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  1. Is it the same Lee sharp that played with buds,and was as bad as Bobby dawson and Gary bowman, my worst 3 buds!!!!
  2. Absolutely buzzing if goody gets it,best young manager in Scotland by far,am never as excited as this but brilliant appointment, hopefully Houston doesn't come as assistant as always thought of him as a bellend
  3. My personal opinion is that most of our tactics,way we shape up,subs on and off was all Jimmy nichol decisions,never once seen him do anything without talking to nichol first then making decisions, and people saying it was gus that identified and signed January players ,not Kearney,so strange
  4. Picked up my boys top,who is 3,and he got age 4/5 years top,with his name and big number 3,and its actually a cracker..so a take back what a said previous, but still think goalie tops is from rave scene 80's,am sure a seen Kevin and Perry wear them in that film
  5. How hard is it shull to make a decent, traditional strip?minutes, just look old pictures of good strips we had in the past and copy,rather than take weeks to think up some absolute fuk ups,as a said before, every season ask for fans to send in idea's,then narrow it down to 3 and let fans vote,not that walloper from the board and his fashion brigade pals decide,again they have fuked up but they think they have done great,unbelievable
  6. Last season strip was partick thistle old strip from previous season template, and this season is Swansea old strip from season before, add 2 stripes, which is lazy on or side, but they still charging top prices for old clobber,cost me £44 for 4 year old top,fukin scandoulous, they must be getting old tops out last season joma catalogue for a about £7 max
  7. Disgusted, start a boycott "give us our full stripes back" fukin stevie wonder picking strips again, and keepers kit,holy shit,80's rave scene is definitely back
  8. Hope not,absolutely stinks, has to be stripes front and back, surely make name wee bit bigger or thicker and more prominent, Anglo Scots cup strip please
  9. Just gotta hope big Gary mac doesn't do what he has done last 2 years and sign contract then go sick for most of season then come back with 2 months to go when new contracts getting handed out,and hope we dont hear usual shit about cannot get signings in until big teams sort out squads n have to wait till end of August when every other team has done so,and season starts August 3rd so want to be ready to fo from start,not the usual scrapping the bottom of barrel players,so fingers crossed and hopefully proving wrong!!!!!
  10. Not for me,ended up taking sick day after utd game,boss was raging, so dont go or take car and be good boy lol
  11. Much is it for one adult and my wee son turning 3 on August for family stand,cheers for info
  12. Brilliant, cheered me up on pish night
  13. Corbu reminded me a bit like wee aber the way he ran about and liked a tackle or four!!!!
  14. Hopefully we ask Goodwin back,he says he wants full time gig,then get him in as assistant for couple of years looking at being manager after that,if not MANAGER
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