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  1. A think every quarter or pot spend there should be winner of 2 places at hospitality like say for a donater and a friend a d am not meaning £25 month contributes only am meaning any one that is a paid up buy the buds participant, would cost a maximum of a 700/800 pounds a season,makes sence to me
  2. Never really forgave him for doing the Judas on us when we went down,and as good as he was at saving pens,he was terrible at cross balls and corner kicks and any decent striker just had to drill ball low and hard at his feet and was a goal as leigh Griffith did several times to him and loads of other players
  3. Except me buddies,the Mrs booked a holiday in Spain at end of season and a thought chance of winning league was slimmer than big basil godfrey,was on plane the Friday night before game with a face like fizz,started about 5 arguments the day before holiday hoping she would tell me to fuk off........didn't happen
  4. John potter,horrendous player,should be fans deciding which gets in hall of fame,not a pissed up board,terrible decision
  5. Time for dreyer to show us what he got,good at the talking so time to show up,has to increase his effort and commitment and break a sweat for us,got his chance now,over to you lad
  6. Let's all bury our heads in the sand and pretend all ok.but we are actually in the shit.. Kearney is a nice guy but not a full time all manager,my opinion is he is clueless and board have to admit AGAIN and let him go.me personally don't even want him as manager in championship,so it's ok to say,thanks but no thanks,cheerio
  7. Did Kyle play?if not he won't be back in team till start march I'd imagine First time you have ever said something truthful on here Ian. Wh
  8. Time for Jackson to take seat on bench,just does nothing for me...a no the duck was rubbish against well but put him up front with Mullen,even though am not his biggest fan,for a club that has always been blessed with good and great strikers over the years we surely are bottom of the barrel now with Jackson Mullen Cooke... Desperate times, desperate measures and all that crap
  9. Hope game is definitely on,is there a pitch inspection planned or game definitely going ahead,cheers
  10. Hopefully Falkirk take Rodgers, terrible keeper
  11. Much is it a pint there?and what is the local beer called,cheers
  12. Shut the door on way out,flareybob
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