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  1. Off the subject a bit .am watching Scotland v Sweden 1990 in Italy and just seen a massive Scotland flag say8"st.mirren paisley Brazilians "anyone no who was the man or guys who did it:cheers
  2. Goodwin would still play 10 behind the ball and start andreu and junior
  3. Put a wee tackle in every now and then would be good bud,get the sleeves rolled up and show some fight,desire,passion: is that to much to ask?
  4. Off the topic a bit..but if a hear Goodwin saying again "we set up to frustrate "a will end up in dykebar...any f**king chance we can set up to win a game,and start a game well or participate for 90 mins for a change.totally pissed off with his interviews it's like a tape recorder every single week
  5. Hopefully not the 5 fashion police dudes from last year that agreed on partick thistle strip from previous year that they got relegated in:all they did was take template and change colours:absolutely lazy and terrible decision: how hard is it to give us a traditional buds strip with black and white stripes on front and back and red away strip:not rocket science
  6. The bit a don't understand is clearly Goodwin isn't going to play mullan again: so it's a total waste having him on bench,get a youngster on bench who young and hungry,co andrue and junior terrible and McAllister injured again so absolutely no options on bench,and guaranteed McKenzie will turn up before split just when his contract needs renewed
  7. Keeping it a mystery to hibs and straight in team for today hopefully COYS
  8. There loss our gain:he with the buds now,COYS
  9. Brilliant signing,not disrespect to obika:but this boy a real striker:team shaping up nicely: just need McGrath back and we be fine
  10. What is the situation with McKenzie?goody said 11 days ago he was back training with first team and wld be in squad for broxburn game:but nowhere to be seen,surely not another injury and another setback?a reckon he been more injured than available since we signed him
  11. Am not Danny's biggest fan,but he far a better player than Cooke who a personally think is dreadful and he also better than junior.....
  12. Getting beaten so far 1-0 by accies and we wearing a fluorescent yellow top,strange
  13. In 87 accies beat rangers and rest is history
  14. Bsc only at home,a think they play games at alloa ground,hate that ground and also shit surface also
  15. Anyone have any info on McKenzie and big Kirk?as a thought both was fit and only mcalister and s.mcginn out:cheers
  16. 3000 buds,loads of pubs,chip shop,booked into wee bowling club 5 mins away:cmon Ricky that's all we need lol
  17. Clyde away me thinks,but ayr utd away would do just lovely
  18. Honestly cannot believe we have not brought a real striker in so far,after this game it must be a PRIORITY
  19. Is it still £5 for a 3 year old or is it age 5 and up?thanks
  20. East end of Glasgow,either pissin down or freezing or sunny Miami: eh............
  21. With Jamie signing could this be the start of the end for McAllister?a don't have any personal gripe with him but as a buds fans based on this season he looks unfit,canna be arsed,and form has been rotten,and also constantly injured,a wonder if he will be out door(a no he signed contract) but maybe we come to amicable agreement
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