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  1. Not really speculation but I was at the U21 game last night and Andrew Shinnie was a stand out performer in the team. Looks very comfortable on the ball and always makes himself available. I think he would freshen up our midfield and we could get him on loan from the orange b*st*rds.
  2. Stockholm Syndrome- Blink 182 only 7 days until I go see them
  3. Biffy Clyro- Only Revolutions ( Not as good as the old stuff but ok) James- Fresh as a Daisy ( The greatest hits amazing collection) Lostprophets- The Betrayed( Their best album to date) Ocean Colour Scene- Moseley Shoals ( Still think its one of the best ever albums made) Stereophonics- Keep Calm & Carry On ( Ok a few good songs not as good as their older stuff)
  4. AC/DC Iron Maiden Guns N Roses Blink 182 ( I have a ticket for them in 2 weeks so can score them off the list) The Jam.
  5. Surfacing- Slipknot. This is angry song but gotta love it.
  6. Blink 182- All of This They have the dude from the Cure on this song. He has a fantastic voice. Getting in some listens before I go see Blink in August. I canny wait!!!!!!!!
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