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  1. as long as we don't let any renfrew(remo)Taliban in,all should be fine id Imagine
  2. Am sure we paid £60 grand to release him from Bolton contract,then left for now,if only we had a mcginn clause in contract
  3. welcome to our wonderful club,stepped in history and very passionate about our club,as long as you play for our beloved jersey and show us passion on park and show you care you will be looked after here,WELCOME
  4. a reckon we will be 12/15,s,probably 5th favourite's,a think Caley in for a big shock and be lucky to stay in top half of table
  5. john Robertson,where did they find him?a pub cellar"terrible decision by the sheep but absolutely brilliant one for the championship!!!!!
  6. next Thursday a been told
  7. les fridge for me everyday!!!!!
  8. didn't rate Samson at all,all good strikers drilled the ball low and hard and Samson too slow or didn't move legs,static,horrendous at corner kicks etc,not for me,my opinion
  9. is there such a thing as a reliable source on this forum!!!!
  10. Gerry mccabe got the number 2 gig
  11. yip agree,he up there with Ian scumbag McCall,goody and jf as assistant
  12. who is mikkelsen on loan from?maybe do a job with us
  13. big McGregor sat out 2 seasons full pay,and we all no what he did when he was fit,when did Clarkson get injured?December /January,so he had 5 months wages already for nothing,end of contract,must go,he rotten anyway and we done plenty for him already,Ave been in my work for 10 years and we don't get paid,and a have mortgage car baby etc,would my company feel sorry for me,no chance,get real(world)
  14. when do our players report back for pre season?and if betfred cup starts July,when does league start??cheer's
  15. so we not interested in Andy Ryan div?if we in for the other Stewart at Albion??