over 90% of seasons since split started 20 years ago.
  4. Next season i can't see anything other than back to a relegation battle. St J, Dundee Utd, Hearts, Motherwell and Kilmarnock should all like alot of previous years finish above us that leaves St Mirren, Hamilton/Ross County and Livingston in a 3 way battle to avoid the drop.
  5. Considering he thought Morias before him and now Erwin is actually a real football player we have our work cut out watching his pish managerial career petering out in front of our eyes.
  6. Yes you did & i stupidly thought with no fans attending what could anyone actually find to moan about. Anything seems to be the answer[emoji1745][emoji1745][emoji1745]
  7. Shouldn't be any whining surely??? even if Ross County away the midweek fixture.
  8. Think it used to Thursday after week 33 fixtures but pretty sure it's the Tuesday now.
  9. Agree with pretty much all of that. Would think Ross County or Hamilton will go down now Killie have their first victory under Wright. I see alot of optimistic posts regarding "pushing on to Top 6 next season" we were bottom of league for quite a few weeks and resisted temptation to punt JG, Motherwell, Livingston, Kilmarnock all spent less time at bottom and changed managers they will all be looking to "push on under new managers next season". Add in St Johnstone who had 1 poor season in around 10 and changed manager their new manager has won a cup and gained Top 6 first season they will expect to "push on" too. Also Hearts back in Top league will expect to get Top 6 too i would imagine. I fear a relegation dogfight with the survivor of this seasons relegation dogfight awaits us next season.
  10. Still think JG failure to use the full squad(Flynn especially) in the 4 home games end of a long, busy run contributed alot but Dundee Utd were in Top 6 for most of winter months so they probably should feel more disappointed than us.
  11. I wasn't even talking about myself kept pretty quiet with my opinions on Goodwin recently but some of the flak dished out to people questioning him recently has been well out of order both in here and elsewhere.
  12. You be careful apparently questioning anything about Goodwin is out of bounds anywhere on Saints fans forums or social media.
  13. Again you are pretty spot on with your assessment the season that has quite alot of Saints fans hailing as Great, Incredible, Amazing(3 i've read today)would be described as Average by around another 4 top flight clubs but especially St J,M/Well & Killie. Imo our top 6 challenge has as much to do with Killie and Motherwell having a below average season than it is to do with our "Great Season".
  14. Just watched the free kick on Sportscene imo 100% a free kick we can have no complaints.
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