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  1. Still leaking goals... if they can keep it tight at the back, they could sneak something off of us - as they are guaranteed a goal or two!
  2. I'm not complaining too much, and I'm not there so I don't really I know what's going on, but I'm quite annoyed about losing 2 goals at the end here. Ayr are shite and losing goals to them really isn't good enough... ok, scoring 6 changes the perspective somewhat! But it's still a bit disappointing.
  3. Was Morgan's injury caused by a tackle?
  4. I see the soapdodging scum are lying down to Dumbarton.
  5. On the plus side, I found myself sitting next to Billy O'Brien's bird today... she's a wee smasher, and a blether! Even she could see the problems with how the team was lined up, the lack of grit in midfield and the shambling defending... been watching the team for a couple of weeks now and she seems to have more of a clue than Jack Ross!
  6. Yes, I was meaning to add that... I think the way it's been announced it's likely he'll be employing the services of pickfords in the next couple of weeks.
  7. Didn't see this anywhere else. Jason Naismith: Ross County sign St Mirren full-back for next term http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38599379
  8. I just don't understand what is happening at the club! Since we sacked DL it's been disaster after disaster even though the board had changed, the majority owners have changed, the managers have changed, the MD has changed, players are almost wholesale changed... clearly something is rotten but I'm not sure what it can be! I don't see the point in (or the finances being available to be) paying off another management team. We may as well go down (inevitable now) and stick with Ross et al, put full trust in him, support him and hope he blossoms into a manager who can rebuild.
  9. As I don't get to many matches these days I'm not a ST holder these days and I'm usually just buying tickets at the office as and when I'm free. It's my intention on going to the M*rton match today and was hoping to buy one on the website. I logged in and clicked on the desired match, came to a page asking me "roll over the block with the mouse to see availability and prices" or something similar. I assume there should be a picture of the stadium or something for me to select a seat, but there's nothing - just a blank space. Any thoughts as to what I'm or the website is doing wrong? I'm using the latest Safari for Mac. I've tried with chrome too.
  10. Call me old fashioned... but I'd consider calling the club, going to the stadium and asking them, emailing the club, emailing SMiSA (not "over twitter" whatever that means), calling SMiSA (phone number on their website) sending the club a letter enclosing your contact details or even sending SMiSA a letter doing likewise.
  11. Exactly this. Goodwin and Abercrombie both helped lead us to a first major cup win in nearly 30 years and both played their parts in squads that were comfortable (more or less) in the top tier. Baird is fourth choice in a squad that is going to get relegated to the third tier. I can't even imagine how you think there is any form of comparison there.
  12. Passion is one thing. Hitting someone due to a complete and utter dearth of discipline and an over abundance of idiocy is another.
  13. I got wound up by a spark on a job last week. I didn't hit him. I had a couple of words to his face and ripped into him again when he left. If I had hit him, I'd have got sacked, and rightly so.
  14. Bang on! He's a professional, full-time footballer. There is no excuse for behaving like that. Serious fine, training with the reserves and polishing boots, cleaning toilets and manning the phones for a week.
  15. All we can hope is that this season and league 1 football next season prompts a full scale rebuild at the club (ala Hearts)... we need to learn from this and come back wiser, better equipped and more ready for ups and downs.