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  1. Liffey Wanderers and Crumlin Utd 0-0 at the break, A tense affair, a tense affair indeed
  2. St Johstone a goal up at home to Motherwell
  3. Westerlo now 3-1 up, Lokeren come back short lived
  4. Westerlo now 2-1 up against Lokeren, is the come back on?
  5. Always Ready 4 Potosi 0 at half time, this one looks done
  6. Bangu 1 Oeste 0 Bet you never saw that coming!
  7. Westerlo add a second, 2 - 0 v Lokeren
  8. Hibs a goal up against Cooonty
  9. Thats Honved a goal up against Haladas Saarbruken 1 Pirmasen 2, looks like that one will be a final score
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was away googling Anton's sexuality as well!!!!!!! What I did find find was that his brother might not have been too happy
  11. But we don't now.........so my point still stands so it does right Actually I was unaware that Anton Ferdinand was openly gay, thats actually very positive as it clearly wasnt a big enough deal. Still the apparent lack of gay footballers does illustrate an issue so clearly football still has some way to go.
  12. Then why oh why do we not have ANY openly gat footballlers? The problem is very apparent. ****openly GAY footballers
  13. Or in cockney pub lounge parlance "we having a Geoffrey"?
  14. Be very wary people, be very wary indeed. Lets assume for a moment that the "people from Kibble" are being genuine in this wonderful proposal (they really might be). That is wonderful, Kibble will be the bestest pals we ever had. The club and Kibble will hang out together and all will be rosy in the garden of Paisleyshire. Together the Smisa top dogs and the Kibble bastions can happily back slap one and other all the way to Asda and back. Such happy frolicking as mutual admiration allows everyone to feel warm, secure and snug. Now lets think for a moment about the "people from Kibble". These wonderful people who profess to shit black and white will not be in post forever. You see that's the thing about employee's, at some point they leave, move up or retire. So what happens when the next generation of "people from Kibble" come along? What happens when they are ruthless, crabbit arseholes who care not for the petty bickerings of Smisa? What happens when the next generation of "people from Kibble" have no respect for even Smisa premium members and Smisa no longer have the free reign that it was supposed to? What happens when the authority of the almighty Smisa premium top dogs is diluted by the huffy Kibble people? What happens when Smisa is hamstrung to the extent that it is less efficient in carrying out its role as a Theresa May promised Brexit? Don't be fooled by voting away your influence. Utter fools.
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