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  1. First time in Buddies - really disappointed that no saints stuff except pic of Davie Lapsley holding the cup next to downstairs bogs! Seems to have been all saints fans plus a few English interlopers in - still only about 15 in total. Spicy sausage roll was no bad! Not be rushing back to see Ayr game next week - buy it on saints TV
  2. Just been past Buddies in Tenerife and the board outside saying game showing at 1230 on Saturday.
  3. Seems we have signed a young Ex Celtic forward Jaison McGrath - according to the Express this morning
  4. Like RickMcD I too went to the BR from Camphill. In the early sixties my wee auntie was the manageress and I used to get man- sized portions. Happy days!! She eventually moved to manage the Stanely Green kitchen when I left school in '62
  5. Re the notice boards - if someone can get either Brian or SMISA to contact this: [email protected] - they may be able to help
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