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  1. Please do. If I don't reply start to worry........
  2. I huvnae been on the thread aw day!!! Baw heids like Shull have scunnered me. Still what a result. Great goal from Connelly and that run from Flynn!!!!!
  3. I assumed this was a 1945hrs kick off!!!!!!! Anyway anyone got a link to the game? Hesgoal is being a buffering bastard
  4. Brandon Mason was shit, utter shit Our manager, in not replacing Mason MUCH earlier was shit, utter, utter shit We played like we were f**king scared...we created f**k all and as a result we got f**k all Utter, utter bastarding drivel.
  5. Yeah he has. He was able to write of 2.5 billion US dollars in tax against it!
  6. That reminds me of a song. Jim'll fix it for you, and you and you You don't hear it anymore. I wonder why?
  7. Don't praise Erwin for goodness sake, you will anger the facebook wankers
  8. Good signing, good signing indeed. It is nice to see us beat other top flight clubs for the signature of a 24yr old international, extremely nice indeed. This is far more exciting than the parade of unknown English non league "talent" that we have been force fed for some time now. Yes I for one am happy with this piece of business. When was the last time we beat other clubs to the signature of a coveted talent.......was it Craig Dargo? Welcome Eamon Brophy, welcome indeed.
  9. Smashing article, thank you, thank you indeed
  10. This years song at my Christmas table Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree against THE Rangers St Mirren Scored three
  12. Same for me..... Just to boil my piss even more all the other games are streaming fine!
  13. Aye, on mine they have moved to Edinburgh now...... Do these young ladies take any notice of covid related travel restrictions? I'd spank those pert little arses for them
  14. It disappeared during the first half. I was fair enjoying it too, the sexy Asian women looking for men in Glasgow look awfy nice in that wee advert as well.
  15. Loat my connection on HesGoal, bloody game has disappeared from the menu now! Who do I complain to about my illegal stream?
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