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  1. TediousTom

    Naming the Stands

    Yes I like it too.....and it would fit perfectly with the already named 1877 club.
  2. TediousTom

    Naming the Stands

    We have had this conversation more than once My favourite suggestion from a previous poster was The Dougie Bell End
  3. Really really sorry, I did not realise that I was conversing with a 4 year old! Anyway Santa's coming soon.....
  4. Ah the old "I am going to type and argue for the sake of it" reaction. Someone always types some rubbish without thinking it through! Mr Thomas Hendrie was a departmental principle (if memory serves me correctly it was mathematics or English but I may be wrong) and after losing his job with the best football club in the world could not immediately go back to teaching at the same level, thus holding back his teaching career considerably. I do recall the man himself reacting to a stupid comment at the time inferring that he wanted to go back to teaching by referring to his sacking as "that would be financial suicide", indicating in the strongest polite way that the venture with our club had cost him and his family dearly. The pension you are so flippant about is of course a financial product that Mr Hendrie paid into for many years and something he is indeed very deserving of. Anyone who worked for many years and paid into a pension would appreciate that, perhaps whatever pension Mr Hendrie receives for his many years of dedication to his profession need not be discussed here. If Mr Kearney is "taking a break from teaching" then bloody good on him, he has a family to think about just like Mr Hendrie did before him, bloody good on him indeed. Anyway I await the inevitable naw we didnae cos we didnae right reaction!!!!!!
  5. Yes he does. Very sensible of him, very sensible indeed. We employed a teacher once before, a great man he was and we ruined his career in teaching. His name is Mr Thomas Hendrie.
  6. I have another We could buy an old beat up van and send Cole Kpekewa, Cody Cooke and Jeff King out in it. They could call it "man with a van". Basically if you have anything needing picked up, taken to the dump etc then Kpekewa, Cooke and King could turn up and deal with it for a small fee. They could do garden clearances, even a bit of painting and decorating!!!!!
  7. Right I have another one. We could sign James Braxton. We could then buy him an old car, something from the 1950's. We could then send him off round the country wearing an extravagant scarf in his old car with a wad of money. James Braxton could then use his charm to buy utter shit for peanuts, you know like lamps form old railway carriages and snuff boxes that sort of rubbish. But then......here is the clever bit......we send him to auction the shit off for much more than he paid for it thus making cash. In fact we could employ a second person, preferably a female like Kate Bliss, yes Kate Bliss (the odd looking blonde one). Anyway we send her off in the same old car as James Braxton and she and James Braxton compete every week to see who makes the most money. The winner gets a free pie and a seat in the stand, the loser gets to work as a ball boy (or woman). That little spark of competition will make them work harder whilst doubling our profits!!!!
  8. I know of a Nigerian prince who cannot spell particularly well. Anyway for some reason he cannot quite explain he is unable to get his substantial wealth out of the country but for some other reason that he also hasn't explained we can get that wealth if someone from this country send's him £1000. Its over a ten million quid apparently and he will send us over a million of that!!!!!! Unfortunately I think someone from Hamilton may have beaten us to it but I am sure GLS could always e-mail the chap and ask!!!!!
  9. I would make sure Gary Mack started when fit and then put him on to score any time
  10. TediousTom

    Season Ticket Holder Seat Plaques

    What if your name is not Mark Yardley?
  11. TediousTom

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    Welcome to the club Adam, welcome indeed. Just how short is this short term deal?
  12. TediousTom


    and the bannerman held the banner high it was ten foot tall and it touched the sky and Gordon Scott confiscated it and Tony Fitzparick sang glory glory hellelujah oh glory glory hallelujah and Alan Wardrop said I am gald to be here you guys are great I love you so much and I wish that I could be a BANNER MAN
  13. TediousTom

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Welcome back to the fold wee Gus You are a miserable faced wee bugger but you did very well in getting us promoted and in keeping us up. The great escape day at Motherwell was braw. I see some of our less educated fanbase have been taking to social media etc to register disgust. Ignore them, many of them are actually too young to remember you well fellah. Lose the grump as well when your face is tripping you I do feel the urge to slap you right on the jowels Support Oran Kearney in everything he does and you will do fine at whatever it is you are supposed to do. If you dont do very well at it well we wont know anyway as none of us have a clue why we suddenly need a technical director. Anyway welcome back, welcome back indeed
  14. TediousTom

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    nice trivia I still don't know what a technical director does though
  15. TediousTom

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Can we expect to see Andy Millen come is as assistant technical director? What does a technical director do? How have we managed without one since 1877? With wee Gus's love of the movies shall we have overpriced but fresh(ish) popcorn being sold in the pie stall?
  16. TediousTom

    Big Signing Happening Now....

    I have just watched a wee video of David Rhys George Best Cotterill on the youtube, or as they call it in Ayrshire the ewepipe (boom tish) Anyway, his highlight reel indicates he has a touch of the Mallan's about him. Good standard of signing it would appear......it seems English non league is not where it is at
  17. Gus McPherson has left Queens park Campbell Money and John Hillcoat occasionally go for a pint together
  18. TediousTom

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    "Fans not criminals filmgoers"
  19. I think that last sentence sums it all up perfectly. Its just like our club to soil what was really such a great night with such utter stupidity.
  20. TediousTom

    Discussed. Family stand.

    The forum user is just hilighting his very personal reason for finding the chants of these mindless sub human bigots as offensive. A bit of context is always good.
  21. Disgarceful behaviour by jobsworth stewards. The club owe a grovelling apology to the fans for this embarassing amatuerish display of utter nonsense. Some clarity should be offered on 1) What power were the stewards relying on when seizing the private property of someone else? 2) If such a power relies on "offence" then what exacly is offensive about this banner? 3) Identify the individual who made this moronic decison Furthermore If the lads in w7 were to make some t-shirts stating "fans not criminals" please let me know as I would happily buy one and wear it at the ground. If a jumped up stward wishes to rip my t-shirt from me he/she will have a walking stick firmly lodged in the rectum. In conclusion, this is a crock of excrement. We do not need such small minded idiots in the employ of our great club.
  22. TediousTom

    Football Pundtwit Sutton

    Ignore it and move on, its upwards for us!!!! Often Chris Sutton is a good pundit who speaks the unpopular truth. For example he was spot on when he referred to Derek Johnstone as nothing but a Rangers apologist. On this occasion however he has opened his mouth and let his belly rumble uneducated bile. Treat him like Katie Hopkins, ignore him and he has no relevance, no relevance indeed.
  23. TediousTom

    Anton Ferdinand

    Big fellah strolled the game. Great performance from oor Anton, already he is one of our own. Welcome Anton Ferdinand, welcome indeed.
  24. TediousTom

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    Found it!!!! Cammy Smith is a good speaker
  25. TediousTom

    Sheese Anyone tried it ?

    What about doemstic cats then?