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    Readers digest, driving my new fangled automobile (horseless carriage), smoking woodbines and doffing my oversized cap. Going to football of the Paisley kind and being old and getting older and this forum and discussing things and eating and drinking and breathing.

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  1. I would like to see Johnstone Burgh continue this wonderful winning run. That's four league wins on the bounce now, gang forward lads. I would also like to see Scotland make the world cup. Ideally seeing off the Ukraine at Hampden before giving the Welsh a right baw slapping. As for the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad I am just too bored to talk about them.
  2. And the replay showed Andy Gray scored his header with his eyes shut.
  3. All the best every Buddie, all the best indeed
  4. What a pile of wank indeed. First of all, being so quick to jump on social media to decry the club is not the behaviour befitting a supporter. It is the behaviour of an attention seeker. Secondly, the club have acted properly and professionally in maintaining a dignified silence. The matter has been heard, the bunnet's in blazers have acquiesced to the blue bigots and a meaningless punishment has been brought upon our fine club. The matter is closed and I commend the club in its actions thereafter. Well done The Saint Mirren Professional Football Club Pte Ltd Co, well done indeed.
  5. I understand fine. I also understand the pathetic fake rage that encompasses people of a certain sad affliction. This is a non story. Keeping it alive with this pathetic pish does nothing to help our club.
  6. Away and take a good f**k tae yersel and ram your "wee note" up your unimportant sphincter whilst you are at it! Oh and learn to spell the word represent you utter no mark.
  7. JUst a wee note to everyone who has contributed to this thread by voicing an opinion whereby our Chairman should resign. f**k off, St Mirren are too good for you. We don't need the likes of you. Arseholes. Greeting faced snowflake wankers the lot of you.
  8. No he should not. This thread is a pile of bollocks. Snowflake wankers.
  9. Well the guid news is I have a ticket for the Israel game. I was at the Moldova game, couldnae work the funny code thing, took me ages, when I turned round a huge queue had appeared behind me. Can I have a ticket for the turnstyle with a wee wummen on it? Enjoyed that tonight, C'mon Scotland!!!!!!
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