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  1. is the next round draw still north and south or a free for all?and when do the welsh and Irish come into competition,next round??cheers
  2. Andy Ryan

    probably higher wage bill and more debt id imagine
  3. Andy Ryan

    scored 2 already for pars tonight ☹
  4. Andy Ryan

    got a horrible feeling we going to regret not signing him,unbelievable,probably only 30 grand also
  5. definitely 3/4 changes id like to think so,Eckersley,Buchanan,Duffy,Kirkpatrick at least,maybe even goalie so giving Stewart game time
  6. Speculation Thread

    id imagine there be 2/3 changes at least tomorrow,Duffy starting,Buchanan centre half,maybe Kirkpatrick
  7. Morton v Saints 12 August

    periscope anyone?
  8. Morton v Saints 12 August

    should have between 1500/2000 fans there hopefully
  9. Saints v Hearts.

    any trialist playing for buds Gary?cheers
  10. Brian Graham

    is hilson and todd due back soon?
  11. Speculation Thread

    seen Dumbarton fans really slagging tom Walsh off on pie and Bovril,a wonder where hardie we sent back in January will end up???
  12. Brian Graham

    Sutton probably hearing rumours off him getting released and new striker coming,and he stepped it up a gear to prove to manager he good enough and wants to stay,a d if all a lot of rubbish and manager playing Alex Ferguson mind games,then it certainly worked on Saturday,great shift,the old john Sutton back lol
  13. maybe jack said"who the feck is that diddy ref and linesmen you brought with you today"or "we gave you a goal of start,and still hump you's""did that seagull just nick your toupee housty"
  14. Brian Graham

    to make serious title challenge we need another striker,Sutton can't do every 90 minutes,even if great yesterday,and Stewart no where near ready to be 1st pick,so Graham makes sense to me
  15. Morton v Saints 12 August

    scumton 0 black and white title bandwagon 3...2150 buds