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  1. As I've said previously in another thread, we MUST avoid relegation. It would lead to loss of revenue, then loss of our best players, then, if we fail to get back up in one season, possibly to part-time football which would be disastrous for the club. This is truly a crucial moment for our beloved club. If Jack Ross keeps us in the Championship, it's arguable that is as important an achievement for our future as the League Cup win of 2013 was for our history. Let's get a huge crowd down to Greenhill Road on Saturday and get right behind Jack and the boys!
  2. As someone who has always struggled a bit with maths, may I concur with Shull, though not necessarily approving of his choice of words. Also, yet again, in his post-match interview, Jack Ross showed his talent and class. A fine analysis of the talking points of the match. Calm and measured in his comments on the first goal and the ref's alleged comments to him at the end of the match, despite the anger and frustration he must have been feeling. His comments about the players designed to keep them motivated and focussed on the last two matches, at a time when they must all be feeling intense pressure. This man is a class act, who is destined for much better things in the game than managing St. Mirren. I just hope he stays with us long enough to get us back and established in the Premiership. And no, I'm not his Dad or his Grandad!! Just someone who recognises and appreciates ability when he sees it.
  3. Lots of permutations still possible. Only one thing is clear. Next week's game is a must win, so let's get a huge crowd into the stadium (over 5000?) and get right behind the team! COYS!!
  4. Dundee bring in McCann, ICT go for Malpas. Where should my modest wager on who goes down go now?
  5. I reckon Raith and Dumbarton might each take 4 points from their last 3 games. Therefore we need at least 4 and preferably 5 points to keep us out of the playoff place. I think we need to beat Raith on 29th April and take at least one point from the games at Tannadice and Easter Road.
  6. Dundee will bring in someone who is presently unemployed to try to keep them up, then look for a long-term manager in the summer. Possible candidates for the immediate post are Steven Pressley, Alex Neil, Alex McLeish. The American owners have plenty of cash to throw at an interim boss and the thing they fear more than anything is relegation. P.S. Has anyone noticed that Alex Rae is touting himself for the job on the BBC website?
  7. I take your point, faraway saint, but the ramifications of going down to League 1 are surely potentially pretty dire for the club. Loss of revenue leading to loss of most of the good players currently in the squad leading (perhaps) to part-time football. Could be a complete re-building job and a long way back to respectability. Very costly.
  8. Jack's achievements up till now have all been with Alloa. He has still to achieve something with Buddies. If he keeps us up and makes a noteworthy start to next season, then others in the football world will start to take notice. Till then, he's just another 'aspiring' young manager. Notwithstanding all of that, I sincerely hope that he stays with Buddies for some time to come. He is clearly an able chap who can find good players at lower levels and coach and motivate them to achieve results. His post-match interviews show that he knows how to manage expectations and how well he thinks about the game. It might not be too much to say that if he keeps us out of League 1, he will have earned as much respect at the club as Danny Lennon deserves for the League Cup win. Anyone care to discuss that view?
  9. Congratulations to Jack and all the boys. Wonderful performance tonight. We'll surely take more points from the tough games to come before the end of the season!
  10. Told you we'd see it out!
  11. I assume you're joking, saintnextlifetime! Look at the 'achievements' of the two managers before him.
  12. Stay calm! We'll see it out OK.
  13. You just beat me to it JJ. Jack Ross has been exemplary. Shrewd signings in January and has moulded them all into an excellent outfit who work for each other. Always speaks well after each game. He will go further in the game but not too soon, I hope.
  14. Nothing to be ashamed of today. Strong performance by the Buddies, especially first half, rightly recognised by the Celtic manager after the game. Jack's team has now settled in and given several very good performances which can only breed confidence in the players. Most important thing from today was to get out of Parkhead with some pride and no major injuries, and they've done that. The real work of escaping relegation resumes on Wednesday night. So let's get right behind behind Jack and the team!
  15. Born in Glasgow, raised in Paisley between the ages of 4 and 22. Moved away for career purposes and have never lived there since, but have never considered supporting any other team. As the old saying goes: You can change your car, you can change your wife, but you can't change your team! Now living on the banks of the Tay where I know a few other Buddies fans.