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  1. Happy to see Jack bringing in another goalie. Didn't think Billy and Langfield were enough for next season. Good Luck, Ross!
  2. Great news about Kyle. He's a real talent. Glad we'll have him for a while yet. What's the situation regarding Lewis Morgan? If we can keep him as well, we have a really good core of players for next season.
  3. I agree with the above. James didn't do at all badly when he was at QoS but he complements Jack Ross really well. Great management team!
  4. Another great signing for both the club and the player. Doesn't score a huge number of goals, but always looking to get forward, has pace and causes problems for opposing defences. Two years with a team playing positive and exciting football could kickstart his career and take him on to a bigger club. Really looking forward to the start of the season. Jack has already managed to keep several players who were vital to us at the end of last season. Hope he can persuade a few quality new faces to join the Championship's most improved team!
  5. Just echoing the thoughts of others above. Gary was a vital part of our resurgence in the second part of last season, but even before that, when we were struggling, he made so many important interventions and prevented many certain goals from going in. He could definitely play at a higher level, so I was nervous that he wouldn't be with us next season. Disappointed that he's only signed for a year, but who knows what he'll decide to do if we go up or finish in the playoffs?
  6. Like doonhamer checked out the online tickets page this morning and got the 'under maintenance' message. Not good for those of us who want to buy season tickets but live far from the stadium and don't have easy access to the ticket office!
  7. A move for Mallan was always on the cards, given his performances over the last couple of seasons. His contribution in the Jack Ross era has only underlined his continuing development and alerted clubs south of the border to his presence. Disappointed with the fee but, as has been stated above, better to get something now with a possible add-on if he moves on in the future than to let his contract run down and get nothing. In Jack and Gordon we trust!
  8. Totally agree. He's speaking with maturity, authority and real integrity. Clearly has a big future. Just hope no other chairmen were listening. He will definitely move on to bigger things. Pray we can keep him for a while at least.
  9. Powers that be left with no other choice for the latest Manager of the Month award. This man is a class act!!
  10. Anyone know when the season tickets become available?
  11. Fantastic achievement! Well done to the players, Jack and the backroom team! Not only stayed up from a near impossible position at Christmas, but did it playing exciting, positive football. Let's also recognise the fans who backed the team home and especially away these last few months with tremendous support. Everyone deserves a few days off to enjoy the achievement before Jack and the board get down to the next task - keeping as many of the players as possible for next season and recruiting other players who are as good or even better. If this achievement means anything, St. Mirren MUST be challenging at the other end of the table next year. COYS!
  12. Can only echo what's been said above. A privilege to be at the ground today to witness such a dominant and exciting performance by the Buddies. Just hope Jack can keep these lads together for another year. Not worried if we do go into the playoffs. Confident we will beat any of the teams we have to play. Finally, thanks to Julian for posting those interviews. Just put the final touch to what was a fantastic day. Yogi started off being guarded but couldn't help himself at the end and gave his players the pasting they deserved!
  13. Just seen on TV that Hibs are playing fringe players tonight. Also likely to do the same against Ayr on Saturday.
  14. As I've said previously in another thread, we MUST avoid relegation. It would lead to loss of revenue, then loss of our best players, then, if we fail to get back up in one season, possibly to part-time football which would be disastrous for the club. This is truly a crucial moment for our beloved club. If Jack Ross keeps us in the Championship, it's arguable that is as important an achievement for our future as the League Cup win of 2013 was for our history. Let's get a huge crowd down to Greenhill Road on Saturday and get right behind Jack and the boys!
  15. As someone who has always struggled a bit with maths, may I concur with Shull, though not necessarily approving of his choice of words. Also, yet again, in his post-match interview, Jack Ross showed his talent and class. A fine analysis of the talking points of the match. Calm and measured in his comments on the first goal and the ref's alleged comments to him at the end of the match, despite the anger and frustration he must have been feeling. His comments about the players designed to keep them motivated and focussed on the last two matches, at a time when they must all be feeling intense pressure. This man is a class act, who is destined for much better things in the game than managing St. Mirren. I just hope he stays with us long enough to get us back and established in the Premiership. And no, I'm not his Dad or his Grandad!! Just someone who recognises and appreciates ability when he sees it.