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  1. I am not entering into any discussion with you, the reason being that the potato I plan to have as a mid morning snack would likely provide more intellectual conversation. The only "fact" is the existence of the Coleraine story for 6 weeks......everything else is speculative dribble.....hence my preference to converse with a potato over you! I wonder if the Alloa Chairman has received the phone call yet?
  2. Wooosh The story that Oran Keanrey would return to Coleraine did indeed appear 6 weeks ago in the press, having read it I can confirm that to be a fact. Your rant was one sided speculative nonsense. Now just to be absolutely clear, I find your last response to me to be rather stupid, stupid indeed.
  3. A lot of words, pure speculation of course, repetitive one-sided speculation Your rant does nothing to address the only real fact that we can be sure of. Six weeks ago (yes 6) speculation appeared in the press regarding our then manager returning to Coleraine. As out of the blue as it was the speculation did not disappear. Low and behold, with the job still open, Mr Kearney goes and falls out with our Mr Scott. Now I do not know what happened but that 6 week old story has left me bloody suspicious, bloody suspicious indeed.
  4. It has and this would appear to make the sudden fall out with Mr Gordon Scott somewhat suspicious. Could it perhaps be alledged that Mr Kearney has been "tapped up" and any subsequent breakdown in relations was manufactured? Suspicious goings on, suspicious goings on indeed.
  5. That it is forum friend, that it is indeed, With last season finishing on such a spectacular high and with Mr Kearney at the helm I was guilty of allowing myself some optimism with regard to the forthcoming season. Well it now appears everything has once again been Royally f**ked up. As the days trickle by and better run clubs are working the transfer market we are falling out with yet another manager. As fans are being asked to fork out hard earned money for season tickets the best the club can offer is yet more internal strife. Once again as things look to be taking an up turn our club turns everything to pish. Well done to all involved, well done indeed.
  6. Disagree Now move along, move along indeed
  7. No, neither Jeff King nor Heaton (I forgot his first name) could lace big Coles boots. Although both Jeff and thingmie Heaton were superb and each contributed so very much as was Hayden Coulson, big Nicolai Brock-Madsen, Matty Willock and that's it I cannae mind any more. We should re-vote for player of the year, Cole Kpekewa should have walked it Yes special thanks to Cole Kpekewa, thingmie Heaton, Hayden Coulson, Nicolai Brock-Madsen and Matty Willock for keeping us in the premier league, special thanks Cole Kpekewa, thingmie Heaton, Hayden Coulson, Nicolai Brock-Madsen and Matty Willock indeed.
  8. Is he the best signing of the season though? Cole Kpekewa takes some beating, takes come beating indeed
  9. Well they had to beat them ONCE to be able to beat them twice! I stand by my original point
  10. Do not be so shy, expand on the good bits Oran is a far superior manager to Robbie Neilson Despite not being Scottish Oran is far easier to understand than Robbie Neilson who is Scottish Despite not being from Paisley Oran is far easier to understand than Robbie Neilson who is from Paisley The Saint Mirren professional football club are a far better run organisation than Dundee Utd using any sensible form of measurement The local team supporting people of Paisley are a better class of supporter than that which follows Dundee Utd (some of whom cant even stick to the correct end) Paisley has a wonderful, historic Abbey, Dundee has a boat The Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad are not inclined to cheat (ie hack and dive) unlike Dundee Utd Saint Mirren are a team on the up, Dundee United are the second best team in their own street The Black and White is magnificent, tangerine is for wallopers Saint Mirren Park, Simple digital arena, Love Street, Paisley 2020 (whatever its called this week) is a purpose built, modern theatre for football, Tannadice is not. Gordon Scott drives an Aston Martin, the Dundee Utd chairman disnae Black and White army is a fine, cutting edge model of excellence in the football forum world, the Arab thing was out of date in 1994 Rio Ferdinand can name one of our players, he cannot name a Dundee Utd player The Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad have won the Barcelona cup, Dundee Utd just beat Barcelona once. Paisley Gilmour Street train station is a wonderful example of Victorian engineering and architecture, Dundee train station is a big brick shed. The Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co is named after an historically important person, Dundee United are not. I have never met anyone called Oran before,
  11. Rio ? Wahahahahahahahaha Made a tadger of myself, a tadger of myself indeed
  12. Here here I thought young Rio (Anton) was immense when he came on. He was the picture of professionalism and calm in a sea of strain, jadedness and pressure. Also I hasten to add.....I noticed Rio (Anton) at the Hamilton game and on Saturday lingering on the pitch at half time instead of making his way straight to the dressing room. Rio (Anton) then made a point (particularly against Hamilton) of speaking to each and every player as they re-took the field. He tried the same on Saturday but was slightly less successful owing only to the order the players re-appeared. He is clearly a good guy who cares about the game, his colleagues and the team he plays for. Well done Rio (Anton), well done indeed
  13. I believe him and I believe in him. So to clarify I believe what he says and I believe he exists to say it. To illustrate the opposite view I shall now talk about Smisa I don't believe Smisa and Im sorry they still exist. To illustrate, I don't believe anything Smisa say and I am sorry they still exist. Now back to the game...COME ON YE SAINTS
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