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  1. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    If we have any pretentions to winning the league, this is the sort of game we have to win. Doesn't matter that it's a derby. The team we are playing is well below us in the league and a team sitting on top of the league should be able to put them away. I agree that Quitongo is their danger man but they also have other good players up front. Our defence will need to be on top form to look after them. Elsewhere, having Magennie back should help if he's up to speed and we need Smith, Morgan and Reilly to take the chances that were missed against Falkirk. We need to win and stay top as our next game is likely to be against a resurgent Dundee United at Tannadice. That one is starting to look a real crunch game for our future prospects. Having said all that, it will of course be a great bonus to pay our derby rivals back for their win at Cappielow! COYS!
  2. Great start to the league season yesterday. Struggled in the first 20 minutes or so. Peter Houston was right to say that Falkirk could have scored more in that period, but 4-0 was maybe pushing it a bit. After Morgan switched wings, Saints started to find their feet and the equaliser certainly didn't come out of nothing. They had a good spell leading up to the goal. The two later goals were the result of taking chances well, which the players failed to do in some of the Betfred Cup games. However I don't think we should get too carried away. For a team which has shown excellent form recently I thought Falkirk were disappointing. They seemed to fold fairly easily when things started going against them. I'm sure there are other teams in this league who will show more fight than that. Still, a fantastic start and we move on with increasing confidence to next week's derby. COYS!!
  3. Harry

    Unlike some others on here, I don't think we need to get too carried away(either for or against) about this signing. In the games he played last season, Harry showed that he was well up to the standard of football required in the Scottish Championship. Unfortunately that spell was cut short by injury so we will see if he can resume that form on his recovery. I see no reason to think that he won't. As for signing a player who is injured, I think his form last season makes him worth that gamble. We should welcome him back as someone who contributed a fair bit to our late-season success last year, someone who appears to have a lot to offer the team and someone who, according to his comments on the Buddies website, seems to want to be here.
  4. Agree with Bud the Baker. This is a very important game. The players MUST show a positive reaction after the Firhill performance. Given our recent results, a loss or even just a draw against a team from the league below us would be very worrying. This is the last chance for the players and the manager to show that they are beginning to get things right for the league games ahead.
  5. After the last two performances I'll settle for a point against a team that's likely to be challenging towards the top of our league. Hopefully we'll have some of our injured players back by then and a bit more fight in our bellies.
  6. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Just watched Jack's post-match interview. To be fair to him, he gave his usual honest assessment of the game. Accepted his share of the responsibility (picking the team, motivating the players and setting out tactics) and pointed out that players are accountable for playing with desire and intensity. Again, I wonder how players who have shown ability elsewhere can play so poorly for a manager whose character, ability and enthusiasm, many said when they arrived, played such a big part in their decision to sign for the club. Maybe it's just too big a step up for some who played yesterday. Hopefully, Jack and James can turn things around when the injured and suspended players (Stelios, Todd, Magennis, Hilson) return to the side.
  7. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Can anyone explain how JR can go from motivating the team so well in the second half of last season to apparently being unable to get the players up for the challenge now? I've had great faith in Jack and James up till now and so many of the new signings commented that it was largely the manager's plans and enthusiasm that persuaded them to sign. However they don't seem able to produce the goods for him when they take the field. Surely they can't all be not up to the standard required for our league?
  8. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Poor, poor performance, especially from the defence. How can Baird and Mackenzie, who were so good in the second half of last season, be so poor now? Midfield almost non-existent today. Where were McGinn and McShane? Team as a whole didn't seem to be up for a challenge. The summer signings must be questioned. Only Samson and McShane seem to have some pedigree. Others all came from leagues or teams below us. We expected that they could step up to the Championship, but so far, that doesn't seem to be the case. We badly need Stelios, Magennis and Davies back. Looks like a long season ahead! COYS!
  9. Would imagine the club will want the red strip worn at as many away games as possible in order to promote sales of replica shirts. Source of income for the club. Must say I'm not overly keen on it. Too much going on on the front of it. If you want checks, just make the whole thing checks.
  10. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Disappointing to find Buddies fans associated with the type of behaviour described by Stoobs. We sometimes criticise the behaviour of fans of other clubs but we lose the right to claim the moral high ground when this sort of thing occurs. Time to acknowledge that all clubs have a minority of fans whose behaviour in public places is not always acceptable. Let's encourage our fans, especially the young ones, not to get carried away, but to keep the vociferous support for our club inside the stadium.
  11. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Fine post-match interview by JR on Radio Scotland. Thanking fans for great turn-out.
  12. Ian McShane Signs 2yr deal

    I think Rocco could go but Sutton should stay meantime. He can still contribute some goals while I don't really see a need for Rocco now.
  13. Ian McShane Signs 2yr deal

    Brilliant series! As evidenced by the fact that it finished after just 3 seasons, instead of dragging on for 5, 6, 7 seasons like so many of the inferior shows we see now. If this Ian McShane is as good at what he does as the Ian McShane in Deadwood was we will have unearthed a gem! COYS!
  14. Pre Season Friendlies

    Difficult to judge the team on this game as it was clearly being used to try out different players and combinations. Players tried hard but there was no real cohesion about the performance. Thought McGinn, Stelios, Irvine (till his injury), Buchanan and the new keeper got pass marks. Others need to raise their game a bit.
  15. Rory Loy

    Disappointed to lose Rory. He did play an important part in our successful run in the second half of last season. Scored some vital goals, including at Easter Road on the last day of the season. Thought he might have been talked into coming back by Jack and James. But we move on...... and we need a big guy up front. Any ideas?