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  1. a thought it was shut,must just be open match days,a work in Motherwell for last 8 years and never seen it open
  2. wee tommy bryceland,my dads pal,unfortunately both passed away
  3. Goosebumps already,can't wait for Saturday COYS
  4. Gary bowman,mince
  5. 45 minutes,enough time for 5 pints of cold cider,COYS
  6. was only meaning if they was fit,injured,out of favour,a thought Quinn only had bruised shin,and Webster on decent dosh id imagine
  7. what's the latest with Webster,Quinn,ben gorden,not heard anything about Quinn for months
  8. can anyone send me a link to register,as going down tomorrow but will register before a go,ps if register and go down tomorrow how many tickets am a allowed to receive,thanks
  9. me also....the more,the better....
  10. 7 shots at goal,none on target,they got a rookie goalie,why the hell we not testing him,get the shots on target,EASY
  11. main stand holds 3500 and imagine other wee stand behind goals 1500,so we got about 5000 tickets and United 8500,at a guess.......
  12. billy O'Brien out of contract in summer and says if we stay up he would like to stay here,all good news at the moment,long overdue
  13. wee Morgan would rip the hole out ambrose
  14. Ayr fan in goals for raith,St.mirren hater,willie Collum ref,unbelievable
  15. never count your chickens!!!!!