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  1. Stephen McGinn

    Totally agree with this summary of Stephen's influence on the team. Has inspired the younger players and is well on his way to becoming a Saints legend. What am I saying? He IS a Saints legend! COYS!!
  2. Falkirk v St Mirren

    I'll be there. I think JR will play a strong team to get revenge for the defeat at Paisley on Tuesday night. If he does, it's possibly the last chance to see the heroes who have won us the Championship all playing together - I want to see Sammy, Liam, Adam, big Gary, Harry, Stephen, Kyle, Ryan, Lewis, Cammy, Gavin and a wee cameo from Stelios. What a team they've been! Also, it's farewell and thanks to Alex Smith. So............ COYS!!
  3. Yes, but that achievement is not quite in the same stratosphere as the Championship Player of the Year award! Anyway, after all the comments you've made about Sammy during the year, I know you're pulling our legs now.
  4. Wow! What's that screeching sound I hear. Must be the greatest handbrake turn in history!
  5. I think you're at the wind-up again, Shull, but I'll bite. I admire Dobbie's scoring record, but that's all he seems to have going for him. If it's just about goals scored, then surely Scott McDonald or Gavin Reilly would have been nominated before Cammy Smith. Morgan has scored 13 league goals and also has 5 assists. He is clearly a very talented player with more strings to his bow than just goal-scoring. His goals and general play have made a huge contribution to his team winning the Championship and he has earned himself a transfer to the top team in the country (and made a decent financial contribution to his club in the process). He is by a long way the player of the year in his league.
  6. Already given my view on a pitch invasion on another thread. The request from the club seems perfectly reasonable. Would hope that all saints fans comply. A win against Morton, the presentation of the Championship trophy and a demonstration of good behaviour from fans will be a fitting way to end the season at Greenhill Road.
  7. Seems a reasonable request from the club. Would like to see all Saints fans comply. A win against Morton and presentation of the Championship trophy should be a satisfying enough conclusion to the day. No need to go any further over the top.
  8. Samson - must stay Eckersley - must stay Liam Smith - would love to keep but looks like he's returning to Hearts. Stelios - love his enthusiasm but not reliable enough for Premiership, I'm afraid. Irvine - should probably let him go. Baird, Mackenzie, Davis - must all stay McGinn - must stay Magennis - must stay McShane - should probably let him go. Flynn - should stay Hill - let him return to Celtic Donati - only keep in a coaching role Sutton - should leave with thanks for his contribution Cammy Smith - must stay Reilly - must stay Mullen - should stay Hippolyte - could let him go, I think Todd - should return from loan. Has done well at Queens. Don't know the other younger players well enough to comment.
  9. St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    Disappointing result, considering that we were in control for most of the game, despite playing several second string players. Our penalty was a bit of a puzzler. Couldn't see any reason for it. I agree that Stelios wasn't great last night. He does have a tendency to throw in performances like that. Remember the cup-tie against Aberdeen? Last night might have convinced JR that he is dispensable. Also thought that Ian McShane didn't have a great game, which disappoints me because I thought he did well in the early part of the season, before Ryan Flynn came in. Mark Hill getting some criticism from others but I thought he did OK. Has a decent turn of speed for a hefty guy. However I doubt if he'll be there next season. Will surely return to Celtic. Good to hear JR confirm in the post-match interview that first-team players will be back in against Morton. We need to give a champions' performance on Saturday and put the Greenock team firmly in its place.
  10. St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    We started this season with a 3-1 home win over the Bairns. Would be nice to bookend it (almost) with another home win against them, so I'll go for a 3-1 score. Would like to see players like Reilly, Stelios and Baird, all stalwarts from the early part of the season, given another chance to show what they can do. They haven't played all that much in recent games, so should be well-rested and raring to prove that they can be part of the Premiership squad........provided of course that they've recovered from the antics in the Bankhouse on Saturday night! COYS!!
  11. Danny Mullen

    Please read my post more carefully, Shull. I clearly said that I would NOT defend Danny if he has been diving.
  12. Danny Mullen

    Shull is clearly at the wind-up. Danny is one of the hardest-working players in our squad. I've seen most of the games he's played for us. He is a constant threat to opposing defences and never gives less than 100% in my opinion. In the process he often gets some rough treatment from defenders. I don't condone diving, but I have not seen Danny dive. If others have seen him diving, then I would not defend him. On Saturday in particular, I thought Danny, and other St. Mirren players, deserved better protection from the referee. The Livi players seemed to get away with some pretty fierce tackles which I think other refs would have penalised.
  13. Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Not a great game by any means, but perhaps not as bad as we might think. We were in control throughout and, if Morgan's first-half shot had gone in as it deserved to, we might have been judging the game quite differently. Thought Gary Mackenzie was excellent. Seemed to get every high ball the Livi players threw towards our box. Winning cups is great, but they are one-offs. There is nothing as satisfying as the excitement and enjoyment of seeing the team play to a very high standard throughout a whole season. Congratulations and huge thanks to JR, JF and the players for their efforts in keeping us up last season and giving us such a fantastic time this season. It will live long in the memory. Another excellent post-match summary by JR, though he couldn't keep the smile off his face this time, and good to put a face to the voice behind the microphone. Well done, Jimbo! Looking forward to a summer of speculation about JR's future (he WILL stay, won't he?) and seeing which players he will bring in for our Premiership campaign. COYS!!
  14. Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    I wasn't able to be at the game last night, so credit to everyone who was there for the support they gave to the team. I'm sure the lads really appreciate it when they must have been feeling anxious. Remember that most of them are young lads who probably haven't been in this position before. I think it was clear in JR's post-match interview that he understands that and is nursing them through this tricky spell until we get over the line. As for the game, sounds like it was similar to the game I saw at Brechin on Saturday. Plenty of effort and possession from the team, but no end result this time. We got away with it on Saturday, but United was a harder nut to crack. From a personal point of view, I'm not too disappointed about last night's result as it means I'll be able to see us get the winning point(s) on Saturday against our closest rivals. Every time we've lost this season, we've bounced back immediately. At home, with a big crowd willing them on,I'm confident the team will do us proud and finish the job. COYS!!
  15. Goal of the season

    So many to choose from. When was the last time we could say that? Because of the team involvement, it has to be Cammy's goal against the Pars. But also mentions for Eckersley's goal against Dundee United and Liam Smith's piledriver against Queen of the South. But difficult to disagree with any of the others. What a season! Also agree that they could have waited a while for this competition. Given the season the team has had, who knows how many more great goals they might score in the last few games. Looking forward to getting over the line at Tannadice tonight! COYS!!