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  1. Back in the early 90's in the Jimmy Bone era I recall John Hewitt sticking the ball in the top corner after 18 passes, what a goal. I think it was against Kilmarnock. Big Jon Obika's vs Hearts is fair cheering me up during this Covid 19 crisis though!
  2. The Z should help Its not David Van Zanten or Victor Munoz though so im a bit befuddled
  3. Nup...too hard I prefer my anagrams like this Man DcGarry McOrrie N'whirter Lalie Davpsley Patrick Fitztony Bimmy Jone Fullerton Jamie Jun Mendes ior Dun James Lop Bellcam Israel Nomey Rop Wardalan Gllrickyies GillKennyies Bummer Droy
  4. Well I sincerely hope they get through this.
  5. Do we know of any Buddies who have it? Lets hope we all get through this.....in the mean time, stay the f**k away from me you walking germ bags, but stay safe every Buddie, stay safe.
  6. So we are taking drastic measures in order to save lives, to limit the amount of kids who lose parents and the number of parents who have to bury children and yet some halfwit complains by rolling out the old fascist nonsense. Get a grip, get a grip indeed. PS as much as a dribbling idiot you are, stay safe, every Buddie stay safe.
  7. Yes it does, by all sane measures it is a waste of money but we do it because we love it. Every fan gets that, thats why we are what we are.
  8. I see your point on this. Our club are guilty of milking the Paisley working class to death and also the middle class with illusions of grandeur (the Smisa premium membership, I am gritting my teeth here). Some supberb marketing has seen us (including me) buy shares, some pay for the wank wall and now we have fans paying for season tickets, Smisa memberships, 1877 memberships as well as the righteous costs for our fantastic supporters clubs to keep those buses running. It all adds up. Many of our faithful are young and as such not so high on the old career path. It is a lot of money. However these are unprecedented times so I wouldn't be so quick to roll out the high horse here. I do not want Agnes the cleaner (do we have a cleaner called Agnes, you see you the point), and Boab the brusher upper to end up devoid of much needed income. Our club for all it's faults is fantastic and we must see it endure. This is not a time for one upmanship. If one fan can give but a fiver and another can give a ton they are both as valuable as each fan could be making a sacrifice they can equally ill afford. So, if we need a fundraiser I am in and I will contribute what I can afford, in truth slightly more. That figure will be different for each of us but no less important. The man who lays out £1000 without noticing is not the same as the man who lays out £20 but has to sacrifice something, potentially from the shopping basket. The man who didn't notice will be celebrated and the latter taken for granted. Again don't start on the Smisa premium membership. I have been a poor man and I have been comfortable man and such schemes are for cunts. Anyway, unprecedented times, the teenager who gives a fiver is as bright a star (if not brighter) than Land Rover driving, golf jumper wearing gent who gives twenty times that. Lets see our club through this, we all need something to look forward to, we all need something to look forward to indeed. PS I have too many deceased friends who loved this club like I do to see it fail. So COYS
  9. I agree, well done Brora. Other leagues should be decided in the same manner. Of course the south side of Glasgow bigots will act like spoilt children and despite all the suffering that is going on Annwe Budge will try and sue thoroughly degrading the name of football. However I would not be averse to a little bit of recontruction in order to allow the SPFL to bottle it. 18 team top league anyone?
  10. Today I will not be Wynching a lassie at the Kelburne Enjoying folk night at the Brabloch Warching Dan McGarry dribble the arse off of Stanley Matthews. Buying a new telly from Arnotts. Enjoying a Jaconelli's ice cream. Buying new woollen gloves with "SMFC" written accross the knuckles from the club shop in the old Piazza. Not smell of pish Dancing in the Templars or the Co-Op Attending at the Methodist hall to pay my union dues. Heading out to the Elliston grill for lunch, Swimming at the Storrie St baths. Parking my car in Storrie St car park and paying Felix for the pleasure. Playing snooker at Knox St. Watching the Pirates in the ice rink. Booing Cassius Clay from the ring at the ice rink. Serving my country again. Voting Tory. Voting Labour. Joining Smisa. Walking past the Turf tavern, popping in for one more and regretting it. Buying anything from Lews. Referring to pen corner and expecting any of you to know what I am talking about. Having a pish in the public toilets in Dunn square.
  11. I am pretty much isolated. Other than a trip to Aldi the only other human contact I have had in the last week was the Amazon delivery man. By the time I got to the door he was halfway up my garden, the boy was right as I might have coughed on him. All relatives are either self isolating or dont want to visit in case they have it and are not showing symptoms. According to the news im pan breid if I get it so who can blame them? A friend of mine, whom I maintain contact with through the whatsapp, was left sitting in his livingroom when his carer failed to show. I feel sorry for old folk at this time, lonlieness can be hard. Im alright, I can work a computer so I can keep upto date, find something to read or even hop on here to read whatever drivel folk are falling out about today. I will be okay. Cairters Corner world cup of of fannies, best 5 a side team, favourite player and now favourite manager polls kept me well entertained. Missing the fitba is difficult though, often its the only time I get out in a fortnight (excepting Aldi). Still I always have BAWA to keep my lonely old spirits up. Stay safe folks, stay safe indeed.
  12. NEWS REPORT "Oh Corona 19, you killed the football scene and Hetrz urnae too keen" Sang supporters of Paisleys greatest ever sporting institution to the tune of Come on Eileen at the Fegie dome today. What was the occasion? Well after much deliberation and shite hawking in the corridors of power those few SFA blazers who survived the Corona 19, or as it has become know the "e-plague" pandemic (after academics discoverd it could actually be spread by e-mail) have finally reached a decision to relegate Heart of Midlothian to the championship. In a meeting that only last month began with the 21 "blazers of power" in deadlock finally ended at lunch time today with the three remaining living blazers voting 2-1 in order to relegate the team left bottom of the pile by the remarkable Job Obika. Such was the tension around the decision that supporters of the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad gathered at the Fegie dome as St Mirren chairman Alan Wardrop addressed the excitable crowd. The new Chairman, following Chairman Scott vacating the hot seat to run as a Conservative candidate in one of the many seats vacated by dead elderly Tories following the e-plague, Chairman Wardrop compared himself to Cesear himself. "Friends, Buddies, Countryman" he began as the now fever pitch crowd, undoubtedly ramped up by the fact that most of them have not been allowed out of the house since Boris banned commoners from being out in daylight until the Corona 19 epidemic stopped killing rich people, began kicking over the "wank wall". The Wank wall of course being a local name for the Smisa wall, Smisa being a now failed group who clubbed together, built a wall and put their own names on it. Well the wank wall and Hearts had something in common, both had to go down. Similar scenes could be found at New Douglas park as a huge crowd of upto 14 accie fans turned out to rejoice as once again the Accie turd was not flushed. In other news, following the timely death of Rupert Murdoch after his covid inspired end Paisley journalist Kyle Gunn has been appointed chief journailst of all UK newspapers and director pupper master of the BBC. Good luck Kyle.
  13. Richard, is the club likely to have business continuity insurance?
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