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  1. One of the fans was bang on,he said the only reason we had good defensive record was we didn't come out or own half to concede and now we venturing out we conceding because we shit in all areas,really struggling to think of a decent player we have..and away from topic,one of our staff said they went to watch junior play several times before just jumpin in and signing him..fuk me,a notice he was a cart horse after 5 minutes,with Goodwin sharp McManus Webster all coaches etc.no fukin wonder we no creativity or flair in team:every one a defender ,we are in the shit,hibs n hearts will pull away and by January even county and livvy be about 12 points ahead,we will never learn from our mistakes and heading back to championship again am afraid. And a hope at least on Monday Fitzpatrick and Scott have words with management team and ask them what they have in mind to stop the rot as right now they out of there depth
  2. Surely Goodwin must get took in on Monday morning and be told to pack his bags..absolutely pish..and his tactics fukin criminal...we was shit before game and now we worst..how long do we have to take this..we will be isolated at bottom come January..cannot even listen to Goodwin anymore. Ps colerain 4 nil up and top of table..cheers Gordon scott
  3. We are absolutely pish.worst team in division and bottom of table for that reason..and Goodwin tactics and recruitment shit
  4. Djorkaeff seems to be another terrible signing. I'd imagine him and junior will be out door in January.more pay offs again
  5. We will do the usual,set up to breakaway: he tells us that after every game home and away.same boring negative pish.but hope am wrong:but a believe he be happy with a point on the road
  6. Bottom of table because cannot score:same shit as last season and still not sorted out the glaring problem: roll on January and get some players out and striker in
  7. Not being negative but think it's more stupidity than positivity: cannot see us scoring never mind winning
  8. My personal opinion is McGinn and Foley better for team:as for McAllister he hasn't kicked a ball for us this season: very lazy:doesn't track back:really has to take a look at himself: good player in there but has to do more and get finger out
  9. Do a swap deal..send wee junior to Ghana.. probably MISS the flight,ok il get my jacket
  10. We could maybe play 3 5 2..McKenzie mcloughlin,big kirky would be back 3,Danny and obika up front, then anyones guess for midfield
  11. All this talk about goals,stop it aaargghh..right now a 2 yarder would b great
  12. Wee tam was 5 foot nothing, but he used to out jump big centre halfs every game,he had spring like a kangaroo lol,great player
  13. A honestly believe obika or junior will be back down the road to lower English league team on loan come January to make way for another striker,and wont be seen again after loan spell,
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