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  1. scrappy coco

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I couldn't give a flying f**k about any English team, St Mirren's the only team for me.... But I'm sure most if not all on the trip were more interested in having a good day out, sinking a few beer's and watching a game of football without there head in there hands, rather than going all the way down there to try and get a lick at JR ringpiece...... If the Guys enjoyed themselves then that's all that matters...
  2. scrappy coco

    Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

    https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/st-mirren-fans.1458182/ Seem's like the CW Guys&Gals are having a great time down at the Stadium of Light, Also I think we've got ourselves a few new supporters as well...
  3. scrappy coco

    Cammy Smith

    Your hoose for dinner then, I'll bring my ain chips...
  4. scrappy coco

    Cammy Smith

    You've bagged a 40 pounder there shull.......
  5. scrappy coco

    Cammy Smith

    Unlucky shull pal, but sorry no bites from me, just thought I would call out on your desperate need for some kickbacks.. Anyone with half a brain can read you like a book.. But luckily for you there still the odd dumbshit who'll fall for it.. And anyway that's not to say your not one of the best posters on here, your quite a funny guy at times and your wee historic picture threads are quality, so more of the good stuff and less of the pish.....
  6. scrappy coco

    Cammy Smith

    Is this the new bait your using these days shull.. The old Celtic/Sevco and ticket prices tactics no getting the bites they used too.. I'm sure you'll get some unsuspecting fishes have a nibble at it soon enough...
  7. scrappy coco

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Naw mate just a realist, but there's a daft cnut who post's on here who reckons everyone who play's for St Mirren is pish..
  8. scrappy coco

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Good to hear he's back training, but the big man is not good enough for this league he'd get tore to ribbons.. Probably best if he can get himself an 18 month deal with a Championship club...
  9. A whole £1 more than we charge them.............Lets boycott this...
  10. scrappy coco

    Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

    Hope they all remember to wear there B&W scarfs, the Mackem's love B&W scarfs.....
  11. scrappy coco

    January Exits

    Not impressed with this at all......... Poor taste, you can hardly blame the guy for taking up an offer of Premiership Football..
  12. scrappy coco

    Happy 150th Anniversary Kilmarnock Football Club

    f**kem..........Sevco loving c**t's.... There you go Shull I know you we're waiting on someone saying it...
  13. scrappy coco

    January Exits

    Maybe a 6 month loan deal would be best for Cammy then, We're gonna need him for next season....
  14. scrappy coco

    Best Loanee X1 versus Worst Loanee X1

    Late 70s, Funny that I remember McCulloch but cant remember McCaldon..
  15. scrappy coco

    January Exits

    .... No it's not.......But what does it matter if it is, there about 20 clubs in Scotland whose grounds are bigger than ours..