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  1. Cheers anyway Now ... squeaky bum time for some on here [emoji2]
  2. Tried - got few videos but says can only upload 5mb [emoji15] Only 20 seconds each clip Only Saints fans going mental & the goals ffs so nothing important 🥰
  3. Got some videos from the game , how can I post them from my iPhone?
  4. I waited ages watching the customers in my local Waitrose today - couldn’t see anyone getting a mystery free shop
  5. They’ll be more unhappy when we win 1-2 [emoji4]
  6. Joking aside, it’s honestly beyond funny what the OP does. Loves to tell everyone about ‘his plans’ and hotels, ambassador friend , his overwhelming generosity to Waitrose unsuspecting shoppers .... etc etc February fixtures March fixtures You’d think fair enough, maybe. Sorry to hear you’re checking out in 2041 , start having a great time now you know [emoji1] Ps: I don’t plan on going to this game
  7. Forum doesn’t require a ‘national day’ for it , a good ‘whine’ forms part of every thread [emoji1]
  8. Oh Jesus, agreement between the aliases [emoji2] Game is on - no drama... yet
  9. February, March ..... Oh of course... This is an act of kindness letting us know about what your plans are FFS Pre-match drinks in Waitrose
  10. I quite enjoy your posts, but I feel you didn’t extend the full welcome [emoji19] You failed to mention if Jan & his pals hover in Waitrose earlier in the day, they’ll probably not have to fork out for the carry out [emoji1] Crowd despite tv will be over 6,000 Watching St Mirren win 2-1 Hope everyone enjoys the game [emoji4]
  11. Not sure there’s a kind way of saying it, but you honestly are a condescending prick. Don’t forget to ring the Gazette and get the photographer in place for your ‘random’ act of kindness at Waitrose [emoji2] Has there been a more worthy use of FFS on here ? [emoji15]
  12. Got us to win 2-1 in both games we play this week ( weather permitting )
  13. I will be extremely kind to many I will unhook your internet Probably earn a few likes
  14. Not a great game Definitely another goal in it though
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