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  1. Stephen Mallan

    Stevie is best stayin where he is, get stronger, fitter, then when is just perfect, just absolutely tipper of the topper most for a dramatic entrance.......... Sprint on. Score a brace and do so again the following week the be the inspiration for Barnsley as they march onwards and upwards. Become a star and a really serious talent. He should then move to a top team. Play for Scotland and be the man that scores the goals for us that gets us into the World Cup. Then past the group stage. Then become a well kent name internationally. Become a legend. Come back to Saints then. Not before then. Go on Stevie. Work hard and believe in yourself. That is what we really want. Amongst other stuffs.
  2. Very clever title for his book. Enjoyed him playing for Saints. I believe he once protected St Paul Lambert in his capacity as a Polis.
  3. Levein Craig

    If he's the manager, who is the director of fitba ?