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  1. I would like to see Johnstone Burgh continue this wonderful winning run. That's four league wins on the bounce now, gang forward lads. I would also like to see Scotland make the world cup. Ideally seeing off the Ukraine at Hampden before giving the Welsh a right baw slapping. As for the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad I am just too bored to talk about them.
  2. And the replay showed Andy Gray scored his header with his eyes shut.
  3. All the best every Buddie, all the best indeed
  4. What a pile of wank indeed. First of all, being so quick to jump on social media to decry the club is not the behaviour befitting a supporter. It is the behaviour of an attention seeker. Secondly, the club have acted properly and professionally in maintaining a dignified silence. The matter has been heard, the bunnet's in blazers have acquiesced to the blue bigots and a meaningless punishment has been brought upon our fine club. The matter is closed and I commend the club in its actions thereafter. Well done The Saint Mirren Professional Football Club Pte Ltd Co, well done indeed.
  5. I understand fine. I also understand the pathetic fake rage that encompasses people of a certain sad affliction. This is a non story. Keeping it alive with this pathetic pish does nothing to help our club.
  6. Away and take a good f**k tae yersel and ram your "wee note" up your unimportant sphincter whilst you are at it! Oh and learn to spell the word represent you utter no mark.
  7. JUst a wee note to everyone who has contributed to this thread by voicing an opinion whereby our Chairman should resign. f**k off, St Mirren are too good for you. We don't need the likes of you. Arseholes. Greeting faced snowflake wankers the lot of you.
  8. No he should not. This thread is a pile of bollocks. Snowflake wankers.
  9. Well the guid news is I have a ticket for the Israel game. I was at the Moldova game, couldnae work the funny code thing, took me ages, when I turned round a huge queue had appeared behind me. Can I have a ticket for the turnstyle with a wee wummen on it? Enjoyed that tonight, C'mon Scotland!!!!!!
  10. To be fair he raised an excellent point. I would like the stewards to be provided by a reputable company who provide adequate training to the staff. I can't be arsed reading any more of the thread but I just wanted to inform you that his point was far better than the credit you so obviously did not give it. Whens the next game?
  11. I am still waiting on a reply to my e-mail. To be fair I only sent it on the 9th July so is it really that long? I mean at midnight tonight it will ONLY be a an entire month! Of course I have also phoned, no answer of course. I have left my phone number after the message whereby you are assured someone will call you back. No call received of course. Oh and I did pop down to the stadium with an offer to pay the full amount there and then, only to be turned away with "you need to send an e-mail". Customer service is as good as Cole Kpekewa is at football!!!!
  12. I sent if about a fortnight ago......I think you young uns might use the term "pie'd"?
  13. I still have not received a reply to my e-mail. My season ticket remains un renewed. Starting to feel a mild sensation of annoyance, slight sensation of annoyance indeed.
  14. Well that's the season started and I still have not had a reply to my season ticket e-mail. Anyone else in the same position?
  15. Presumably he/she believes in a theistic being, a creator, an overlord if you like. I also assume that he/she wishes said theistic being, creator, overlord to somehow help our club. Whilst I don't believe any of that pish, if I did I would wish for the same thing. Would it not be great if a theistic being or any c**t for that matter finally responded to my e-mail to renew my season ticket!!!!!
  16. I have not followed the strip scandal at all. What over priced t-shirt will I no be buying this year? I saw some fandan getting a bit upset on the old facebooks due to the fact that we wore a red strip at home to Dunfermline. Some people really are twats.
  17. I am sorry to hear you are in need of a job. This particular job seems just too good to be true so it's probably shite. In my day you could walk out of one job on a Friday and have a start on the Monday. That was true unless you were a catholic right enough, those poor buggers had less options, they had to wait until the Tuesday! That said those "start on Monday" jobs were all pish with an appalling rate of pay. The mills were an awful place to work but we all did it at some time or other. Great job for a young man as you couldn't fail to get your hole but the money was always pish. I imagine all those mill girls I did will have more dreepy breasts than genuine hips these days but those were the days. Anyway my bloody season ticket still hasn't come through, in fact the electronic mail I sent from my my AOL account has not been acknowledged. If they cannae reply to my electronic mail then I doubt they can be arsed sticking me in a ballot. I smell sweaty baws on that one. Slightly whiffy and unrespectful sweaty baws indeed. Stay safe fellow Budmeisters, the Covid didnae get me so far!
  18. It will all be fine. Stop whining like little spoilt mill whores. In other news my stools have been long and nicely "nipped" at each end of date. Almost comfortable to pass, in fact pleasurable indeed. This mornings offering didn't even register itself on the paper.
  19. Okay 10 days then......still didn't get the decency of a f**king letter so how was I supposed to know? Anyway you didn't answer my question so erm......erm....well.......
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