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  1. Only 5 defeats out 14 Goodwin would say:he doesn't like to mention wins
  2. Has the ref been allocated yet?we surely due Dallas as he be raging he didn't get a chance to f##k us over against gers or collum just for being collum: if you asked me who was best ref in Scotland a would honestly struggle to say one
  3. Knowing how goody likes to play guys out of position I'd expect wee mallan to be playing centre half for us
  4. Murder she wrote or columbo on a Saturday or come dine wi me is far superior viewing than that pish flaps on st.mirren TV
  5. Doyle hayes allegedly suspended for semi so is it a straight swap for Foley or back to Goodwin early season baffling decisions and moving 4/5 people out off position when can easily avoid all that and put Foley back in and give the guy a chance the same as Goodwin keeps given other's chances ie junior
  6. Agree but you must be a bit thick to do such tackle when on a yellow: fukin clown if you ask me:sorry but sick of us absolutely playing shit against every c**t except rangers: seething at last week's performance and when you think cannot get worse ...
  7. Flynn and Foley must be absolutely shagged out if they cannot break into that team:Goodwin must come clean and tell fans the truth to why they not getting on park whatsoever
  8. Another horrendous performance and tactics again by Goodwin: set out for bore fest and 0-0 but will blame McPherson sending off as reason which didn't help but not the reason: last 3 league games a think we have had one shot on target,:you can bring in all the strikers you want but when you have Goodwin sharp or McManus or Webster or langfield as main coaches at club and neither could hit a cows arse wi a banjo then we fukd if there teaching or coaching strikers:except gers cup game we have been brutal for long time:changes must be made and fast:get Thompson in as striker coach or big basher as this isn't working
  9. A heard allegedly he got £1000 fine,2 months suspended jail sentence,5 year ban from every ground except paisley and 350 hours community service so was harshly done by:but directors mcausland n gilmour done Brilliant character reference to court
  10. Serious question,when do you think board will make change?just say we get besting next 5 games,when will they think time to go?
  11. McGinn and Baird should have kept for squad players and good in dressing room
  12. We've been grim since the Livi game and we won that one. Its dire. Unwatchable. At home today and not one shot on target. Dire Gary,its Mackie,totally agree with everything: a narrowed it down 2 weeks ago from start o season: brutal against livvy for 60 mins,brutal against county 70 mins,brutal against gers 90 mins brutal against hibs 90 minutes,brutal against Tim's 90 minutes brutal again today and sorry tannadice brutal 60 minutes: so where does this stop?tactics formations and recruitment terrible and we been going to games for long time and this team only going one place:TIME to change manager
  13. Seriously bud,they could have scored 4 goals in first 10 minutes of 2nd half before tait was sent off,we are worst team in league by far at this present time and covid 19 or not we have to make changes,if this goes on another 4/5 matches then we must look at changing the manager as it is not working,even games we won we have been pathetic in rest of games like accies we was horrendous 2nd half and fakes horrendous for 90 mins,rotten for 45 against livvy and rotten for 60 against count and absolutely shit against gers,and take in managers tactics and formations then we must be looking at changes
  14. A said 2 seasons ago and again last season we need striker coach because our strikers finishing crap:get tommo in 2 days a week or ask Frank mac or Grady or something because a guys like sharp who was piss poor player isn't the guy I'd want coaching me:we are a mess again unfortunately
  15. Am here also,manager is a good guy but useless manager and Lee Sharpe as assistant is embarrassing,tactics and team selection is utter pish,we are only going one place and that's relegation 'erhahon has been s hit for years but all of a sudden good enough he is a fart in a trance and where do you start with mcalister he absolute waster:tonight am severely fed up with everything at our club:something has to change and change QUICK
  16. He also let 3 in today as hearts select played hearts select and zlamal was in goals for b team and beaten 3-2:ouch
  17. Neither has durmas,off after 59 minute mark,a was a minute out,doesn't give a fuk and total passenger the manager and players should be totally embarrassed,thank fuk closed door:useless f#c$ers
  18. Another pathetic performance to go with already pathetic season but everyone thinking we 6 but ok but it's a false position: ave been going to games for 40 odd year and this team is up there with the worst or is it it the defensive minded manager,who knows:who fukin cares,its absolutely garbage to watch
  19. A hope durmas takes his finger oot his arse been absolutely brutal and comes off park without any sweat on top and bottles out every challenge: hopefully proves me wrong but I'd guess subbed after 60 minutes for another half arsed performance: COYS
  20. Not mincing my words tonight we was absolutely shit and to go 70 mins against a poor st.johnstone team with a shot or corner is criminal: this team and this manager are getting relegated as they brutal,:a no it's only August but after listening to Goodwin shittin his pants at ibrox a didn't expect the same inept performance against fakes,was he going for another 0-0 borefestas for junior McAllister durmas il pay for them to leave as 3 passengers:so a wonder what shit Goodwin says tonight as he like listening to a tape recorder and a believe you reap what you sow or get out a game what u put in and we got NOTHING
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