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  1. whats this about Billy Davies offering to take the managers role till the end of the season at christmas on a nominal wage and he was snubbed?
  2. teale yes but thommo and goodwin .... those two will clean up next year
  3. Lets hope Thommo gets offered a new contract! if so he will score 20+
  4. Had the op last night, a pretty minor Hernia op caused by the groin injury and back in 3 weeks
  5. I don't know why the board wouldn't look at this by way of raising the funds needed to sell their share in the club? They have 52%. They could easily create a crowd funding platform to sell their shares. It would mean real ownership of the club would be transferred to the fans / punters who chip in for some shares and their over valued share price would be achievable. Look at Brewdog for example. Their first batch of crowd funding saw them offer 2% of their shares at £95 a share. I think it valued the company at around 10 million or something. ( might have been more) The beauty is if they ( the board) don't achieve their target price in the set time scale then they don't sell one share. In fact the guys at the helm could still maintain some shareholding and be the initial board to run the club.
  6. It's Defo not Thommo . I hear Ian murray is in with a shout. Personally i think John Collins or Gary Bollan
  7. Just heard from a very reliable source he has been sacked and there will be an announcement today in the next hour or so. Not really sure if it is a good or bad thing
  8. I can't believe people on this forum are going to sit back and watch That Prick Doncaster stroll back into his role!!!! Surely fans everywhere should be getting their point across. Longmuir and Doncaster are to be interviewed my 3 board members..... Will it be the 3 SPL board members do you think?! Whatever you have to say about Longmuir he's surely miles ahead of the other CXXT
  9. Why should we join the CIC to line the pockets of our directors who have in effect bent over and taken it from the Old Firm if they vote THEM back into div 1
  10. That is hilarious reading.. Rangers fans with integrity. Who would of thought. Reckon if they get voted out of div 1 it will happen though.
  11. I know the owners of Cowdenbeath fairly well and would suggest they had original bought the ground to sell to a supermarket and relocate to a new stadium but that fell flat. They would be fairly interested in getting rid quickly and Donald Findley did or still does sit on the Board.
  12. Hey! St Sid got his inheritance to think about !!! ;-)
  13. It was the train back from Inverness... As i hang my head in shame.
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