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  1. You take offence at everything, you are pathetic. You also called me out on nothing, you just whined like the attention seeking little bitch your self absorbed sad little personality has led you to be. You are greeting faced swine, evidenced entirely by your childish response to the OP on the very thread. You are embarrassment to this forum. Take your own childish advice and button it, you attention seeking snowflake. Oh and in response to the OP, it happens now and again, do not worry about it. Oh and I am sorry you had to endure the attention seeking of Oaksoft, he is not representative of all of us.
  2. What planet are you on? You are the very fellow that takes offence at everything you can!!!!! What a bloody cheek you have., in fact not cheek, just a walloper! Anyway, follow your own advice and button it, button it indeed.
  3. You know something, it was entirely appropriate. Some people are condescending arseholes. That was like being booted in the baw's repeatedly last week. The last thing one needs is some fandan giving it "never mind we did well". I am still unhappy, raging in fact. We f**ked it up, not only that but luck turned against us in the most awful bastartin way. It will take some time to recover from this. Incidentally, our complete and utter failure to......ah f**kit I'm still too angry! Enjoy being appalled.
  4. Your welcome, I am still too scunnered to speak of this. All the "never mind we did well" and "it just wasn't be" bellend's can still piss off. Some folk need put down!
  5. Of f**k off you prick. We are entitled to be upset, scunnered and pissed off, because we care, we care deeply. Our fans are hurting and you are just being a prick. f**k off prick.
  6. I have not watched it, won't just cannae Still angry
  7. Well it all went bastartin wrong in the last 5 mins today. f**king knew it would happen when we didn't score a second,,,,,,still scunnered, f**kin raging.
  8. Why??? We have had a great season so far. Oh FFS We were a bawhair away from making the top six, stupid bastartin question Still too raw for stupidity.....keep it to yersel, still scunnered
  9. I am completely and utterly bastarting scunnered, bastarting scunnered indeed, SCUNNERED
  10. I can assure you young man...over the years we are very much "in negative rubs"
  11. Oh yes...it was a penalty anyway, clear foul, even though is was after the ball was played the wee fanny was late
  12. Not today, after my 4 nervous jobbies earlier my colon is cleaner than Mother Theresa's mouth!
  13. I canne hear them for the wind. They are not happy about the penalty!!!!
  14. Question Can I no get commentary on the old St Mirren TV via the ST. Cannae listen tae this Hamilton pish any longer!!!
  15. I agree but we are the most part the only team in it, The boy Anderson looks handy for them though
  16. Its a bit blurry.....not to mention the wind and poor commentary. All us though
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