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  1. If true will he come at a cost? Perhaps McGrath is on his way out giving us money to spend
  2. How can a player be important if he doesn’t fit into the system? If I was McAllister I would be less than happy about a public declaration of that nature( if he did actually say that) if true then that sort of language is for behind closed doors and either help him to adjust or he finds a new club. It smelt of being thrown under a bus
  3. Absolute belter. Love it! I know I’m an old saddo but I really look forward to the new strip to coming out only to be disappointed. Not this time, that is a proper st mirren top.
  4. I haven’t seen much of Erwin so I concede to others who have seen more of him that isn’t cutting it. However in a couple of games I have seen his control of the ball and vision under pressure is quite impressive. I’m not sure if the expectation of him to be an out and out striker is clouding judgement. His link up play is top drawer at times. Shoot me now!
  5. We tried to be too clever at times and no one picking up the second ball outside st Johnstone’s box. thought erwins play at times was outstanding . We certainly didn’t lack heart, just a wee bit if quality was the difference. As has been said the lads all gave 100% but the Perth saints just have that wee bit extra. On to next season with a couple of good additions and we will be back at Hampden before long.
  6. Michael Stewart on premier sports already has st Johnstone in the final. Stating that hibs won’t want to play them. I really really hope we do this tomorrow and shut his wee pokey mouth up
  7. We can’t see a game out but st Johnstone can that’s the difference
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