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  1. All the best to Danny for the future and thanks for some great moments.
  2. Got ma ticket today, Hospitality S 34 wherever that is on main stand.
  3. Still not bought my ticket yet, will need to go down tomorrow I suppose, got ma bus ticket already
  4. Was dirty and ruthless but a legendary F1 racer, best of luck to him.
  5. Collum gives penalty after 'clearly' seeing Lee Mair hit him with the ball
  6. Will take a point, don't know if I'm too negative but will take any point further away from bottom of league rather than thinking 2 points dropped to get closer to top six
  7. Good to still be in cup draw tomorrow, looking forward to going to replay even if it's on telly
  8. Great game, enjoyed it good to see team getting better all the time
  9. Did the right thing as 3 away games in a week before Xmas wasn't right on fans or club but farcical that a game scheduled for second game of season has had to be changed this often and eventually get played 6 month later .. all so Celtic could play a friendly.
  10. Not really, all that he was caught doing was conspiracy to match fix rather than it already happening, 6 month ban and 75,000 fine was about enough.
  11. individual sport with no much prize money and internet betting - snooker is made for player fixing and you can be sure hundreds of players will have been doing it for years to top up their income... not just throwing matches but frame wins and over/under bets it's only the greedy ones that get caught.
  12. was pretty obvious Grainger just wanted to smash the free kick of the Hibs player, petulant on his part, he brought it on himself basically the Hibs fans goaded him into doing something like that and he fell hook line
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