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  1. Well tie me kangaroo down sport tie me kangaroo down indeed
  2. The village idiot. An attention seeking fool. The forum pest. The community dunce. Bit like yersel since you are the dribbling halfwit, you are the dribbling halfwit indeed.
  3. I like Jack, I really do think he is a decent player who will only get better with experience. He does have a decent amount of experience already........he could easily be a good player for us with a long career. I do hope that Jim see's sense and plays the lad on Saturday, with McCarthy beside him I would not be overly concerned. Actually Jack could easily give Jim a selection problem when Shaughnessy is fit because he could be difficult to drop! Alas he will likely go elsewhere, to a rival team and carve out a good career, you know evolve into the type of player that we wish we had but can't afford! Mind the Dunfermline game? what a performance, what a performance indeed.
  4. For me its this 5 1) Iain Munro 2) Alex Rae 3) John Coughlin 4) Davie Hay 5) Ian Murray
  5. I am not sure that is what he meant.....but hey, I could be wrong, I could be wrong indeed.
  6. Do you mean the same Gus that released Kenny McLean only for Danny to sign him up?
  7. Season ticket holders given first priority Members of travel clubs given second priority Shareholders given third priority Smisa members given fourth priority Open sale given fifth priority Free tickets for key workers given sixth priority Random people given seventh priority Premium Smisa members given eighth priority** Taxi drivers called Shull given lowest priority after every thinkable/made up category *Note:- You automatically default to your highest category. Travel clubs can submit lists of its members and "invites" sent out after the season ticket holder round of allocation. **These people do NOT default to the highest priority
  8. Aye Quite straight forward really, s****ht forward indded.
  9. I wish I could afford a bit of branding I could brand of of the shitters I suppose, It could be a right of passage for all Buddies "Aye yer no a Buddie son until you have shat in the TediousTom Toley hole"
  10. An article of outstanding content, outstanding content indeed
  11. What's daft about keeping the club afloat ? Nowt my friend Some people are not only dribbling halfwits but they feel the need to advertise it Thank goodness for the anonimity of a forum, thank goodness for the anonimity indeed.
  12. What a Shull like level of stupidity And a Shull like style of nonsense spouting If Shull was injured in his wee hateful taxi and the accident was not his fault, wee hateful Shull would be on to the lawyer in a second making his claim, no doubt feigning the old sore neck as well. So the hero that is John McGinn was quite right to sue for compensation that he was due. Of course our fantastic club are fully insured for such an occurrence so your point is as inaccurate as it is hateful. Behave yourself, behave yourself indeed.
  13. Great news. Unfortunately in life you always get those who like to pour pish on any news that may bring the slightest modicum of joy. These people are sad, likely ill and should be ignored, Welcome aboard Joe, welcome aboard indeed.
  14. aye it is. Has been a Paisley stalwart store for many a year now. Sad to see it go. Littlewoods, Goldbergs, BHS, John Menzies, Clarks, Woolworths, Stereo one, Galbraiths all gone and now Sparkies of Markies will follow. The lack of free parking, a halfwitted designed one way system and the lack of traffic on the High Street has seen our thriving town descend to a ghost town. Thats what Buddies get for voting Labour all those years. Stupid Labour voters, stupid Labour voters indeed.
  15. When was the last time you were REALLY impressed during a transfer window? For me it was when we signed Gary Teale. I recall receiving a thing called a text message on my mobile telephone from a fellow Buddie. Now as a rule I do not tend to receive many text messages so I was surprised when my phone did this "beep beep" sound along with a little shoogle. So I removed my mobile telephone from my lower right jerkin pocket and read the happy, happy news that a player of real quality and standing within the game had signed for my beloved team. I also had a similar, although less surprised moment, when Thommo of the hawk signed for us. Anyway I recall the real deep felt joy that day when I learned that my wee club had signed Gary Teale. Now, we have to be honest. Some will slap the happy tambourine whenever we sign a new player and proclaim things like "great piece of business", but the fact is that the overwhelming majority of signings our club make our largely unheard of by the common Buddie prior to the news of the "great signing" appearing on the twitters. Richard Tait was a name I vaguely recognised as was Jak Alnwick. Guys like McGrath, Morias, Obika and Sheron could well turn out to be more super that a can of strong Tennant's (Obika already has) but you don't get that child like excitement when learning the news that a sought after Scottish internationally recognised footballing craftsmen has chosen your club over the rest. What a signing Gary Teale turned out to be. The sight of Thommo laying the ball off, Teale picking it up and cutting in from the right as he bore down on a certain (now championship) teams goalkeep, the excitement building as the Teale meister shyed away from personal glory but unselfishly squared the ball to yon Esmael Goncalves and the relief/joy/hope as the ball caused a bulbous swell in the back off the net to bring us of the canvas and right back into a cup final. A cup final that we would go onto win, due in no small measure to the quality of the Gary Teale (and his team mates). I could of course expand and discuss the Teale meister's huge contribution in the semi final win over the Sellick, I could but I won't as I feel the point has been made, the point has been made indeed.
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