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  1. Aye it's a fcuking joke, heading down south in the morning so I'm relying on friends going to the ticket office to sort me out with all the tickets I need for both games..... I'll be fecking raging if I don't get them...
  2. Oh FFS, no the old "empty seats" "full stand" debate... We had a superb support there tonight, just look at the difference in the crowd to the equally important relegation battle against the Accies 6/7 years ago, the 3-1 game, Our support is definitely on the rise, can only imagine what it could be if we had a couple of seasons like Killie are having..
  3. Got to feel sorry for TopCat tonight, he would normally be on here spouting his usual pish, "Oran this and Mcginn that" but tonight he'll be tucked up in bed with a Pot Noodle and chewing away at a king size Double Decker........ Nevermind he might show up on Saturday.........
  4. I couldn't make it tonight, but that was a superb turnout from the fans, Monday night, Live on telly, Well done Buds...
  5. Stephen McGinn was the best player on the park tonight, his best game of the season by far...
  6. St Johnstone's just secured 7th place, let's hope they don't go into holiday mode just yet... I'm convinced we'll beat Accies, can only hope those lovely Perth chappies fancy some extra win bonuses for there summer hols....
  7. I'm still scratching my head thinking I left my mate's in the north bank while we were 1-0 up and by the time I had walked through the segregation gate and was standing at the top of the Caledonia st terrace we had conceded 3 goals..........Unfeckenbelievable...
  8. He could watch it on his phone but he's taking the pish, just looking for a few bite's, I'm one person who wont be there though "f**k work and Monday night fitba" sadly I'll need to be in the south of England that day I'm totally gutted.... Anyway we'll do the business and no job on the planet could keep me away from Dundee away the following week.........COYS..
  9. So you're admitting you're a manky bastard then?
  10. So a team that's only won 4 games all season and lost there last 9 matches in a row are suddenly going to win there remaining 3 games and relegate us...... yet you say we're the one's that are off our nuts.......FFS..
  11. I had a few mates that stayed in those flats, pretty sure that's very spot of the stadiums main entrance..
  12. Never seen this wee video before, It's a pity I can't understand a word there saying...
  13. You're spot on mate, the old westend bogs as we used to call them, they were f**kin honkin, I remember my mate's uncle always sat outside them drinking bottles of eldorado, the guy was a bit fcuked up but he was good for getting us young mob sorted with a carry oot...
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