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  1. paul torfason

    Speculation Thread

    many players are we short?right now a believe at least 6,so if the 4 we No about go,and Kirkpatrick and Stewart,are we 12 short??because every interview a read Stubbs mentions a "couple"of players,Suresh we bringing in more than that,what does anyone else think how many we need,cheers
  2. paul torfason

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    am sure it was freezing that day?and is that Derek Hamilton with short sleeves on? Brrrrr
  3. paul torfason

    League Opener

    my prediction is...buds v dons,and moved to early kick off for sky or bt
  4. paul torfason

    Darren Jackson Head Coach

    Armageddon all over again,where's Gilmour when you need him
  5. paul torfason

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    pathetic that jags get relegated to championship and will have new strip 2018/19,we win league,go into premiership and get there old strip template,is it to do with greed?for instance if we order strips out 2018/19 catalogue there £25 to buy in bulk for club meaning £20 profit,or just take jags old template buy for £10 bulk so £35 profit,so fleece fans,exactly what they did last year with away strips,if it is same old jags strip design then club has a right to tell us what's going on,just my personal opinion
  6. paul torfason

    Jack's Return!

    Il b wearing my Newcastle top for this,and if cold,my Newcastle fleece,the one a bought down there when toon gubbed Barnsley 7-0 last game of championship season,Ps might have been 6-0,but absolute hammering giving out and a good day was had by all
  7. paul torfason

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    what input did buds put into new stripes this season,did slo or Smisa get a say,or is it the same as last seasons run of the mill away strip taken from joma fire sale catalogue
  8. paul torfason

    Speculation Thread

    agree,no thanks
  9. paul torfason

    New Manager

    definitely goodwin as assistant is great start,Robbie Neilson comes over as absolute drip and bore,so id imagine his motivation skills pish as exactly not a guy to get you hyped up
  10. paul torfason

    One Town, Which Team?

    am trying to keep up hear,but shouldn't club wait and see how many season books they get for family stand before making this decision?so even if we full the family stand before season starts,we are going to move all parents and children??totally stinks,even if don't come to old scum game,they have paid for seat,so there choice,less support the bigots get,less chance o beaten us,big bigot support bigger chance beaten us,so a think,tell them to feck off
  11. paul torfason

    Summer Transfer Window

    Sean Kelly,seriously,usually agree with top cat,but that just absolutely shambolic,SIN BIN for that
  12. paul torfason

    Speculation Thread

    and allegedly hearts looking at shankland in todays papers
  13. paul torfason

    Punt or Keep - Summer 2018 edition

    and a personally think after alloa finish play offs it will be ta ta to Kirkpatrick and Stewart,not good enough for championship so certainly not good enough for spl
  14. paul torfason

    Open top Bus and Party

    got big Scott walkers football boots after our last title triumph,he was sub on last game and when he was warming up behind new pde stand he gave them too me,promised me then months before won title,agreed to his word,still have them,absolute gentleman of a man
  15. arrived in sunny Lanzarote today,gave season book away,first time trying to get St.Mirren TV to watch game,fingers n toes crossed a can get it on my tablet