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  1. paul torfason

    Speculation Thread

    Hopefully Falkirk take Rodgers, terrible keeper
  2. paul torfason

    Speculation Thread

    Flynn,he left?
  3. paul torfason

    Motivation Required

    brilliant,steaming for £20
  4. paul torfason

    Motivation Required

    Much is it a pint there?and what is the local beer called,cheers
  5. paul torfason

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    same here,and a was 5
  6. paul torfason

    January Signings

    Shut the door on way out,flareybob
  7. paul torfason

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    So because Rodgers can't play against parent club,we playing a 6th tier English league goalie,you honestly can't make this up,rather have langfield till January
  8. paul torfason

    Stick or twist in January?

    After today's performance most of today's team not up for the fight,the old saying is"who would you want in the barracks with you"and I'd be shit scared if left with this lot.total imposters,wage thieves, heartless,pussies...sorry guys,but hurting like f**k..wish these so called players felt the same
  9. paul torfason

    Stick or twist in January?

    just hope the board have chosen right man,as a believe they haven't,part time school teacher is not the answer and a wouldn't give Kearney lots of dosh as a think he as clueless as Stubbs.but will keep backing us and supporting us.gotta hope for play off spot at least,and we will beat championship team over 2 games,just my personal opinion the same as every other bud,this is a absolute nightmare of a season and every week it chips away a bit more positivity
  10. paul torfason

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    Is that a fukin promise
  11. paul torfason

    Speculation Thread

    Kirkpatrick,Heaton,Flynn,mcshane,kypreca(aye him)Edwards, Mackenzie,king, that's 8 already and wouldn't even notice they away
  12. paul torfason

    Speculation Thread

    Add Jeff king
  13. paul torfason

    Hibernian v St Mirren 5 Dec 18

    Hope am wrong,as have been many a time,but easy 3/4 to zero hibs win,even a shit hibs should gub us
  14. Must be great knowing your a shit manager and won't get sack, absolute disgrace AGAIN today, normal service resumes
  15. paul torfason

    Saint Mirren v Hamilton 1 Dec 2018

    Jackson is pish poor, should never have got back out at half time.a honestly don't think he will be gutted to miss next couple o games