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  1. Jim Goodwin is rightly regarded as a legend at the club. However his tactics are costing us big time. Craig Gordon is famous for his shot stopping ability but has a huge weakness with crosses dropped to the edge of the six yard box. He stays glued to his line and has conceded often due to this weakness. Now I’m a big dafty sitting on a sofa and can see it, but not Goodwin. He is either too stubborn or doesn’t have the ability to change his game plan. One more rant. Recently I heard him say that if Rangers have an off day we have a chance. In other words we are beat before going on the pitch and that’s the manager! I do like him, honest! But he has to change.
  2. I stand corrected. He’s still a clown for getting another card so late when the game is gone
  3. Hearts can now sit in and hit us on the break as we cannot break teams down. We were managing them well because they are expected to come at teams at home. Now they don’t have to.
  4. Every f**king time. We don’t take our chances and pay the price. JGs post match interview will full of the predictable stuf
  5. Well well the tactical genius Jim Goodwin strikes again. Praise where praise is due but how we can go from showing how we can really play in the early part of last week to that dross today beggars belief. There is something about Goodwin that sits a bit off with me. He comes across as a plastic guardiola but he can’t seem to get the simple stuff right like hitting a vulnerable team with pace. Poor show indeed
  6. Inevitable struggle for us. We never learn as fans. We have always hit the buffers when expected to turn a team over easily. We will now have to break them down and I’m not convinced we are up to it at home.
  7. It’s fairly typical of us to dominate possession then concede. Reverting back to the game at the weekend and along with tonight we seem to have a concentration issue which is undoing all our good play.
  8. Citing Rangers and Celtic fans singing their songs if hate as a free pass for needham making his comments just doesn’t cut it. He has pulled the name of St Mirren FC into controversy if not disrepute. Publicity like this undoes our mantle as a community club open to all. His motive or attempt at humour is a moot point. Someone in his position is representative of our club. Happy with that?
  9. Goal up and we shat the bed. Passing went from brazilesque to racecoursesque. Just read the bbc report on the game and states ronan’s shot “swerved in the wind”😂. We will finish pretty high up this league if we just believe at bit more in ourselves and get rid of the provincial club mentality. Rangers were there for the taking.
  10. Show ourselves in the foot. We were giving them a lesson and stopped doing the simple stuff well. Erhahon was playing well hope it’s not a serious injury. We need to believe we can get back into this and cut out the silly mistakes.
  11. Ronan’s second goal gets better every time you watch it. His slight delay before sticking the ball in the net showed great composure. We now carry a goal threat from midfield which has to help our forwards and gives the opposition something else to think about. Our problem up until now seems to be that we were too predictable, if we can carry a threat from different areas then that has to make us harder to play against.
  12. Too slow in anticipation. Now have to chase the game and break teams down. What does Dennis have to do to get on? Is he still getting punished for his sending off? second half just started and still poor anticipation. Not a football brain amongst them
  13. After St Johnstone’s efforts on Thursday it would be ideal to hit them at pace, unfortunately something we seem to lack. They will likely sit in and take a point. We don’t seem able to break teams down. I fear a rather boring game with 1 goal either way to win it.
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