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  1. maybe on way back from holiday and telling us he coming back to buds
  2. a meant on loan,not permanent
  3. a no he saved penalty in semi,but a wasn't a Samson fan,NEXT!!!!!!!
  4. what a day out,hopefully 3pm on any Saturday,Reakin in brechin,ya beauty
  5. hope not,terrible keeper
  6. they worked in the old safeway,seen one at game,but not 2nd,wonder if they do the trolleys at new Morrison's
  7. hopefully hutton plus cash,even give them couple of under 20's to sweeting the deal
  8. good signing if we get,a older more experience player along side him even better
  9. Fleming worth a punt
  10. yes,brilliant,and from the heart,good stuff
  11. are we gettin a wee sneaky peek before they come out,ir that just a JD thing??
  12. have faith in scarybob,surely in law of shit averages',he will eventually get one right,maybe.
  13. cheers bob,keep up the good work!!!!!!!
  14. am sure his Grandad was jack mcginn,Celtic chairman or director in 80's or 90's
  15. that's it in a nutshell,win our last 2 games,up to us now,c'mon ,calling all buddies,get your arses down to greenhill road and cheer our team to a famous victory,and end this disaster season on a high,COYS