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  1. That’s what St Pauli in Hamburg already do isn’t it?
  2. I see your Davie Dodds and raise you Wullie Pettigrew.....
  3. Why don’t you do one and give yourself and the rest of us a day off from your tedious shite.
  4. When you get to read more about him - heavy involvement in the youth academy etc you’ve got to wonder what Stubbs pitched to the Board to beat him to the job 1st time round because he sounds absolutely perfect for us.
  5. Haha - so you’re basically confirming you have no idea what you’re talking about. Well played bud [emoji106]
  6. What a legend! So if I get this right - I’m a season ticket holder at Melbourne City and have seen this boy for the last 2 years but you’ve “been to games” in Australia? Hope you enjoyed your holiday but you have no idea what you are talking about. The boy will be a really good player but he has been playing in a shite league and got a run on for one of the worst international teams at the WC. So I’ve watched Arzani extensively but it would appear you haven’t actually watched Arzani or Johnston so you’re just blowing a lot of hot air. Happy to help f**kface.
  7. I know that A league is Championship level at best and he came on for the worst Australian national side in 30 years who should never have been anywhere near a World Cup they are so bad. So that’s what I know - what the f**k do you know apart from what you saw on telly f**kface?
  8. Based on living in Australia and watching Arzani every week. That good enough for you?
  9. Incredible if true - Johnston is a much better player that Arzani at this point. Arzani is also left sided so wonder what that means for Lewis...
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