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  1. Captain Fantastic

    An absolute stick out since his return to our club, we are lucky to have him. His drive and determination in every game should not be underestimated as he is key to letting our flair players entertain us. He has had a huge impact on our club since returning and the rest of the team responds to his leadership qualities. For anybody in doubt, Stuart Carswell and Kyle Hutton were up against him today, remember those days!!
  2. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Kyle was moved at least 5 or 6 times today on the instruction of our management team, he ended up just looking lost. Stelios is honking in any midfield role so why he was picked today in front of Sutton, Kirkpatrick etc is a question only the manager knows.
  3. Saints player booked for diving today

    Cannot belief someone has started a thread regarding this, our player did not dive he was the victim of a decision from a referee who is struggling badly at the minute and is out his depth. Just because Gavin and/or his team mates do not surround or remonstrate with him does not mean he is correct.
  4. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Well done you can count (4-3=1) The run in from hell could also be the best days of the season as we are more than capable of winning all these games. But going from your continual negative posts you will be in attendance, mobile phone in hand, waiting to inform the supporters unable to be there our impending doom. And you could have simply said we are away to the top four!!
  5. Jack Ross Must Go.

    I am sure that Brian Caldwell was well connected and very good at his job, but a chief executive would have no saying on the day to day running and selection of a football team. So why would a player sign for them? By all accounts Sally makes a lovely homemade empire biscuit but would/should have no bearing on a player coming to your club.
  6. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Why would football players sign for a football club because of who the Chief Executive is?
  7. Board Meeting - Gary Teale

    If I remember correctly GT was only appointed until the end of the season, so the first thing on the agenda at the board meeting tomorrow should be to draft up adverts for the press asking for applications for the managers job for next season. (If GT wants to apply so be it) If the board have done their job properly (I know!!) then budgets should already have been worked out for next season and there is no reason not to start this process now. The WHOLE board should be involved in the process of interviewing the top applicants, may I suggest we interview more than 1 person this time as the whole, "we took our jackets off and loosened our ties and talked football" between SG and DL still irks me. Surely it would be better to interview numerous applicants and select the best one or does our chairman not have the balls to have to phone all the Dear Johns? I am fully aware that managers who are currently in work at other clubs would probably not apply, but for the price of an advert or two you just never know who we may appeal to. As we are probably still paying TC off I would imagine paying another club compensation for their manager would not be an option for us anyway.
  8. The BOD do indeed have a lot to answer for but in fairness to them they are wanting to F**K off. I must be in a small minority but actually saw a lot of positives in the way we played today but unfortunately we cannot buy a break at the minute despite some good play.. Some of the criticism I heard today at the game towards the players was verging on embarrassing, an example being when Kenny Maclean tried to control a ball that was falling forty yards from the sky in a swirling wind in he put it out of play with his calf, somebody shouted to not be so fancy!! Do you really think that he was trying to be clever? There is so many people on here at the minute, and at games, that are just waiting to pounce on any errors that anybody with a St. Mirren crest makes on or off field it is becoming totally counter productive. I have followed the club for a number of years and for all the negative posters I will raise you a Jamie Fullerton, Brian Smith, Gavin Galloway, John Boyd, Steve Watson etc against our current squad. To finish I am not totally convinced with TC either way, but I would presume that the young team we have would appreciate a bit of support at our next home game so if not going please do not rush on here to tell us your plans for the day as it means he-haw!
  9. Cited For Comments In A Team Talk?

    Could you please tell me what the amount of the fee is for attending a hearing?