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  1. Has the club announced that there is going to be a new strip this season? I know we are conditioned to have a new one every year but if JD sports have plenty of stock left (and there are no sponsor changes) could it be that we go again with last seasons? By now JD must have been able to fix the kids tops so they could get them over their head...
  2. Don't mind win or goal bonuses but I would hope there would be no league positioning bonus for finishing below the playoff spots.
  3. Great idea but this would have taken some forward planning which for us is a bit of a stretch.
  4. Who do you want? Apparently Vidal was outside of our price range.
  5. It's Commercially naive especially considering we are selling sevco fans tickets for (what was) the family stand. Why did we not sell these tickets directly to the new club and let them deal with the distribution of the tickets?
  6. By the looks of it the Ticket office is closed tomorrow, probably need to give them a call Sunday morning.
  7. This information came from chick Young so I doubt it has much credibilty. For what it's worth I think it's more likely he will get the last 10 minutes of the game similar to what he's had for the majority of this season.
  8. Fair enough. I don't have the time or the enthusiasm to look back at the correspondences.
  9. Don't know where the 'daring to disagree' part comes from? I merely questioned why you wouldn't want to share ideas than keep them to yourself. Out of interest are you directly affected by sevco being housed in the family stand?
  10. I am old enough to know better than reply but here goes... Should we not all be trying to improve finances, atmosphere etc. for the benefit of the/our club? I’ve been at many AGM’s and public meetings over the years and the BOD have always said they are open to new ideas and that their door is always open, have you proffered any? I certainly believe there are ways in which we can improve the number of home fans. As an example the ‘bring a buddie’ scheme, whilst flawed, was successful. However for a single game at the end of a poor season the only way to increase numbers would be to discount ticket prices which is something we would have to do for the away fans too. Would there really be a large enough uplift in the home support to negate the price decrease and smaller away support (assuming family stand would be home fans only)? In my opinion you are a classic example of why I have concerns about fan ownership. Your attitude towards sharing ideas comes across as the spoilt child who would take their ball away if not picked. God help us if you manage to get onto the board. Serious Question, how old are you?
  11. We are lucky to have a couple of hundred people in the family stand for matches against either side of old/new firm, what incentives could you offer to fill the place with saints fans? You just have to look on this forum when we are about to play the **** or ***** and you see folk saying that they don't want to be in the ground with the bigots.
  12. . Whilst I don't agree with how the BOD handled the situation I do agree that we should maximise the money we can get from the sevco support before the season ends. With Dundee United and possibly Kilmarnock coming down next season every penny possible should be given to Alex Rae in order to get a playoff place.
  13. I'll be there. I'll never let the hordes of **** dictate which saints game I can and cannot go to.
  14. Not required. The scum got the trophy yesterday. The only way I can see this happening is if sevco offer us money to do it.
  15. This should keep those that are not going happy as now they can watch on the TV.
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