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  1. I already mentioned Levin leaving for Leicester in my original reply. I wasn't being angry you were being cheeky and I got cheeky back. Fair enough let's wait and see.
  2. But he only deals with "facts" but forgot that one.
  3. Facts??? Like Sunderland should have walked the league??? Is that a Fact??? I said Levein, McInnes & Neilston left Scotland to go to England you corrected me by saying Levein went to Scotland??? Wrong again that was after he failed in England. Don't see many "facts" here.
  4. Did you read what I wrote? I said I think he is highly regarded up here just an opinion like yours I might be wrong, you might be wrong. After the transformation at St Mirren he was being mentioned it seemed for every job going add to the Brendan Rodgers "St Mirren were best team he has faced" quote and think he will be high up any list when the Edinburgh clubs and Aberdeen change their manager. By the way just so you are sure Levein left Hearts to take over at Leicester pretty sure that's not Scotland.
  5. The way I see it Levein, Mcinnes and Neilston all left Scotland as our "best manager" at the time the 3 of them failed miserably but still came back to the biggest jobs outwith the old firm. Think Ross is still regarded highly up here same as the 3 mentioned above.
  6. Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen will all most likely have a new manager in next 12 months guaranteed Jack Ross will end up at one of them. Hearts is my guess seeing as he has been there before.
  7. Who's taking about them winning??? I was talking about their goals. You're the rocket who was happy 2 weeks ago because "we are making chances", are you still as happy now???
  8. No not alot in it, the worst team in the league nearly matched our goal tally in only 17 minutes that we have had 720 to achieve.
  9. Actually very surprised the condemnation of that performance isn't worse. Groundhog day was invented for St Mirren the same players & manager making the same mistakes every week since July. I could write a list 10-20 mistakes we make every single week but we all see them it seems a shame the manager, coaches players don't digest these mistakes and fix them. We are this season's Dundee and no great escape 2 looks very likely, even on our worst days last season we occasionally looked capable of winning games and we even managed to score the odd goal or 2.
  10. Maybe if you didn't drink you would understand the difference between CREATING chances or HAVING chances. Your original point that I had an issue with was you weren't worried because we are CREATING chances of all the chances in Hibs video you shared we created 2 with our passes (Paul Mcginn first half & Ryan Flynn 2nd half header from corner). I could argue with you again that none of them were anywhere near (good/great/clear cut chances) unlike the 4 (good/great/clear cut chances) Livingston and Ross County had and subsequently easily scored v us.
  11. Evidence??? I was at that game don't remember creating any chances never mind clear cut ones. A clear cut chance in my opinion is the ones where Dykes and Stewart scored v us where a team mate actually passed/crossed to his striker who when faced with only keeper to beat scored no problem. We haven't had one chance like that Morais 2 chances v Rangers and Hamilton were as close as we have got and neither were clear cut.
  12. Sorry but have to disagree the 2 efforts Kyle had at Ross County can't be classed as chances they were 20 yard strikes that we all have seen have more often ended up closer to the corner flag than the goal. The disallowed goal came from a goalmouth scramble. Livingston yes we had most of possession in 2nd half but how many decent chances did we actually create??? The 4 goals conceded against Livingston and Ross County 3 of them were scored from good passes/crosses from those teams that we unfortunately cannot seem to copy, in 6 league games we have created I reckon around 3/4 decent chances and created not 1 clear cut chance from our play. Our final ball when we eventually stop passing sideways or back the way is absolutely f#####g terrible.
  13. I love your optimism but as I posted on the Hamilton matchday thread to score goals you need the ball in the box & we just don't do that enough during games. I struggle to see us scoring 1 never mind 2.
  14. For the first time in years I have been to every league game this season but the thing that worries me the most is the fact is we can't do simple things that others are doing therefore hindering any chances we have of winning games or scoring goals. Livingston first goal corner with pace to middle of box easy goal not 10 yards past back post or 5 yards short of front post like ours. Livingston 2nd goal Erskine in great position simple cross for striker to tap in. Ross County away Foster and Gardyne hit really early crosses & 2 goals scored, How many times have we been in similar positions as the 2 games above and gave our strikers a really good chance??? Maybe once or twice at most in 6 games. On route to Dingwall last week my mate said watch Ross Stewart as soon as there is a half chance for cross to come in he is already on route to back post for early cross it got him a goal last week and another this week. I presume his team mates don't need to even look as they automatically know he will be there as Foster didn't even look in box last week just made sure he got a good connection on the ball, maybe we should follow Leeds United and spy on other teams training get some tips.
  15. Stubbs junior dived/simulated to win a free kick really late on then got up laughing to his team mates after rolling about for a few minutes. This is more likely what Goodwin was raging about especially after hearing his post match interview.
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