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    Readers digest, driving my new fangled automobile (horseless carriage), smoking woodbines and doffing my oversized cap. Going to football of the Paisley kind and being old and getting older and this forum and discussing things and eating and drinking and breathing.

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  1. TediousTom

    January Arrivals

    Sorry to interject in this high brow conversation...... Has anyone got any news regarding January arrivals perchance?
  2. TediousTom

    January Arrivals

    Unless they buggered off back home in order to fetch pyjama's, toothbrushes and an ample supply of underwear before coming back to light up Paisley with dazzling displays of skill as they become the backbone of a trophy laden Paisley footballing dynasty that lasts for years and years and years (even longer than this sentence).
  3. TediousTom

    Welcome Mihai Popescu

    Good stuff Who did you play with then?
  4. TediousTom

    January Arrivals

    And an opportunity Welcome to big thingmie
  5. TediousTom

    January Exits

    Must be right quiet at training though. The very few that are left must be dreading a tap on the shoulder.
  6. TediousTom

    Best Loanee X1 versus Worst Loanee X1

    BEST Charlie Adam, Esmael Goncalves, Connot Newton, Paul Dummett WORST Alan Stubbs selection of defecate
  7. TediousTom


    I see Pod wishes to extend pantomine season. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/st-mirren-football-club-ditch-single-use-plastic?bucket=template--2_1_2019_&source=facebook-share-button&time=1546449630&fbclid=IwAR1AH-R6zxNAARG9tWs77BCwfV_JrrMGDTUYo02IeJ-bsEu0iavvCL-Nta0 Oh yes they are!!!!! Note: What nosense, what utter nonsense indeed
  8. TediousTom


    The single use plastic arguement is a very real one but I am sure that our wonderful club does not deserve to be singled out, at least not yet. As such I will NOT be signing this daft petition. As a personal protest, railing against the idiot who started this petition I shall purchase a bovril, use TWO plastic stirrers and also take a straw that I shall dispose of without EVER using it. Just to be safe I shall have to bring a couple of plastic stirrers and a straw with me in case such products are replaced with tree hugging models prior to my next attendance at the hallowed ground. Of course I shall make sure that the stirrers and straw have never been used before (as that would defeat my personal protest). Actually fellow Buddies lets all bring plastic stirrers and straws to the game, disposing of them in such a manner as to make this idiot pish themselves with rage.
  9. TediousTom

    Plastic Saints?

    My views on Smisa being a well intentioned but ultimately fraudulent scheme are well kent on this little forum of ours. I appreciate your efforts to inform the wider Buddie community as to your findings, unfortunately many will fail to listen and will conduct themselves like Labour voters justifying illlegal war by refusing reason and resorting to insult. Good work. Smisa are evil, evil indeed. Happy new year Buddies, happy new year indeed
  10. TediousTom


    Happy hew year Buddies, have a right guid yin, a right guid yin indeed.
  11. TediousTom

    January Signings

    I must say, Flareybobs lunatic rantings aside it has been very quiet on the old speculation front. Normally our wonderful club leaks like a seive with the identity of transfer targets well known to all and sundry (often to the demise of the deal). Now that leaves two likely scenario's 1) The management team we have in place are highly professional and such news really has stayed with those who "need to know" 2) We are doing absolutely f**kall I choose to believe the first likely scenario and as the New Year rapidly approaches I yearn for an exciting intake of new talent to finally deliver some value for this season's season ticket purchase.
  12. TediousTom

    We are Not detached

    We wre not detached. Unlike the Labour movement and socialism we are not detached. Seasons greetings everyone
  13. TediousTom

    Stick or twist in January?

    Or alternatively we could be thwarted in our efforts for promotion by another Jack Ross style manager thus seeing us stagnate in the second tier, slowly decaying Dundee Utd style! No we must twist Twist like Jacob Rees Moggs knife in Dancer Mays back, twist like Jeremy Corbyn being asked his opinion on Brexit, twist like the DUP (whom Labour have said they would happily work with) with a billion pounds Tory bribe banked, twist like a unionists morals. Twist, twist and twist until we are as twisted as Katie Hopkins twitter account. Oran Kearney's twisted army!!!!! Seasons greetings forum friends, seasons greetings indeed
  14. TediousTom

    Stick or twist in January?

    I have not read this thread. BTW hope all fellow Buddies had a great Christmas and I wish you all the very best for the forthcoming new year. Anyway TWIST, TWIST like a Labour politicians values, TWIST like buggery. TWIST, TWIST and TWIST some more. All the best everyone.