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  1. A wonder if wee mini mr t still absolutely honking?last a heard he signed for kings lynn or something, think he scored one off his arse for full season for last team
  2. Radio Scotland says scott allan has only played full 90 minutes four times in 5 seasons..so tells me everything, and it was off tge ball presenter stuart cosgrove thst said thst and he usually spot on
  3. Cannot listen to the clown anymore as he talks utter bollocks,a used to like him,but with negative tactics, shit signing,and anti football, am starting to want him away
  4. Totally agree with poster saying 4 non scoring strikers,you cannot call them strikers as brutal, a said to my nephew after last game of season "good we won't see Erwin again "but he still there,am afraid to say this team is horrendous and buck stops with Goodwin unfortunately a got season book but there is no way il honour it as a just cannot watch thst shitfest anymore ave been saying for 4 seasons we need striker coach,even part time because Goodwin, sharp,langfield, Webster, McManus couldn't hit a coo,s arse with a banjo in there playing days so whst the feck do they no about that department a dont no,so something has to give as that teqm relegation certs
  5. So option 2 was choosing for away strip?personally thought one and 4 was by far better
  6. Yes,was 4 tops 2 with full stripes and 2 with white backs,been told by someone that works at club its full stripes on back but don't shoot the messanger
  7. Hopefully home top has full stripes on back and not plain back or box,if it has its a cracker
  8. Best Post ave read in years,100% correct sir,also a have been saying for years we need a striker coach,as how the hell can Goodwin sharp McManus langfield Webster improve me as a striker,and going by Goodwin signings Erwin quauner junior he obviously doesn't no what a striker is either,he should man up and admit his blame for absolutely stinkin performance at hampden and tactically inept also and he goes again with a negative attitude, we are covering wallpaper over the holes if we got top 6th because they be thinking he a genius and he far from it,am sick of his anti football and am sick of his bullshit after match interviews, you blew it again Goodwin
  9. Many do you think we would win in top 6 then,none is the answer
  10. Last rant,a honestly only think a have enjoyed 4 games this season, his anti fitba is criminal and am glad am not down there watching this dross this season
  11. Top 6 we would be gubbed every week and it would be anti football every week so we better in bottom half and maybe try win a game for a wee change
  12. Picked the wrong team and tactics in semi final and picked wrong team and tactics again today, so basically 2 biggest games of season Goodwin and his negative fitba has f**ked it again
  13. They probably yanking my chain,funny how you say hibs,do you remember Goodwin actually asked for permission to speak to hibs when he was our captain?then decided to stay in paisley
  14. Am up Aberdeen today and speaking to Aberdeen diehard and he said Goodwin up here today for talks,can anybody tell me is this true?
  15. Junior still not scored for BORINGwood fc,infact since he been there they hardly won a corner never mind game,just shows you mini mr t absolutely shit
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