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  1. Main and Brophy up front, looks like we are going 4 4 2 i said 1-2 but changing my mind to 2-3 🤣
  2. 5th in the league is now a huge target.......massive we need to start fast tomorrow as we have been terrible the first 20 mins of most of our games got a good feeling for tomorrow 2-1 saints
  3. Missed a chance to improve our goal difference was the only negative today 3 wins on the trot lets make it 4 on the trot next week
  4. We bit of pressure from them …to be expected we need to get the ball and keep it for a wee while
  5. Saints tv …… those playing in black and white boils my piss when he says that every 2 minutes
  6. Great 3 points today well done saints ……. And that f**kin drummer 🤣
  7. We would do well to hold on to this lead as all other games going in our favour too
  8. Time to get miller off that head knock has put him to sleep
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