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  1. I was about to nominate you as someone who shames our club via this very forum and as I entered the thread I find that you are at it again!!!! Are you the most pathetic person ever to log on to the internet? DJ just ignore him, his existence is clearly an unhappy one!
  2. You know that was a bloody good watch. Here we have a manager talking up our player....what a wonderful thing. Why would you not want to play for a manager like that?
  3. Ah I see you reply as usual with your usual low brow abuse. You really are a nasty little pathetic individual. But hey, it is evident for all to see!!!!!!
  4. The fact is that you when you aren't on making your nasty wee jibes and proclamations of fake offence the forum really is a happier place. The reason you cannot see the problem is because you really are the problem,
  5. A tale of two strikers. Lee Erwin was excellent today, won plenty of ball, caused the Accies centre halves all sorts of problems and set up Obiika more than once. Kristian Dennis, didn;t do much at all except for SCORING A WORLDY A funny old game.
  6. Sorry to see Erwin go off, really well played. Flynniesta enters the mix
  7. The half time commentator "a wee penalty call but I don't think there's much in it"
  8. Oh totally.......still f**kem We really should have added a second before half time. Of course that's been our problem all bloody season. I fancy Erwin for a goal here!
  9. I would love to see a chance or two to fall to Erwin rather than Obika. The two of them have been first class, it's just a shame Obika has been in one of his "I willnae hit a barn door the day" moods. We need that killer second though...if we get it we could hump them dry!
  10. Obika and Erwin have a stormer here...well they would be if Obika could finish. Still fair enjoying this
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