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    A low level politician doused in scandal. His "career" is as tainted as the company he keeps. Edit to add: FFS a quick google shows him in the middle of a current bullying scandal. Its one scandal after another going back years. Unfit for trust at any level.
  2. JOHNSTONE BURGH The Burgh were PROMOTED on the final day of the season. The Burgh needed a draw at Keanie park to go up. Muirkirk Jnrs provided the opposition. Muirkirk went a goal up. The Burgh responded by beating them 6 - 1. Emotional scenes at the end. Wonderful. GANG FORWARD
  3. That was as poor a Hibs side as you will ever see. A team that were for the beating today. We dominated the game without ever breaking sweat trying to carve out a decent chance. At no point did we try and put a poor team under pressure UNTIL we were a goal down. That was garbage today.
  4. TediousTom

    VAR Poll

    Oh dear, you have attempted to tackle a subject without proper thought or consideration of the point. Such behaviour is likely to bring nothing but derision on this interweb thingy. The pie queue is almost artistic in it's stupidity. The way the youngster takes your order, walks across the floor to the back of the pie stall only to forget your order and return and repeat the original question. Only then to walk again to the back of the stall where another staff member is asked for part of your order (the pie). The pie is handed to the youngster who AGAIN walks the floor to hand you meaty pastry. The same youngster AGAIN walks to the back of the stall where they relay the order of bovril to ANOTHER staff member who appears to be the "pourer in chief". The "pourer in chief" pours your weak but hot bovine based hot suspension to the same youngster who AGAIN walks the floor toward the customer and finally hands over the order. Then of course payment is taken at a massive premium whereby the urine is taken from the ardent supporter of our club. A process that could and should be overhauled to provide a far better level of service to the poor consumer. As you have NOT considered ANY of the above in your reply to me that you (for some reason) felt compelled to make I must disregard your post as ill-thought out and unworthy of further discussion. I also wonder to myself why people (such as yourself) bother when the effort to make a decent, well constructed point is somewhat beyond them.
  5. TediousTom

    VAR Poll

    Is it just me or does anyone else not care a jot about the opinions of Smisa and its members? PS If you want to improve the matchday experience do away with the queues at the pie stall. Start selling pies at a reasonable price as well you robbing bastards.
  6. Athurlie were VERY lucky to escape Keanie park with a point. Must be said the Burgh were fantastic from the off, carving out a really good chance in the very first minute. The LIE had much of the ball but dogged defending from the Burgh saw very little in way of threat. In fact just before Arthurlie equalised the LIE keeper made a desperate save to keep it at only one nil. Good crowd, good football with only an unjust late goal to dampen the spirit of the Burgh. Of course Arthurlie have the league sewn up, that's what happens when you have more money than those around you. Boring!!!!! The Burgh however are still in a promotion race, despite having little in the way of resources. Remind you of anyone? Gang forward. Arthurlie aren't even a Renfrewshire club, f**kem
  7. Today Arthurlie leave the Glasgow over spill inspired development of Barrhead and make toward the ancient and Royal Burgh of Johnstone and to Keanie Park. Who do I want to win? Lets just say Gang Forward Note: You don't see as many three legged stray dugs in Barrhead as you once did.
  8. I sincerely hope the young lad Magennis that organises this lot does not have a job!!!!!!! If he does then he needs a boot in the arse. Let me explain. Between selling hats, organising parades, booking out venues for pre-match events and whatever else these young scamps get up to they do it very well. If this young lad does all that so successfully then turns up at a workplace on a Monday morning then he is wasting his life. The young lad, although boisterous and outspoken at times is clearly talented. Having successfully organised and achieved what he has then he surely should have a business of some sort. This lad has what it takes to make a success of himself. People like him have no business working for others.
  9. I watched the news of this and I was genuinely angry as I did so. Who do these people think think they are? It has been a few years since I worked for a wage but when I did I was aware of a thing or two. You cannot sack people in this manner. You cannot just replace people with cheaper labour at zero notice and why were these poor employees and the unions not consulted beforehand? The employment tribunal will not take these issues lightly, I am sure of that. Our employment law is robust and fair. P & O will encounter some damning judgement and a heavy bill to pay. I would also remove the licenses from the company and nationalise the buggers.
  10. I recall Scotland under 21's V France at Love Street around that time. We won as well.
  11. This is only my opinion. The match will not be off. Instead Ukraine will unfortunately and understandably be unable to field a team. Very, very sad. Ukraine will be replaced with the next team who narrowly missed out on qualification (is that Finland?). A precedence does exist, if you cast your mind back to the early 1990's Yugoslavia could (of course) not compete at the Euro's and were replaced by Denmark. How did that turn out for Denmark again? Again, it is only my opinion but I think that is what will happen. You pose a good question though, how can we show our support? I really don't know. I have a number of thoughts as to what our (western) governments could and should have done/do but we as football fans? I don't know.
  12. Comes across very well. Anyway to save y'all ten minutes that you won't get back....at the very end he says he wants to be a first team manager. You are welcome
  13. It was a glorious moment, Scott Brown was strutting about like the childish fud he is. Franco took the back of his hand right off his jaw, just like Maw's used to do when the weans talked back. Franco received a yellow card (or a warning, I cannae quite mind) before slinking up the park to score a glorious goal in the top corner at the old Love St end. Brilliant. The fact that we were already five goals down is neither here nor there 😁
  14. Franco Miranda's back handed slap to the left side of his face. Honestly you should have seen it. He was being a grade 1 w@nker that day and Franco put him right in his place. Hilarious it was.
  15. You are showing the same character traits of a battered wife that stays with her man. The man did the dirty on my club, the man is a prick. Bitter yes, absolutely. Twisted, no. I recall very clearly the lack of common courtesy he showed to Gordon Scott and the support.
  16. Oh Bazil, the mans a prick. Don't dress it up, face it. "try applying logic" your being an arse. Why? Don't turn into an arsehole in order to defend a man who stabbed his chairman in the back at the earliest opportunity when he got a whiff on currency. Behave yourself now. Oh and just tore-iterate, the mans a prick. The man of course is Jack Ross, a pricks prick.
  17. Throughout my life as a football fan I occasionally come across a character that I utterly despise. Thankfully it is rare but occasionally a human being conducts themselves so poorly on the hallowed field of play that they disrespect the very game that I love (and sometimes hate). It is a short list. Ross Tokely - scumbag bastard that ruined young Chris Kerr's bright but fledgling career. One of the worst human beings to take the field of play. A coward and a scumbag. Craig Thomson - Paedophile who was caught whilst playing for Hearts and allowed back into Scottish football at Cowdenbeath. A fact that should shame us all and see the public rise in anger at Cowdenbeath, seeing the board of directors dragged from the prawn sandwich room and beaten to death by a swarm of angry parents. Craig Burley - His behaviour whilst commentating on a game at our glorious ground. What a bell end. Scott Brown - Weasel faced f**k. A horrible individual who spent much of his career taunting fans (and the children amongst them). An absolute prick. Genuinely hate him. Remember the time Franco Miranda back slapped him and got away with it? Still makes me laugh to this day. Prick.
  18. Your reply is somewhat short on detail. You appear to mis-remember the shitty events that lead Jack Ross to clamour for the first big pay packet waved at him. You seem not to recall or have neglected to reference Jack attending the interview with Ipswich before hot tailing to the now Tory controlled land of the largely unemployed that is Sunderland. His hasty appointment as boss of the English low league outfit was so hasty that I recall very clearly our board of directors not given given the common courtesy of a "heids up" from greedy Jack the utter back stabbing arsehole. Also it is fair to say that the arsehole has not achieved much since dumping us in the shit has he? It is a shit manager who cannot achieve mediocrity with the resources available at Hibs. Remember the theft of our captain and the plundering of a number of other players from our club? With all that he made a c**t of it.....yes lets have him back, f**king bra f**king vo (slow hand clap to emphasise the stupidity of the Jack Ross arse lickers). Jack Ross is an arsehole. People who vote Tory are arseholes and people who are unable to remember being taken for a c**t are destined to be life's victims. So to sum up, Jack Ross can f**k off.
  19. I agree whole heartedly. Jack Ross left us in the lurch at the earliest whiff of money. Should James Goodwin depart then Jack Ross would be foolish appointment indeed. Jim is a better human being though, Jim might stay, if he does not then we cross the bridge when we come to it.
  20. Alex Grieve - Looks a player Alex Gogic - Looks a player Jordan Jones - Looks a player
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