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  1. Well as predicted you could not help yourself. Calm down and enjoy your falafel in pita bread with ethically sourced couscous served with a half coconut shell containing ethnic vegan breast milk. Let the rest of us worry about real life.
  2. Oh your one of these "I am easily offended, wait till I tell social media, oh authority I am so frightened of it, what a privileged little cow of a madam I am, how dare those whose job it is to administer justice look in my direction, I am so outraged, a steward looked at me and now I know how Nelson Mandela felt, I cant stand on chairs I am so oppressed, everyone has it in for me because I am so lower middle class, I eat beans once so I am instead so working class, fight the power, you cant tell me what to do, eff the system until benefits day yeah once I get my benefits I will fight the system, its a conspiracy against people I don't really know but they are now my comrades, the system is corrupt I saw it on a programme about it on the BBC, you know the BBC I pay my licence fee for, free Tibet, down with the system, I know my rights and you offended me by eating waffles in a homophobic way, everyone is equal except me, well I am equal and I demand to be equal but when authority glances in my direction I get upset, don't treat me like everyone else as I am offended, don't single me out but treat me differently, I am important and I demand to be heard but pay me no attention, well pay me lots of attention but not the attention I don't crave, the club have made this up, every one is a liar, I respect everyone but I have no respect for anyone, cradle my humanity and stroke my ego, I am just like the great John MacLean except for all the brave bits, I demand justice, oh you know social justice not real justice, protect the spitter against the man, he/she is misunderstood, cuddle the spitter, its not like he/she is a real criminal like Starbucks, well he/she is a criminal but spitting is okay, well its not okay if you spit on me I would be first to report it but it wasn't me so its okay and I side with the oppressed, its an outrage" Well I will leave you to be offended at whatever unimportant but massively dramatic issue is ruining your decaffeinated fair trade coffee served in a recyclable cup served with a quinoa and yak milk quiche. Don't worry and don't be so outraged, judging by this thread you are far from the only one. I am sure your sense of "social justice" will compel you to formulate some sort of outraged reply.
  3. Agreed, it does seem rather odd indeed. However that said this incident is disgusting and I condemn the assailant and all his/her little fandan friends. I do hope that the proper authorities are allowed to exert the required control and bring this sub human coward to justice. Indeed if the decision were mine I would drag the coward through the streets of Paisley with both feet tied to a pony. Decent people would be allowed to throw vegetables and rocks at the coward (but not the pony). The coward would then be delivered to a specially commissioned altar stone temporarily placed on the centre circle at new Love Street. Tony Fitzpatrick would then be invited to crush the cowards head under a jackboot with "authority" written thereon. His/her brain matter would be left to dissipate into the grass (good plant feed I would imagine) whilst all the righteous little cowards friends gaze on, frightened to complain via social media lest the jackboot of authority be released upon them!!!! If Tony Fitzpatrick is unavailable/unwilling perhaps the Panda can don the jackboot of authority! But alas the decision is not mine. Perhaps we should berate the authorities for daring to supervise our fanbase and perhaps offer cuddles to those who break the law in such a cowardly fashion. Perhaps the jackbooted panda is just a crazy dream...........just a dream indeed.
  4. Ask yourselves this...what must Ducken's think? Here we have grown men greeting like little bitches that a steward/the man/the Polis/Gordon Scott's secret service/Tony Fitz's hallelujah troupe may have kept a beady eye on them. The good name of our club is being dragged through the gutter by an utter baw sack who has spat on an opposing fan who was on a stretcher and incapacitated. The same baw sack is being protected by the little offended bitches who are making little privileged bitch like statements such as "you don't know what happened" and "allegedly". The baw sack is a baw sack or as Rabbie Burns would have put it a baw sacks a baw sack for a' that. Anyone who throws coins at the football is a baw sack. Anyone who spits on another human being is a disgusting, cowardly baw sack. Anyone who spits on another human being whilst that human being is lying an a stretcher is an utterly disgusting baw sack. This baw sack deserves to punished. Any "fan" of ours who has a modicum of decency would contact the appropriate authorities and allow this baw sack to be dealt with in a manner befitting the disgusting behaviour exhibited by this baw sack. Ducken's will know that the person(s) responsible for this shameful, disgusting and cowardly behaviour are directly responsible for causing all the issues that many are currently "greeting" about. Ducken's will surely not be impressed, surely not be impressed indeed. Duckens will also know that if the "w7" boys don't want the "pure heavy attention man, its no fair, its pure no fair" then the w7 boys need to start weeding out the scum like element who are giving them (and all of us) a bad name. If I see a baw sack spitting upon or throwing a coin at an opposing fan I shall do more about it than greet on here. I suggest we all do the same. Ducken's may well think that a little bit of national service would sort out the soft as defecate youth of today. When one gets deployed in a foreign theatre of war one becomes a little more pragmatic and much less pathetic about ones feelings being offended by such unimportant events as a "pure heavy stare fae a steward". Don't be as soft as defecate and be more like Ducken's.
  5. And yet we still have far too many, far too many indeed
  6. No need...we have a new right back
  7. We may not be done...the twitters are a lighting
  8. no you knew about the duck was about to land
  9. Ah so we havent signed anyone today Well not yet anyway...unless we really have and your keeping it from me...
  10. No FTOF posted "we have just signed.." Perhaps FTOF should answer For example I have just had a massive shite, I am of course referring to the massive shite I just dropped into the pan and NOT a massive shite I may/may not have had some day last week. Christ almighty!!!!!
  11. No that was last week.....the chap/chapess posted today, deadline day. Is he/she confused?
  12. Is the window finished yet? Edited to add: Deepest sorrow fellow foum user's. Is the window closed as yet?
  13. Contentment, just like every other day Well that and a superstar striker, a winger silkier than a high class hookers stockings and a midfielder with more tackle than the Glasgow angling centre. Players that we have actually heard of is often a good start, good start indeed.
  14. £17 is not too expensive for an adult. That is all, all indeed
  15. I do believe that answers your question, answers it indeed
  16. I am with you on that my forum friend, my gibbet will be flibbertied on that very point. Now I must say I am pleased to see thon Cole Kpekewa leave the club. My goodness that boy was never a footballer, whoever saw him and decided to pay him money to play football at my club needs a slapping around the sack. PS Quality quote
  17. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the game, problems that cometh with age. Anyway I managed to watch the game on an illegal firestick in a social club that I shall not name. It is a very short walk from my house and has no stairs so that I could do...good news is I shall be fit for our next match!!!! The illegal firestick need not be deployed on my behalf again and I anticipate it shall be used for old firm games and blue movies in future as I wont be requesting its use. First time I had ever watched St Mirren TV. Now to get to the point...........the quality was bloody awful, the constant shaking of the camera and distortion of the out of focus images started to make my head hurt. You could not tell who the players were and if the ball moved quickly you actually missed some of the action. So after all that......I am still to get to the point so....the images were so poor that you could not see the incident in sufficient detail. I was left wondering why a player would dive so far from goal but I could make out that the referee was in a good position. I was not even sure who the player was!! Still a pretty weak sending off though, the referee could easily have given him a warning in lieu of either of the cards. Strange watching an incident on TV and being somewhat less informed by those who attended the game.
  18. Great news to see young Kyle back
  19. This is either an unfortunate accident OR The car crash causing unit of MI6 (otherwise known as the Lady Diana disposal squad) are becoming very sloppy. Either way I sure the rampant auld bigot will survive to insult another day
  20. Sorry to interject in this high brow conversation...... Has anyone got any news regarding January arrivals perchance?
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