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  1. I have not followed the strip scandal at all. What over priced t-shirt will I no be buying this year? I saw some fandan getting a bit upset on the old facebooks due to the fact that we wore a red strip at home to Dunfermline. Some people really are twats.
  2. I am sorry to hear you are in need of a job. This particular job seems just too good to be true so it's probably shite. In my day you could walk out of one job on a Friday and have a start on the Monday. That was true unless you were a catholic right enough, those poor buggers had less options, they had to wait until the Tuesday! That said those "start on Monday" jobs were all pish with an appalling rate of pay. The mills were an awful place to work but we all did it at some time or other. Great job for a young man as you couldn't fail to get your hole but the money was always pish. I imagine all those mill girls I did will have more dreepy breasts than genuine hips these days but those were the days. Anyway my bloody season ticket still hasn't come through, in fact the electronic mail I sent from my my AOL account has not been acknowledged. If they cannae reply to my electronic mail then I doubt they can be arsed sticking me in a ballot. I smell sweaty baws on that one. Slightly whiffy and unrespectful sweaty baws indeed. Stay safe fellow Budmeisters, the Covid didnae get me so far!
  3. It will all be fine. Stop whining like little spoilt mill whores. In other news my stools have been long and nicely "nipped" at each end of date. Almost comfortable to pass, in fact pleasurable indeed. This mornings offering didn't even register itself on the paper.
  4. Okay 10 days then......still didn't get the decency of a f**king letter so how was I supposed to know? Anyway you didn't answer my question so erm......erm....well.......
  5. I have received f**k all from the club re: ST renewal. Not one letter!!! I also have been watching the Euros so I have managed to live without this forum.....anyway just tried to register for next years season ticket and the bastarding thing closed yesterday, Am I unable to renew because I seem to have missed a 4 day window I was not lettered about? Also the same price as last year? shitty arse cheeks that's pish! Edited to add: The incredibly smart guy below has pointed out that the window I knew f**k all about was 10 days and not 4.
  6. I agree with the positive sentiments shown in this thread. Great news, well deserved and can only be good for the image of our club amongst the ranks of professional footballers/ Well done Mr McGrath and thank you for your services thus far.
  7. Is this one of those fantasy football things? If so can you post a link?
  8. Good bit of business this. I saw some so called "fans" on the old book face giving him pelters of late and it led to wonder if we always had such ill informed bellend's amongst our support! I concluded that we probably did it was just that in the good ol' days of real poverty and regular power cuts we didn't have such a thing as social media!!!!! Anyway great to see him staying.
  9. I watched it...not too much to tickle the baws about. Airdrie missed a couple of sitters though, one boy had a square heid and headered past when it was easier to score and on another occasion an Airdrie player "howked" the baw past when it was a fairly easy volley. As much as Airdrie are a club with racist supporters who would gladly wreck George Square (if they had the numbers) I was still less than happy to see them lose to that drug dependent shower of benefit claimants from the shitey bit of the Clyde. Normally I would wish Gus McPherson well, the same for Stephen McGinn but I cannot bring myself to wish for any joy for that sub human shower.
  10. Sorry to see the big man go. Still he didnae hang about.
  11. Well well well Would have taken that 90 mins ago. 7th place, best finish in years!!!!!!!! COYS
  12. I wonder if Paul Weller likes Jam. I remember the wee Golly from Robertson's jam fondly. The Golly is seen as somewhat racist these days but I cannot help but think of it fondly. I wonder if Paul Weller ever thinks of the Golly? Wasn't overly fond of the golden shred right enough. I wonder if Paul Weller has even tried golden shred?
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