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  1. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Difficult day, made worse by the fact that three of the Livi goals went in right in front of most of the Buddies fans, so we could see the inability of our defence to clear its lines very clearly. For once, Chick Young got it right...we were outmuscled. They were bigger and stronger than we were, hence why I and others have been asking for a strong tackler in midfield to break up attacks. Also, I thought Jack Baird and Harry Davis had a shaky day, unusual for them. Last time we were at Livingston we had a man sent off and still won well, so David Hopkin has clearly brought in the right players in January, to improve his team just in time for the run-in. Unfortunately we don't seem to have done the same. We are playing with largely the same team as before. I feel sorry for Mullen who puts in great shifts but hasn't really clicked, Flynn seems to be settling in reasonably well, still too early to judge Hill and Hippolyte. Apart from all that the events of the week must have had an effect on the players. Remember that a fair number of the team is young players brought to the club by JR. They must have been worried by the hoo-hah. When it happened with Dundee in the summer, they weren't playing games. This time they were unsure of what was happening less than 48 hours before playing their nearest rivals in the league. Also, I noticed that Jack was not asked any questions about the Barnsley business in his post-match interview. Clearly the issue was likely to have a bearing on the game, but it wasn't mentioned. Looked as if it had been agreed beforehand that it wouldn't feature. Despite all of the above, we remain 11 points clear of Livi, so it's not time to panic yet. If we had been given the chance to pick our next opponent, we couldn't have done better. A draw between Livi and United on Friday night and three points against Brechin on Saturday will steady the ship. Also, Jack has a week to settle the nerves in the players, so......COYS!! PS. I also prefer my Bovril with pepper!
  2. Dunfermline v Saints. (Friday 26/01/18)?

    Great result last night. Wasn't plain sailing by any means. Scored one magnificent goal and one good one but we were under pressure for parts of the game. Great to see us stand firm. Particular credit to Stephen McGinn and Jack Baird but, really, the whole team did so well. Credit to the drum and choir. They created a fantastic atmosphere for the travelling fans. Up to a point I can understand the disagreements on here about Jack Baird. He might have given away an early penalty last night before coming on to an excellent game. From where I was sitting, looked like he was caught out by McManus who got in front of him and he then wrapped his arms around him. However, my view of the lad is that the positives far outweigh the negatives. Perhaps a little mention for Harry Davis. Seems to me that Jack has settled very well since being partnered with him. United must be really worried now. I'm sure they realise just how difficult it will be to get promoted via the playoffs. They really need to win the league to go up and it doesn't look like they're going to do it. Unusual thing for a Buddy to say but, at Tannadice today.....Come on the 'Ton!
  3. Mark Hill Signs

    A warm welcome to Mark. Looks like he is the tough-tackling midfielder a number of us have been asking for. As others have said, I think he will play in games where the team needs someone to break up play and win the ball back. There haven't been too many games like that yet this season, but there may be more as we get to the business end of the season. And we will definitely need a player like this when we get back to the Premiership.
  4. January 2018 Transfer Window

    It's fine for everyone to speculate and give their views about our players, but I'm happy to leave the vital work of bolstering the team this month to JR and JF. As has been said, they did a fine job last January, so let's trust them to repeat that. As for players, I've said several times previously that I think we need a tough tackler in midfield to help protect our defence. That would be a priority for me. Rory Loy v john Sutton? I'd let Sutton see out his contract and continue to use him as a sub. His height and build mean that he carries a good goal threat and he complements well our smaller forwards. As far as I can see, he always gives his best when he plays. Loy scored an important goal for us at the end of last season, but seems to have disappeared from the Falkirk line-up. If he came back, I'm sure it would take him some time to find his form again, so I don't think it's worth bringing him back. Quick word for Liam Smith. Young talented player who always works hard for the team without getting too many mentions on here. I see him up close from where I sit and he gets through a power of work each game in both defence and attack. Not a showy player, but always puts in a very steady performance. I really hope we can keep him until the summer at least.
  5. Saw Quitongo for the first time yesterday. Ended up wondering what the hype was about. Apart from a quick turn of pace, he didn't seem to offer anything. Don't think he's a player for us. I do agree with some others about JR missing a trick with subs yesterday. It was clear for a while before Morton scored that they were coming right into the game. That might have been the time to put on Gary Mackenzie to give the defence fresh legs. Only 2 points from 9 in the derby games this season, but I still trust in JR, when he says that we will win some, lose some. We move on and I'm sure he will have some new faces for us this month. I really hope that one of them is a strong tackler in midfield. I like Ian McShane and think he does try, but, as has been said on here, he goes missing too often in some games. Saturday will be another tough test against ICT, a team which has come on to a bit of form lately. So.....COYS!!
  6. Also disappointed that Reilly is not fit to start, but heavy conditions might suit Mullen. He put in a power of running against United, so if he plays like that again, should be OK.
  7. Kyle Magennis

    Chris Sutton, in his usual over the top sensationalist manner, said on TV that Magennis was 'lucky to stay on the pitch'. How he's a pundit I'll never know. From seeing it close up in the ground and watching it later on the TV, I thought it might have been a yellow card for leaving his foot in, but never a red. There was no malice in the tackle, despite the fact it was perpetrated on McMullan, that wee useless craitur who spent some time with us and did the sum total of absolutely nothing. As one of the people who've been crying out for some strength in midfield, I wouldn't be averse to trying Kyle in there. He certainly seems to have the heart for it.
  8. Great result last night! Was at the game, recorded the BT coverage and have just watched it. Glad to see the pundits finally giving Saints some credit. For the last few months we've been nip and tuck with United at the top of the league but have hardly had a mention in the media. It's all been about United, understandably I suppose, as they are the 'premiership club' and are 'destined to return to the top league'. After last night at least we'll be taken seriously. I'm not a McCoist fan, but he was very positive about our second half performance and even Chris Sutton (Mr. Negative) had to agree that we were the better team overall. Don't like to see players get serious injuries, but United were lost after Flood's injury. Shows just how much influence he has on the team....despite being a wee moaner. As for us, Baird and Davis were magnificent throughout and ensured United hardly got a sniff of goal. McGinn and McShane worked hard in front of them without reaching their usual great heights. Similarly, Smith and Mullen up front did some great running. Morgan was just sublime. Stepped up in the absence of Reilly, who was definitely missed. On to the derby. Let's pay them back for the 2-2 draw in Paisley. COYS!!
  9. Great to hear the game is on. Ready to set off for our game of the season so far. Seem to remember a cup-tie against United some years back in very cold conditions when we were underdogs and beat them 4-1. Similar result tonight will do just fine. Would really like to stick it to that wee moaner, Willo Flood. COYS!!
  10. Hope the weather doesn't interfere with the game....or travel plans for those coming a distance. Snow forecast for Glasgow area on Friday!
  11. Making the trip for this game. I agree that there is much more character and fight in our team now. This has seen us win games after going behind (to Livi and Queens) which wouldn't have happened in previous times. However, United seem to have the new manager bounce since Laszlo's appointment and have greater resources than we do, so the game will be a real test for us. While a win would be fantastic, at this point in the season a draw would be acceptable and would keep us well ahead of the pack. I think that would confirm that the league is going to be between us and United. As for players, I've said before that we really need a hard-tackling midfielder in January. That would be my priority, before another striker or defender. Hope Jack agrees and can find the new Jim Goodwin for us. Meantime, Friday night could be a great game, so......COYS!!
  12. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Credit to Naysmith. Thought his interview was measured and honest. He did give credit to Saints at one point, though he must really be hurting after a game like that. Think what this forum would be like if we'd been two goals up after ten minutes and then lost 3-2. Credit also to Dobbie for getting 100 goals for QotS. Fine achievement. Was at the game and thought our troops were fantastic after the wobbly start. Was really worried about Gary Mckenzie following his involvement in the Queens' goals, but he came onto a fine game after that. Good to see him back to his best. We should also remember that we lost Eckersley quite early on, which makes the result even more commendable. Thought all the players did really well but special mention to Reilly and Cammy Smith, and also to Gary for turning what could have been a nightmare into a fine performance. Bring on the Arabs! COYS!!
  13. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Going down to Dumfries for this game. I agree with melmac that Dobbie needs to be kept quiet, but they're by no means a one-man team. Watched the highlights of their game v Dunfermline and they looked very sharp. Let's hope that was a one-off and that they return to the fairly average performances they were giving before that. Our defence will need to be right on their game and forwards will need to take any chances they get. 2-1 to the Buddies. COYS!!
  14. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Good result yesterday against a team which managed to make life difficult despite their recent loss of form. Two issues, one of which I've mentioned before. 1. Why so many long balls up to our front players, who are not tall? As well as yesterday's game, this has happened too much recently, noticeably against Livi and Dumbarton, both teams who have big defenders. Against them our ball players have little chance of collecting these high passes. The goal that won the game for us yesterday was the result of a quick passing movement with the ball kept on the ground. More of this, please. 2. I've previously stated my opinion that we need a strong tackler in midfield to break up attacks and give the defence more protection. That's why other teams are starting to create more chances against us. It's good to see that some others on here agree with me on that. Until we get someone like Jim Goodwin in the middle of the park, we'll be living dangerously. Despite all that, it's great to see us back on top of the league and I trust in our management team to do something about these points. Tough games coming up v Queen of the South, United and Morton, so.......COYS!!
  15. Danny Mullen

    I have belief in our management team, so I trust JR when he says that, although Mullen is a striker, he has different qualities than Reilly and Smith. Let's see what he can do when he gets a game! Jack also indicates in his interview that some players will be leaving in January when he talks about the squad being bigger than he'd like. My choice of players to leave would be McCart (not needed now that Davis and Mckenzie are back), Duffy (hardly been used) and maybe Kirkpatrick (not been overly impressive when he's played). If some players go and we are able to add someone in January, it surely must be in midfield. We really need a robust player in there who can break up play (where's Jim Goodwin when we need him?). I see a lot of discussion on here about McShane but neither he nor McGinn are hard tacklers and that is leaving our defence exposed at times. As for McShane's contribution, I'm not surprised that opinion on him is divided. I thought he contributed well in the early part of the season when the whole team was on song. However, more recently he seems to fade out of games for spells and doesn't contribute the good forward passes that he was able to do in those early games. Overall, I'm pleased that JR has managed to get a player in now, considering the tough games we have coming up, v Pars, Queens, United and Morton. A really hard festive programme. 9 points from 12 would be acceptable. So.............COYS!!