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  1. Fine player on his day, but never fulfilled his full potential due to injuries. I wish him all the best.
  2. Seems opinion is divided on Toyosi. But we are agreed that he has pace. Since that is something we've been looking for for quite some time (pretty much all of last season), let's just give the boy a chance to show what he can do. He doesn't need to be a prolific goalscorer, just someone who will cause problems for opposing defences. His pace might be just the thing for that.
  3. Quote: In what universe would you look forward to seeing Arbroath?? Although brought up in Paisley and a lifelong Buddies fan, I now live closer to Arbroath than Paisley. So I often go to watch Arbroath on Saturdays when I can't make it to Greenhill Road, and I enjoy watching the Lichties. Always been a stuffy, hard-to-beat team, but Dick Campbell has made a big difference to them in recent years and they really excelled last season of course. I was pleased to see them in Buddies' League Cup group. That game will be a good test of Buddies at the start of the season. I'm sure Arbroath will give them a good game, but I will certainly be supporting Buddies to come out on top.
  4. Would have preferred to get free entry to the Arbroath game on 9th July. Promises to be a tasty encounter. We should win, of course, but as we know as Buddies fans, things don't always go as they should.
  5. Anything other than a win and qualification is over for us, so.....C,mon Scotland!
  6. Surprised, but happy to have Ryan on board again. Has not let us down throughout his time with us. Suffered a serious injury but came back as good as ever. Always gives 100%. Looking forward to seeing him in our midfield again. COYS!!
  7. Alnwick off to Cardiff City, it seems. Anyone know where Connor McCarthy is going. I would have liked him to stay. As others have said, SR has his work cut out to find some decent players. A bit worried about the strikers. We seem stuck with Brophy and Main, neither of whom has been exactly prolific. But if they are in the squad along with Greive and Jamieson, there isn't really room to bring in another one. And we all know that's where our problem lay this season.
  8. No Shaughnessy, Main or Brophy. Surely a draw is the best we can get.
  9. After last night's results, we are better placed to finish the season above the Dons. Surely we can get a draw at Pittodrie against an Aberdeen team which is nose-diving!
  10. Thought we battled really well against a strong, physical Livi side. As has been said, the two forwards stuck at it and gave the Livi defence a tough time, though they lacked the quality to finish things off. Worried about Greive. He's just too slight to be fighting off big strong defenders. Was too easily pushed off the ball on many occasions last night. But to his credit he has a great heart, never stopped running and trying and might have got a goal in the second half. We will miss Gogic and Alnwick particularly, but we still have Kiltie who has found his place in the team. Also, I need to mention Ethan because I criticised him on Saturday. Thought he was much better last night, some important tackles and good passes. Sad to see Flynn's game end with a bad tackle forcing him off. Probably won't see him in Paisley again. He's been a great servant to the club, so I wish him all the best. Kevin Clancy? I'd better not start on him. Some very dodgy decisions.
  11. Oops, my mistake. Still fancy Dons to get the points though. We need to be right on it to get 3 points against Livi and set up an interesting game at Pittodrie on Sunday.
  12. With reference to the talk above about finishing above Livi, I agree that it looks unlikely. However, it would be nice to finish above Aberdeen for obvious reasons. Assuming the Dons get 3 points against Dundee tomorrow, we can finish above them if we beat Livi tomorrow and get at least a draw at Pittodrie on Sunday. Livi will be a tougher game than either of our last two but I think we can do it. So......COYS!!
  13. Decent performance against a Dundee team that looked beat after Adam's gift to us. Main looks transformed in the last two games. He gets my MotM for his goal and constant harrying of the Dundee defence. Is he trying for a new or extended contract? Also Gogic, Tait and Tanser were excellent, but can't agree about Erhahon. Apart from a couple of passes, thought he passed backwards more than forwards and even gave the ball away a couple of times. We still need a reliable scorer. That's now two games where we should have scored more goals. Still, shouldn't be greedy, I suppose. COYS!
  14. One man doesn't make a team but we are surely much better with Ronan than without him. Don't think we'll miss Jones so much. He's faded out of the picture after a good start.
  15. I agree that we can't afford to take Dundee lightly. Their performance against the Dons at the weekend suggests that they have more fight about them than St. Johnstone did. So, our team needs to take confidence from Saturday's game and put in another performance full of effort and belief. Three more points would be an excellent result. As always....COYS!!
  16. Don't think there's any doubt that Tanser has done well for us and deserves a new contract. Glad to see that SR has recognised his ability and commitment.
  17. I agree with Balmullo's summing-up of the game. Yes, the players and manager did better yesterday, but before we get carried away with the relief of almost ensuring that we won't go down, we should note that St. Johnstone played a big part in their own downfall. For example, notice how far Gogic was allowed to run with the ball before his pass to Greive which led to our goal. They didn't look like a team with much confidence in themselves or their system, and after we scored they didn't show much fight to get back into the game. I'm sure we only got away with three at the back because St. Johnstone did very little to counter it. Might be a different story against a team with a plan and some real effort to push up against us. So, while we were much better yesterday than we have been recently, we should really have won by more than just the one goal. We still have some way to go before we can start thinking we are an established Premiership team, as we could for a while last season and in the earlier part of this season. SR will be carrying out a full rebuild in the summer. Will be interesting to see where we are around October/November.
  18. We were the poorer of two poor teams. We looked as if we were playing for a draw right from the start, slowing everything down at free kicks, goal kicks and throw-ins. Maybe SR thought 'Get a point here and beat St. Johnstone next week and we're safe'. If so, that was a mistake. Given Hibs' troubles, we should have gone at them from the start. An early goal for us would have demoralised them. As for our system, we know that 3 at the back doesn't work for us. SR has seen enough games now to realise that, so definitely question marks about him there. Yes, some players were poor but maybe they are just as befuddled as we are about why that system was employed. They certainly looked for long spells as if they weren't sure what they were supposed to be doing. For those who are being hypercritical, if Tanser's effort had gone in instead of coming back off the bar, would we be being so hard on the players? As a few have said above, the next two games will decide our season. Time for supporters to get right behind the team and help them get over the line to safety. As always..... COYS!!
  19. We need at least a point today. If we lose and St. Johnstone beat Dundee, I'll be fearful going to Perth next week. And, looking a bit further ahead, if we end up playing Arbroath in the playoff, we need to play a high tempo from the start. Killie left it till the second half last night, but it was the right tactic as Arbroath ran out of steam. Pity, because they've done really well this season. Would have been nice to see them get up as champions. Still hope they make it....but not at our expense!
  20. David Gray, Hibee legend, to take charge on Saturday. Might put some fire in their bellies. Hope not!
  21. Are season tickets valid for the three home games after the split?
  22. When Robinson came in I was pleased to get a manager with experience. I wasn't very impressed by the moves for Scott Brown and Stephen Naismith, both untested as club managers. Unfortunately early results haven't been as good as we might have expected. Yes, Robinson has been working with Goodwin's players, but surely a manager with his experience should be able to do better with this decent bunch of players. Do the problems lie in the dressing-room, players not so keen to work for him as they were for JG? Possibly, but we only have rumours to go on about that. Robinson's post-match public interviews haven't helped. After the Motherwell game on Saturday, he started by blaming the defence for having their minds 'on other things', whatever they are, then said he would shoulder the responsibility for the result and finished by talking about top six and staying in the division in almost the same breath. A bit confusing overall and I don't think that will have improved the relationship with his defenders. So, Robinson's first big job is to mend some fences with the players and make sure we don't fall into the playoff place. If he can do that, then we know that there will be big changes in the summer, loan players returning to their parent clubs, others moving on etc. Let's see what his summer recruitment is like. Signing O'Hara on a pre-contract is a start, but there will be much more to do. We should judge Robinson after the first few games of next season.
  23. Following difficult games against two of the top three teams in the league, we need to get back to collecting some points. County are on a good run, so not the pushovers they were earlier in the season. We saw before Jim's departure that we have the players to get up the table, so time for the new management team to show their ability and get the best out of them. We need a win today, draws no longer good enough if we want to get back to mid-table safety, or even better, into top six. So, as always..... COYS!!
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