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  1. Lewis Morgan

  2. The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    A legend in the making
  3. Captain Fantastic

    Just posted one Bud - hope it’s the one you were thinking of!
  4. Captain Fantastic

    Thou shall not pass!!!
  5. Lewis Morgan

    Done deal according to The Herald - 300k plus add ons and he’s off the Celtic at the end of the season
  6. Speculation Thread

    You really are a f**king arsehole. Perhaps I should make this clearer for you - I spent many years working in India, primarily Mumbai and Bangalore but it appears you've decided that you know my story from a forum name that was set up many years ago. What a genius.
  7. Speculation Thread

    What a lot of colonial shite! India is far from dark and an incredible experience for anyone prepared to invest in it.
  8. Brilliant - the photo near the end with McGinn on the left side and the Gaffer on the right just has a superb look of "Job Done!" Absolutely superb #COYS!
  9. St Mirren v Ayr United Championship 1/4/17

    You're a brave man BOB! [emoji51]
  10. Billy O'Brien

    Great article!
  11. Merry Christmas Every Buddie

    35 degrees and clear blue skies forecast for Christmas Day down here on the Mornington Peninsula, just south of Melbourne. Merry Christmas to all my fellow buds, wherever you may be in the World!
  12. We Have Something Very Special

    Didn't he take his gloves off,chuck them down in a complete hissyfit and then try to walk off the park?!
  13. The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    I truly believe we have an absolute diamond of a manager on our hands here. I think we will be fine this season but next season could be truly fascinating when he has had the best part of a year to have the squad working and playing the way he wants them too. I'm in.
  14. Synthetic Pitch at St Mirren Park

    Unfortunately this is not a purist view of what we would love to happen. This Is about the greater good of our club and its financial wellbeing and if we could make a significant wedge by going (high end) plastic then I believe we should be obliged to seriously look at it and its potential.